1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    June 21, 2024

    Midlife Crisis

    This time as a transition of succession.
    The growth into wisdom.
    The embodiment of lightness and transparency.

    Settling into emotional and spiritual maturation.
    Really having the courage to look at where we have regrets and what we’re afraid to look at.

    Getting in tune with our evolutionary life force.
    Listening to the emergence of what’s next for our lives.
    What’s moving and evolving us to what’s next.

    Important to have sacred pilgrimages, inner and outer.
    What is God calling us to live next?
    This time is a holy and sacred occurrence.
    Being able to surrender to what’s next.
    Creating containers for mid age people to go through their transformation and initiation into their whole new phase of life.

    Yogis have shared this a time to withdraw from materialism and go deeply into wisdom and spiritual focus.
    This is the beginning stage of sage hood.
    Learning that we go through different times of power and evolutionary growth.
    If we hold on to old models we will become frustrated and self destruct.

    Align around what is our next dharma.

    The “midlife crisis” as a sacred time of transformation, shedding, emptying, shifting of identity. We can embrace this time as a culture.

    Women going through the challenge of no longer feeling valuable in the ways they did before.
    We can create a supportive container and process for this time.

    Grief work, trauma work, breath work can support this time.
    Emotional work that allows anxiety, pain, grief, sadness, fear to be supported and processed.
    Normalizing this transformative time.

    The midlife is a time of reclamation of all parts of ourselves that we are now ready to experience.

    Having supportive mens groups can be really helpful for men.
    Doing Dyads and other group connection personal development processes.

    Is humanity going through midlife time?

    Who am I now?
    What is my dharma/purpose now?

    There is a danger in the love of youth and the lack of love of maturation and wisdom.
    We can learn to value maturation, wisdom, eldership.

    Having guide, elders, to help supportive in this time and help us understand what’s going on.

    Being with the question, do I keep doing, or do I renounce?

    We can call this time the Midlife Criscillis.

    Have an intentional initiation experience.
    Having an honest audit in our life.

    From ambition to meaning.
    From seeking to appreciating.

    What does a conscious initiation look like?

    Having professional support around physical changes especially around sexuality and sexual energy is important.
    There is professional support that you can get!

    More sexual education for people in mid life.

    As elders we should be moving people on to unity.
    We can move beyond these wars, and othering, and the us vs them mentality.

    We should all be on the path of enlightenment and unity.
    We have to find a way and build structures in society to grow consciousness and enlightenment.
    We need to give people hope beyond what we’re experiencing in the world now.

    The focus of midlife wisening.

    The emotional maturity in our global leadership is a choking point for the healthy alignment and growth of humanity.

    We can bring forward wisdom elders to be the supportive decision makers in the important areas of government, business, etc

    Satyen is working to create the World Elevation Summit.
    We come together to elevate the world.