1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    May 17, 2024

    Finding and Living Your Life Purpose

    What would you do for free?
    Embody self love.

    All events in life are blessing lessons.
    Be open to the lessons of every experience of life.

    Living and showing people how to love themselves.

    What ever I’m doing, am I doing it with Love?
    This can be a guiding question.

    Embodying the determination and dedication to finding and living your life purpose.
    Not settling for anything less.

    Am I loving what I’m doing and really lit up by it.

    Committed to being mentored.
    Finding the teachers that will help you on your path.

    If you find something that lights you up, then finding someone who’s better at it than you, and farther along on the path, and receive mentorship and guidance from them.

    Be open to learning from all people and all experiences.

    Turning around and sharing the mentorship.

    We have to be truth seekers constantly.

    Sharing the powerful practices that support soul and mind unity

    Education is meant to teach us who we are.

    When you can’t see yourself, you can’t love yourself.

    Instead of asking kids what they want to be, ask them who they BE.
    Ask them who they are.

    Follow the bread crumbs of what lights us up.

    If we’re in a phase of questioning everything, be present to this time of questioning.
    Allow the questioning.

    Inspire young people to ask the question, who are you?

    Bringing a deep sense of self awareness to everything we do.

    Purpose is not just what we are doing, but also how we are being.

    In my becoming, my purpose deepens.

    Take the time to develop some spaciousness to listen and understand.

    Where you hit and experience your purpose, first of all it will energize you, and second of all you will probably become obsessed.

    Take the pressure off of the rest of your life and focus on the next indicated thing. Pick what you think is most awesome right now.

    The addiction to drama will be solved by discovering your dharma.

    Accelerated Evolution Methods can support the discovering and aligning with purpose and self realization.

    De-coupling job and money with purpose.

    You know you’re in alignment when you feel like you have infinite energy.

    Encouraging young people to get out there and explore and discover what they want.

    More consciousness and guidelines to what’s on tv.

    Focusing on, what is your contribution?

    Interacting with, and engaging with our elders more.

    Embody kindness. A smile. This can be your purpose in the moment.

    As a culture we can bring back the value of craftsmenship.

    Teaching discipline.
    Discipline is freedom.

    Being mindful in each moment what you are actually saying and doing.

    I was created as a perfect expression of divine consciousness, and my work here is necessary, welcomed and needed!
    Affirmation shared by Jaiya

    The heart of purpose is the inherent connection with life and spirit itself.

    Create experiences for people to have spaciousness and experience their truth and purpose.

    Facilitating experiences and retreats for people to have life transformative experiences and experience their truth and purpose.

    Creating more of a foundation of a shared value system.

    Taking the time to understand each other, intimately with one another.
    Deepen understanding with one another.

    You don’t find your purpose, your purpose finds you.

    Thanks for listening to my neuromechanics rant! If you want the deep new science revealed last month in Tucson, here’s my summary page: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LQDIxzrhu8lJJR6ZbVD4nv _AYQims1BysbWXWPM1wYQ/edit

    Allow a flow to flow through me and out into the world.

    Surrendering Into Soul
    Book by Dr. Janet Smith Warfield

    Even if someone is in survival they can still be in relationship to purpose and evolve purpose.

    What are the way points that will allow me to move towards purpose and purpose execution?

    What is our purpose?

    Our purpose is the process, the P moving forward towards something, Our purpose is a proposal, a proposition put forward to explain everything, It comes from the pure origin-place within, to which it also tends, It is a Pure-Pose, a Poetry in motion, that stands downloading the Cosmic Mind.

    We are a Process Theology in motion, a purpose towards the Void of the Word That makes itself up as it goes along, self-forming, self-creating, A poetry of Autopoesis that arises like grass from the earth Flowing forth like flowers, flow-ers, and we are learning To steer the flow, to encourage the up-rising, the ascending Towards the stars that shine and blink and guide us towards Goodness.

    We are a protest towards peace, a Pro-Test that asks questions And says: why so much war? Why bombs and not smiles? Why? We submit all this to the true Pir Review, when the Sheik at the hub, The Qutub, views us, reviews us for Cosmic Mind, and asks: Why did you watch all this? What did you do? Did you protest Purposefully ? And home in on the truth of things, the inner taste of wisdom, The sap rising when truth speaks through the throat from the heart?

    Now respire, breathe deeply, let the pure P come in and out, On its pranic journey, through the heart-lungs system, down the nadis, Flowing as Chi, to energise you into the flow of purity’s passion, Coming to dwell in the place of Pertho, that great mystery, the secret rune That births and conceives, that holds and adores, and loves...

    Our purpose is the Parinirvana, the going to the other side Of the distraction-destructions, the form-and-emptiness origin place, Perfections purpose gone before, the all-still-holding cosmic mind’s Imaginal magical storehouse-consciousness whence dreams arise And we can prove it, probe it, peace it, implore it to steer truthwards.

    Our purpose is progressive, progressing towards that horizon point within Us of Withinness-Nirvana smiling back out at us from the Big Bang Coming back round again and again like the cosmic hand-claps of Brahma And Sarasvati dancing, galaxies across, teasing and entrancing time And space to come out and make love together purposefully again.

    This is our question: these our questions, our Beauty unfolding, Our Togethering challenging the old walls, the ten thousands things That from a myriad perspectives are revealed as the One Purpose Of Peace-Poised, and the stars our cosmic Cat’s Eyes, Purring...