1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    April 19, 2024

    Early Childhood Development

    Open up to new ways of approaching situations with children.
    Positive affirmation.
    By shifting ourselves and our own inner experience we can shift the Childs experience.
    Read AS Neil book

    Loving children into being.
    In order to really love children into being you need to love yourself.
    Give children your full attention, affection, and appreciation.
    Read book The Future of Children.

    The opposite of love is distraction.
    Invest in the bonds of depth and going deeper with one another.

    There is day care and abandonment wound for many underprivileged and the most privileged.

    Be involved in your children lives.
    Be proactive in learning about early childhood development.

    The best thing we can do for our children is be our best and our highest self.
    Be able to listen more deeply and feel what’s needed.

    Focus on being-ness over doing-ness.
    Support our children in developing an inner compass.

    Identifying our values and understanding them deeply.
    Intentionally curate our children’s exposure.

    Treating our children as our teachers.
    How do we raise our children so it puts them in our best path?

    We have outsourced and privatized care.
    The roll of a mother has become a derogatory  term.
    We should value our mothers and the contributions they make to our society.

    Have holistic childcare at work places.
    Bring back the family business feel that supports ethos, family, morals.
    Be role models at home as well as in institutions.

    Put the Accelerated Evolution principles into how we raise and interact with our children.

    Teaching children to identify their feelings.
    Be present with your children for what ever they are feeling in a positive and supportive way.

    Bringing children out into nature.
    Have them spend a lot of time in nature and a lot of time outside.
    Encourage children to value their relationship with nature.

    In schools have smaller classes, and more intimate interactions.

    Empower choice and agency.

    When preparing for child birth doing the work to clear generational trauma, and prepare a loving environment.
    What are we doing to create healthy attachment with our children.
    Study attachment theory.

    Teaching children about body autonomy.
    What are the messages we are giving our children about their body autonomy.

    Nurturing our children’s nature.

    Bringing in mentorship for children that are not their parents.

    Children come whole.

    Have education that doesn’t just program young people to succeed in school. Have education that serves children to succeed in life.

    Make sure we are building time into our lives to build relationships and share time with one another.

    Feed our children healthy food, and they will make good choices for themselves.

    Most of all what we need is love.
    The embodiment and present of love for our children.
    We need to teach our children conflict resolution.
    Give them opportunities to express themselves.

    Create opportunities for us to share our genius.

    Be involved, be present, intentional curate our children’s exposure.

    People don’t love themselves become they can’t see themselves.
    We can help people see who they truly are.

    Child, you got to be your own self validation.

    Holding space to illicit the wisdom within our children.

    What children need more now than ever before is community.
    Generational medicine.

    Have places of education that invoke the presence of the soul.
    The natural world is a primary teacher.
    Learning from listening and being still.

    We are so good at doing. We can focus more on being with one another.

    Support children in asking questions rather just giving them answers.

    There are many early childhood development teachers on social media that we can listen to and learn from.
    They have great short videos.

    Create a balanced society where people less stressed to provide their basic needs and can focus nonbeing present with their children.

    Children want to know who they are.
    Support them, uplift them, encourage who they are.

    Astrology or Human Design reading for new born and young children can support parents in really knowing them and fostering who they are, and what their natural potentials are.

    Seeing children as whole and complete.

    Children are precious.
    We need to hold up the flag of peace.

    It’s important that early on children are taught that love is possible.
    Give children he realization that they can be strong warrior types for good.

    Unconditional boundless acceptance of others.
    Seeing ourselves in others.

    As parents we need to model self love.
    Do what we need to do to take care of ourselves.
    Then our children will learn from that model and how to take care of themselves.

    Our children are wise.
    They come from the essence of truth and wisdom.
    Then they come to the world and get confused.
    We can foster the environment that allows who they are to flourish.

    Give the balance of praise and challenge.
    Support children in their experience of belonging.
    Let children know that they belong simply because they are.
    I belong and I get to contribute.
    Help children feel a soulful belonging.

    Having community and families come together.

    Shift the distinction from “my kids” to “our kids.”

    Rights of passage as an important developmental experience.
    Support children in loving responsibility, not as a chore but as something they get to do.

    Travel and having your children see different cultures.

    Start the communication with the souls of your children even more before the child is born, and consumation.

    Shifting to see birth as an initiatory and beautiful experience in union with God.

    Give kids opportunities to get dirty and help each other.
    Help children develop their sovereignty in what they will and will not tolerate in the world.

    A positive martial arts training program and environment can support children’s development in a powerful way.