1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    March 15, 2024

    Healing Trauma

    A team of healers and doctors diagnosing and treating world/collective illnesses.

    Trauma is the thing that’s holding us back and disconnecting us.
    Shift our education system to involve and include great trauma understanding, healing, training.
    Include human development and the psychology of trauma.
    How to understand and heal trauma.

    Education system for young people and education for parents.
    Trauma education could be included as part of biology, physics, psychology.
    Emotional Intelligence

    Help people understand that you need to feel to heal it.
    Growing access to programs and offering people access to healers, therapists, coaches, and guides.

    Helping people cultivating their awareness of their inner dimension in our education systems from people from a young age.

    Reach out to youth programs and offer trauma healing practices.

    Focus on helping people in leadership positions heal trauma so that there is a top down effect, and they are not projecting their trauma patterns onto others.

    Helping leadership teams feel safe with one another to open up to a different way of being with one another.
    Some tech could make this work more data driven and something that could resonate for the corporate world.

    In order for us to come together on a large and more healthy scale we need to change the education system.

    Create a corporate culture with consistent practices.
    AI and Tech helping to scale these kinds of practices in the corporate world.

    Switch On Leadership

    Alison McAulay

    Accelerated Evolution Academy
    WarriorSage Trainings

    Bring the overall level of trauma down, and recognize not only how we’ve been hurt, but also how we have hurt/traumatized others.

    We used to focus on healing trauma as a community/collective.
    We can re-establish healing trauma together, and recognize how connected we are.

    Powerful Practices to help heal trauma:
    -Holotropic Breath Work
    -Plant Medicine work
    -Switch On Leadership
    Alison McAulay
    -Accelerated Evolution Academy
    WarriorSage Trainings
    -Sound Healing, chanting, and singing
    -Different psychological therapeutic modalities
    -Martial Arts
    -Helping people find their passion and purpose.
    -Movement training
    -Helping people do more primal movement
    Bill Softky
    -Shamanic practices

    Get creative for how we can share the profound practices and methods we have access to.

    Making sure we have really skilled and well trained facilitators in these containers.

    Take over the media with better standards, ethics, wisdom, and values.
    Have more ethical creators and writers with great morals and values.

    Support more people who are embodying integral ethics in media.
    Stop the cause and then heal the people.

    We can help people heal, and also help them to get back in the game.

    Pass the Kids Online Safety Act

    Take the time to practice meditation and do a body scan at the start our day at work or school.

    Bring greater awareness to how we are exposing our children and programming them to experience certain emotions in the first seven years.

    Controlled trauma in powerful practices and experiences van re-pattern a persons experience and empower them.

    Get barefoot, get on the earth, and get grounded.

    Pharmeceuticals can initially help people with addressing deep trauma, challenges, mental illness.

    Bring deep care and love to serving and healing people.
    Contact, presence, care are the carrier waves of transformation.

    The combination of powerful methods and tools with safety and unconditional love.

    Freeing ourselves from the identity that was formed through the adaptation to trauma.

    How can we heal trauma, and then transform the trauma into our greatest gifts?

    The elevation of consciousness and self realization is at the core of resolving trauma and all our issues.

    Trauma comes from the distancing from others.
    The failure to realize our ontological unity.

    Come to place of planetary unity.
    Planetary healing.

    Thomas Daffern will write a book that re-writes the history of the world as an unfolding of the Goddess.

    War and violence is the biggest cause of trauma.

    The Alliance of Peace projects with Marianne Williamson.

    Trauma is perpetuated by structures and institutions that benefit from it.
    We need to change the leadership and the institutions.

    Practices that connect us to the Earth.
    Practices that connect us to God.
    Practices that connect us spiritually.
    Practices that connect us to the essence of our being.

    Develop conscious awareness of how it’s actually beneficial to interact with peoples trauma.

    Mature to a place of compassion that is not sympathetic.
    Compassion from a heart centered place, not a mind centered place.

    Not seeing people as victims, but seeing them from a more expanded perspective.

    Help people to live their mythology.

    There is a beautiful opportunity right now for a new global culture that is more trauma informed.

    Technology could cause us to bypass and could weaken us in our develop and processing of the trauma we need to process.
    It could cause people to bypass the essential challenging experiencing that we need to have in our healing process to develop the strength that we need to live in the way we’re meant to live, and that we want to live.

    There’s the trauma healing and clearing, and then there’s the cultivation and strength development that needs to happen.
    We need clearing and cultivation.

    Warrior Training to learn how to remain open amidst increasing pressure and challenges.

    It’s part of our human experience to face our limitations and contractures
    And expand beyond them.
    Cultivation for the remembering of our infinite and limitless nature.

    The earth plane is anti-fragility school.

    We need to de-normailze violence and stop violence in games.

    We need good self defense training.

    Helping people through self defense and marital arts training develop the strength and inner fortitude to protect from trauma and to empower the self.

    Stop trophy-ing trauma.

    Develop the warrior within to defend the weak.

    Develop a culture of enlightened warriors who stand for goodness.

    Initiate all our children, and people who have gone through traumas into this type of training.

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