1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    February 16, 2024

    Listening, Hearing, Being Heard, and Understood

    Listening happens not only through the ears, but from the whole body as well.

    Things that can help with better listening and understanding.
    If both parties really take ownership of the communication.
    The speaker and receiver need to really open to one another.
    Be aware of their filters.
    Focus on Love and Respect in communication.
    Be completely present with the other when the communication is happening.
    Be still from within.

    Each one of us can genuinely endeavor to embody deeper self awareness so that we can be better communicators and listeners.

    It all starts with the quality of contact.

    I can listen with my body, mind, presence, energetics.

    Tuning in to the Universe and listening.

    Dyad work is a powerful tool for learning how to be present, listen, and understand one another.

    Having mediation is important and supportive for difficult situations where it can be difficult for two parties to communicate, understand, and come to agreement with one another.

    It’s more important now than ever before to focus on listening.

    Don’t be bullied into speeding your speech up.

    Be present, speak at your pace.

    Be an example of listening for our children, and all people.

    Being understood is a miracle.
    If I start there then Love needs to be present.
    When listening with your heart, embodying respect and love, then the miracle field
    becomes bigger, and understanding becomes more possible.

    Attunement to the moment.
    Attunement to the space and the person in front of you.

    You’ve got two ears and one mouth for a reason!

    It’s important to be able to breathe and feel in our communications and in our creation of space together.

    There is communicating one to one and communication in a group.
    Either way it is my responsibility to be understood.

    When I’m speaking to someone its first important for me to understand and hear them first.
    Then I choose the way I communicate that will most likely resonate with them.

    You can learn and deepen understanding simply by being, listening, and feeling.

    Listening to what the word of God is Now.

    How can we really listen again to the primal sound of existence?
    Understanding is critical.

    In order to listen to God you need to go to the deepest place to really understand and listen to the primal Word.

    Listen to enlightenment.

    Life sustaining lovingness.

    Universal Enlightenment Project

    The shape at the secret heart of enlightenment is round.

    We can collectively bring enlightenment to the planet with other groups.
    We are a circle. A hoop of people. Connected.

    Conditional and Unconditional listening.
    Most people do conditional listening.
    Learn unconditional listening.
    Unconditional Positive Regard.

    If we only we can listen we can truly hear the Buddha, Christ, Krishna, Mohammed, God speaking to us.

    By coming together with the intention to listen and understand one another we can deepen our embodiment and understanding of how to listen.

    The purpose of life and existence is relationship.

    The more conditional we are the more separation.
    The more unconditional we are the more connection.

    Focus on contact and seeing one another as a divine individual with choice.

    We feel the power of deep contact with our leaders.

    Soul to soul and true communication rather than only the exchange of mind stuff.

    I am 100% responsible for my self being heard and understood.

    The artistry of a master communicator can speak well to all types of people and make them feel like they’re not being spoken above or down to.

    Communication aids:
    Do not let one communication go by that you don’t understand.

    Say it again
    Summarize that
    Clarify that

    The desire to want to understand others opens the field.

    People can feel that.

    Affinity, Reality, Communication

    Tell me something about yourself to help me understand you.

    Separate the individual from their reactions.
    Focus on the individual, not their reactions.

    Be exact.

    Acknowledge to others that they’re relating is by choice.

    Acknowledge when they are understood.

    Focus on the positive intent of another.

    Realize that potential contact is always there with all individuals.

    My job as a peace maker and wisdom keeper is to hone in on the positive intent behind all actions.

    Feel and embody that there is always a solution to a misunderstanding.


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