1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    January 19, 2024

    Creating Vision and Inspiration for Leaders

    How deeply do you feel you’re leading your life?

    What is your dharma/purpose? What are you here for?

    Being the leader of your own life builds into the capacity and confidence to be a leader for others.

    Facilitating more leadership trainings and cultivation experiences.

    Continue to create a network of strong and open hearted people who aspire to embody true leadership.

    Presence, transmission, expression.

    True leadership begins with the transmission of presence.

    Looking at, who are the leaders who truly embody roundedness, presence, realness.

    Enlightened leadership is about openness, flow, and clear direction.

    Enlightened leadership is about truly being in service.

    Leaders should experience all the roles associated in their community, company, discipline, tradition in order to truly understand each role and each persons experience.

    A true leader is the one who can weave the people together and uplift all the people into leadership.

    A leader is a servant.

    Embody joy, love, deep presence.

    Enlightened leadership and the whisper of spirit.

    Being open to the whisper of spirit.

    Being a leader is more about guardianship and weaving.

    There is a real power in grit and a time to call people to something.

    Embodying the the leadership and presence to know when and how to do this.

    Enlightened leadership is out in the real world.

    It could be messy, it could be clean, it could be many things.

    As a leader you need to play the part you need to in order to get people to where they need to be.

    You need to be able to play what role you need to in order to serve the moment and the situation.

    As a leader we are guide, guardian, and servant.

    Enlightened leadership is letting people know how much you care for them and how much they mean to you.

    The best advice is a good example.

    Enlightened leadership is a skill and cultivation.

    A big part of this skill is listening.

    An enlightened leader listens more than they speak.

    Developing the skill of story telling.

    A great leader has to conjure a future that all want to live in.

    There is an enlightened leader in every person with the right cultivation.

    Enlightened leadership is continuously being in cultivation, learning, and clearing what no longer serves.

    Be present to what is and respond to the moment to the best of your ability.

    Enlightened leadership when wisdom and innocence come together.

    There is a field of connected benevolence that we are all connected in.

    An enlightened leader relaxes their personal motives and aligns themselves to the collect evolutionary motive of the all.

    They are in service to what’s most beneficial.

    Making this a lifestyle, a surrounding, and a claiming of our role in the circle.

    Cultivate and embody balance.

    If you’re not balanced in yourself how can you lead the balance of others.

    WarriorSage Creed

    A leader is one who generates good.

    Down to Earth goodness.

    Bring as many indigenous leaders into the Wisdom Keepers as we can.

    Indigenous wisdom was always Wahine (women) strong.