1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    November 17, 2023

    Living the Path of Love

    The embodiment of love is what allows us to live with no regrets.

    Harry sharing about his messages from the field of unconditional love.

    Love is a power that is available to us at all times.

    Gather in small circles all over the world to commune and breathe love into one another, to rest in the field of love with one another, we can deeply impact humanity into experiencing the harmonious field of love.

    Creating spaces of love and peace and holding that balance in our relationships and our endeavors in the world.

    Opening and letting the fullness of life in.

    Recognizing that everything that comes into your life is the perfect thing that is there to help you open your heart and open to the fullness of love.

    What does every child want all over the world above everything else?
    It’s unconditional love.

    Go into yourself, be in the stillness of self, connect with your self.
    Your connection with yourself is mirrored in all of your relationships.

    Harry beautifully described Rumi’s Reed Flute Poem –
    We are the Reed Flute which God breathes breath through to make divine music.
    Rumi speaks of the disconnection from the Reed Bed (God) and how deeply that pains us.

    Our wound is a gift to help us fully give our love.

    Love truly wants the best for self and for others.
    Love creates a safe space for expression.
    Love is connection with affinity.
    Love is honesty and communion.
    Love is doing what we know to be right whether it’s easy or difficult.

    Support people in clearing, healing, freeing themselves from the things that block or hinder their ability to experience love, and know what’s right, and support them in experiencing love and the truth of who they are.

    Tune into the pure being of who you.
    Living love is about tuning in to the truth of who you are.
    Engage in your actions from this embodiment of your true nature.

    Support people in having healthy and uplifting practicing in their lives that allow them to tune in to the truth of who they are, and cultivate the artistry in their way of living.

    Love is a life long practice that we can tend to and work on everyday.

    Love embodies discernment.

    Living the path of love

    Actionable points
    1. Trust
    2. Communication
    3. Availability
    4. Vulnerability/ surrender
    5. Kindness
    6. Mutual giving
    7. Growth: individual & mutual
    8. Compassion

    Watch out for
    1. Assumptions
    2. Motives
    3. Exploitation
    4. Conditions: Narcissism, sociopaths, psychopaths

    1. Inquiry
    2. Boundaries
    3. Intelligence
    4. Expectation management
    5. Capacity
    6. Regular check ins

    Vinod Nair

    Living the path of love is being on the path of continuous growth, evolution, cultivation, and the embodiment of freedom and love.

    Love is being yourself and allowing others to be themselves.
    Fully living your soul’s purpose, and your soul’s aligned embodiment.
    Doing what you know is the right thing to do when its easy and when its difficult.

    Being in harmonious giving and receiving relationships with people and with all life and the natural world.

    There is a being-ness of love, and a cultivation of artistry in the way that we live love.
    We can encourage and support those we are meant to serve in living their genuine path and learning how to deeply relate to one another with respect.

    Heal the wreckage of our past, live congruent with our values, and become the genuine love within.
    We can give and receive naturally because that’s who we are.

    All internal conflict will be expressed as external conflict.

    Support all beings in accelerated their evolution in living their highest and best expression.

    Have the intention of leaving people a little better a little bit more lit up than the way I found them.
    Help people feel and live love more fully every day.

    Genuinely connect with people and serve them so that they feel fully loved.

    Love is an embodied presence.

    To live love you must first walk the healing path and face all of what you are experiencing within you.
    Do your healing, embody the truth of who you are, cultivate your artistry, compassion, and strength in the way you live.

    Support people in truly healing early life development trauma.
    Support people in healing trauma.

    Love is embodied through the recognition of our Oneness.
    Support people in having experiences of oneness and unity.

    Be good to one another. Fill one another.
    Take care of one another.

    Take the time to commune and have a good time with one another.

    Love is including of all and everything.
    If you even hold out one person it’s not truly love.

    Open our hearts even when its difficult is the opening of love.
    There is no order to size of miracles or the acts of love.
    We can support all youth, all leaders, all people to truly open in love.

    To value love is a primary principle.

    3 Stages of love:
    The All

    Have the continuous practice to feel, where is my self generated ridge to love? And open beyond.

    Love is the deepening openness with each other until there is no other.

    Make eye contact and soul contact.
    The beginning stages are training others to make genuine contact with others.

    Accelerated Evolution practices:
    Dyads and Contact drills.

    Tell me something you like or love about me.

    Love is not something that needs to be learned.
    Love is something that needs to be opened to.

    Devote our self to the relationship with one another and the container/spirt that is holding us.

    What must we do to live, love, and die complete without regret?
    And to do this with love.

    It’s a soldier heart warrior to truly live the path of love.

    Tap into the Grand Parent of the world family.
    We must hold the higher disposition of unconditional love and discernment.

    Hone in on the positive intent of others is the doorway to deepest love.

    Clear the field of reactivity so that we can hear the voice of grace.

    See and feel each other as love.