1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    October 20, 2023

    Creating Peace in Times of War: Facing the Escalation of War with Wisdom

    Make it so that the military industrial complex is more profitable from peace than from war.

    Stoke a collaborative narrative around people coming together and no longer waring over place.

    Look at how we can change ourselves.
    Come together around how we can grow and gain wisdom from even the worst tragedies.

    Deepen self awareness around our identities and why we are upset or motivated to act on particular preferences.

    Encouraging people to meditate together.
    Andrew Rezmer is creating an App to support people in meditating together.
    Create big group meditation and peace circles with online platforms.

    If we want peace it has to happen within the individual.
    All lashing out is acting out and reaching out.
    We need practices to help people come to a place where their nervous systems can relax and be collaborative with others.
    Treat women better.

    Holding strong the prayer of what we do want individually and collectively.
    Evalena Rose sharing her vision of bringing together a network of people meditating together from all over the world with the shared intention of peace and what we do want.
    Stop war being a pattern of acting out and compensation in the world.

    We need more women in leadership roles.
    The way to counter the darkness of war is to do more meditation, ceremonies, healing practices,etc.

    Fill social media with Universalist contact that shifts the global mindset and brings people together.

    Giving respect reverence to nature and to one another.
    Support a normalization of feeling and being in the heart.
    Creating spaces for grief. To really be in our grief and process our grief.
    Education around the shadow and dark side of life.
    Practices that support the integration of our shadows and where we are at war with our self.

    Education about Wetiko
    Read the book Wetiko: Healing the Mind Virus That Plagues Our World.

    Bring more nurturance of the feminine.

    Hold space for people involved in war and let them speak.
    As we hold space for them we hold the peace within ourselves and allow them to speak.
    We help them feel seen and understood.
    We support them when they ask for the support.
    Meditations at Stonehenge focused on the ideology of peace.

    As human beings we are still in our adolescence.
    We are in the process of our evolution. We will get to the point where we evolve beyond violence.

    As human beings we have three needs.
    Need to survive.
    Need to reproduce.
    Need to dominate.

    One of the big cause for war is mass stupidity.

    For people who think positive all the time, stop being only positive.
    Don’t only be negative.
    Start being intelligent and promote intelligence.
    Have groups where we come together and have open discussions.
    Strengthen our coping abilities and resilience.
    Toughen up people.
    Have more martial arts training, tougher training, meditation, and looking inward so people are less fragile and more resilient, and less effected by people doing things to them and things happening in the world.
    Do away with religion and promote more mathematics, physics, clear thinking, and principles.

    Greater education of the universal languages of physics and mathematics.

    We need to connect with one another in person to regulate our nervous systems, appreciate life and appreciate one another.

    Spend time in nature connecting with one another.

    Utilizing the ultra grounding technology that Bill Softky has developed.

    Creating space for connection and understanding.

    Clear and reinstate the agreement field for humanity.

    Understanding the fundamental gift and generosity of creation.
    Go beyond ownership and the feeling of “mine.”
    Have a value of connection and collaboration.

    How do we heal the wounds of dis-location?

    From the inside out we are not embodied.
    If we don’t know our personal home in our own embodiment, how can we know our home and place on earth?

    When we feel out of place internally we seek to control externally.

    Disruption is a reflection of the mind.
    In order to heal the disruption of the mind we need to heal and free ourselves from the past.
    Transition from disconnection and fear to love, acceptance, and connection.

    We need to be living mindfully and consciously.

    Help people take responsibility, fall in love and accept themselves.
    Take responsibility to step up and heal your pain, heal your past.

    Practices that support self regulation.

    Create peace at home, that spreads into our communities, that spreads into the world.

    Deepen our relationship and sense of belonging with nature.

    Colonization stokes division and war.

    Coming together for ceremony and meditation to connect heart to heart.
    Look at the ways we inherently hold privilege and power, deconstruct that, and hold safe space for people to express and collaborate for beneficial change.

    Understanding the fundamental dynamics of how life works.
    The way we create our lives and our work is about cultivating the resonance of our consciousness.
    This will then move nature to create our lives and our world.
    We all contribute to the collective consciousness of our world.
    As we create harmony in our own consciousness we contribute to the collective consciousness of our world.
    We can then support others in experiencing harmony within themselves.

    Read Dr. Larry Farwell’s book The Science of Creating Miracles

    Peace is based on truth.

    Come together for powerful and beneficial practices with one another to create great connection, inspiration, deepening of self awareness, and create a network of strong and open hearted individuals who bring harmony, freedom, love, and peace to our world.

    Appreciate the Peace section of our Wisdom Keepers book and make it even better.

    Realize the truth of religion from within.

    Support the olympics, theatre, arts.
    Stoke connection through story.

    Each one of us doing our part to impact the consciousness of leadership in our world.

    Conscious training practices that allow us to feel what it means to close and open with one another.
    Let’s keep opening for and with one another.
    Accelerated Evolution and WarriorSage training practices.

    How can shift it so that the military industrial complex can become more profitable from peace than from war?