1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    September 15, 2023

    Wisdom Keepers Gathering on Poverty, Wealth, and Creating a World that works for all.

    Influencing Leadership in beneficial ways that truly serves and has the heart for all people.

    Influence others in order to coordinate a movement towards the co-creation of a worthy ideal. -Blaine Bartlett

    Making the world work for 100% of humanity without disadvantaging the natural world.
    Buckminster Fuller’s work and leadership.

    “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
    -Buckminster Fuller

    It’s only in groups we create the change and shift the paradigm.
    Coming together to play the infinite game.

    Love, kindness, and acts of compassion.
    Attention, affection, appreciation.

    The infinite game way of playing.
    Invite people to play the Infinite Game.
    Love, leadership, invitation, transparency
    To create a synergy in groups where we can elevate our consciousness.
    If we experience ourselves more and more as a spiritual being inside a body have a human experience we can play the infinite game.

    Clean up, grow up, wake up, show up

    There is enough.
    It’s just mal- distributed.
    Supporting people with truly having the proper emotional, spiritual, and practical tools to embody a way of operating that continues in the trajectory of more than enough for all.

    To raise those that struggle the most benefits all of us.

    We need a revolution of Love and people living in community in harmony with the land.

    Strengthen the middle class.
    Extreme wealth and extreme poverty are problems for the world.

    The most powerful and wealthy people on the planet are the arms dealers and arms creators and we need to challenge them.
    Security comes from peace not from war.

    The challenge is the structure of our society.
    How we identify success and the means to success.
    What does it mean to be alive?
    To be a human?
    To be me?
    To be a part of a structure that is out of balance?

    The way we are existing on this planet right now is not sustainable.

    Creating communities where we measure success by our true contribution, rather than our accumulation.

    Giving human nervous systems what they need by being in nature.
    People being in person with one another rather than just online all the time.
    Prioritize genuine human connection.

    Nature is the only true free market economy that we should model after.

    Bringing things back to human scales that we can process with coherence.

    We live in an abundant Universe.
    The Universe doesn’t lack for anything.
    Nature is not scarce.

    Poverty and wealth are illusory concepts that are sourced from the experience of separation.

    Embody love, love ourselves, and love our purpose.
    This is where our wisdom comes from.

    Focus on what we do have.
    The acceptance, appreciation, love, relationships.

    Our wealth comes from sharing with one another.

    The learning of self resourcefulness from a young age.
    Being a force of contribution rather than consuming.
    Teaching this to children from a young age.

    Let my self resourcefulness being sourced and focused on what good for all.

    Facilitating empathy building exercises for people. Especially people in leadership positions.

    Recognizing that money is a flow to be given and received, rather than accumulated.

    Taking the time to know our “enough point” so that our ego is not just hungry for more and more.

    Going from lack consciousness, to everything is already here consciousness.
    Where you feel a sense of lack don’t take a single step forward.
    Sit in the lack and then only move forward when you experience where you experience abundance and fullness.

    Every leader should contemplate the Cohen,
    “What is another”

    Polarity Integration meditation of poverty and wealth.

    The Book
    Democracy A Users Guide
    Joss Sheldon