1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    August 18, 2023

    The Seeking of and Living of Truth

    The number one crisis we have on the planet is leadership.
    The number one crisis in leadership is the lack of wisdom.

    The Truth is inevitable.
    There is an inevitability to returning to truth.

    Truth is the harmony that God has imbued into creation.

    Strengthen the sacred trust between humanity and the natural world.

    Truth is the allowance and acceptance of all that is arising in the present moment.
    In essence everything is true.

    Truth is openness, availability, receptivity.

    Truth is part of the design of all that it is.
    Being in relationship and connection with entirety.

    Truth in relationship to individual orientation.

    Keep asking ourselves the question,
    What is true in the moment?
    What is arising in the moment?
    What is real in this moment?

    The highest form of truth brings us to live.
    The highest form of love brings us to truth.

    My perception of truth becoming aligned with the great ones version of truth.

    Being present in the moment is the access to truth, love, presence, Tao.

    Truth is remembering who I already am.

    Truth is our perception.

    “I love you and you love me.
    The rest is just conversation.”

    Truth is simple.
    Truth is not complicated.

    Look at what’s complicated, and reflect on what you can do to simplify.

    What we are and who we are is truth.
    The presentation of what we are and who we are is not truth.

    Anything we do with the attempt to gain and get is untruth.

    Have all young people have lessons of what it means to discern truth.
    It’s essential to do training to support young people, and all people, in learning to discern truth.

    The more we follow the essence of truth the more life will blossom.
    Surrendering, listening, and following the path.

    Truth is actually speaking what real on all levels within ourselves.

    Truth is integrative health.

    Craft our realities and our organizations where the truth is evident.

    Trainings that unify the heart and the voice in truth.

    What are the conditions that set us up for the optimization of truth?

    Supporting leaders being put in place that tell the truth and are willing to truly be real.
    Embodying leadership ourselves that is real, honest, strong, truthful.

    6 Gates of Noble Speech: 
    Truthful, kind, beneficial, timely, clear, concise

    Encouraging people and continuing to share powerful practices, art forms, and disciplines to support the experience of truth, strength, aliveness, and health.