1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    July 21, 2023

    Enlightened Leadership

    Leadership is coming from and intending to facilitate unity consciousness.
    True leadership is focused on bringing people together rather than polarizing.

    Leadership is orientation towards humility and respect and the divine sovereignty of individuals.

    Nuance, artistry, care.

    Appreciation of the mystery of life.

    A leader with a servant and you lead by connecting your head and your heart.
    As a leader you’re leading for everyone.

    A leader is someone who is willing to share their voice and listen to the voices of others.

    Having enlightened leadership conferences or retreats within business groups and for teams.
    The commitment for people to become better leaders.
    Receiving the training and the nuance for leadership.

    Leadership doesn’t move too fast or stay too long.

    Leadership leads with Love.

    Eric Kaufmann and Jim Donihee books on leadership that provide wisdom and actionable steps for leadership.

    Wide open and meeting people with wide open vulnerability.

    An enlightened leader is wise enough to know that you’re not wise enough, and that you need to receive council.

    Leadership is the deepest and most profound privilege that can be bestowed upon you.
    Deep care in who you are service to.
    The best leadership comes from the connection of heart, mind, and soul.

    True and deep connection and place of service.

    Being open to know and not knowing the best decision.
    Ability to make a decision when and if needed, along with the skill to be with the unknown.

    Provoke leaders to consider how a one month old leads and what we can learn from that.

    Clarity coming from a bigger place than just a “me” place or just a “we” place.

    There is discipline and determination is leadership.

    A leader skillfully holds the circle of power and leadership.

    Leadership is a verb.

    Leadership is tending to reality.
    A cultivated sensitivity to serve someone in what’s needed in the moment.

    Refreshment in the agreement field and setting intention.

    When the opportunity is given to lead, then lead!

    A leader should surround yourself from people who are not going to bullshit you and know that they can offer you truly wise, nuanced, and great council.

    A leader is 100% in to what they are meant to be serving.

    Subjugate your ego to serve from underneath the people that you serve.
    Don’t boost your own ego. Boost other people up.

    WarriorSage Creed