1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    June 16, 2023

    Aligning Ourselves & Leveling Up Relationships,
    Connections and Our Own Potency

    We are in an era of great distortion around truth.

    How do we know what truth is?

    Every view point has the exact opposite righteousness.

    We are focusing on the attachments/charges/polarities to bring wholeness to ourselves.

    We aim to be a generator of Unity.

    Those who embody Wisdom are creators of Unity.

    We can integrate the antagonistic dualities within us.

    30 Minute Dyad
    Feel what Truth is here and now and tell me something about it.
    Feel what truth is not here and now and tell me something about it.

    Philosophy and insight informed by the depth of realization.

    Universal Process
    Integrated antagonistic dualities.
    Recognizing what are the antagonistic polarities in the world.
    Recognizing unconscious antagonistic polarities.

    The integration of antagonistic polarities is “peace making 101.”
    You become a transmission of unity when you are not caught up in the emotional charge of polarization.