1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    March 17, 2023

    Sacred Relationships, Sexuality, Human Connection and Gender

    Human Relationship and Connection

    Laying foundational groundwork for each individual to heal and look at the way there may be a lack of divine and personal trust to help people connect fully.

    Wisdom paved with the experiential knowing of the sacred and the spiritual.

    The cultivation of presence.
    Practices that cultivate presence with one another.

    In relationship focusing on quality of intimacy and connection rather than duration.

    Having compassion and forgiveness for ourselves and one another.

    Seeking out tribe in order to support human connection.
    Having games that can support one another in feeling one another and having connection with one another.
    Creating a safe place for loving people into being.

    Creating spaces for people to be able to be open and vulnerable with one another to have supportive connections and conversations.

    Providing training for front line health care providers that are faced with a tsunami of needs.
    They need access to more up to date training and effective care.
    Advocacy for truly effective and cutting edge training.
    This contributes to the sense of tribe and community and hopefully policy change over time.

    Foster the need and requirement for us to spend time together in nature.
    Immersing youth in nature experiences.

    Sexuality, Parenting and relationship as ways of awakening to our highest potential as a species.

    Part of the mental health crisis is people not spending enough time in nature.
    Get people back into nature for enough hours in a row that people can feel a shift.
    Get small people away from screens.

    It takes a village.
    We need an organized and unified force to create the real shifts.
    We need to be working with all the different aspects of humanity to bring about a shift to make the quantum leap that humanity needs and is looking for.
    We all have our areas our place of expertise and sub divisions and we’re all connected and working together.

    Experiential learning exercises for kids.

    Potentially revolting against scene time and changing the way we interact as humanity.

    Give people profound spiritual experiences.
    Direct experiences that we are sparks of the divine.

    Support great programs like Lead U that Justin Rubin is involved in.

    Continuing to foster and really encourage young people being fully engaged in the arts from a young age.

    Study Accelerated Evolution
    Read books like The Science of Creating Miracles by Dr. Larry Farewell and implement these principles in our lives.
    Experientially bringing these experiences into the education system.

    We should teach and embody self moderating and wise use of screen time.

    Society has become conditioned to disregard the emotional creatures that we are.
    We can create safe spaces for us to be open and share.
    Advocate for accessible support for individuals and relationships.
    Work on being here for one another fully.
    Setting up structures of support.

    Regenesis Sanctuary

    Sexuality Education
    Some notes on Jaiya’s share about 45 minutes into the session.
    We need comprehensive medically accurate sexual education.
    Learning Erotic blueprints.
    Whats our expression, orientation.
    Seeing sex as a tool for personal and spiritual awakening.
    We need to decriminalize pleasure, plants, plant medicine work, and sex work.
    We need work in place to support those who have been perpetrated on and the perpetrators.
    We have a power problem around leadership and sexuality.
    We need to do work with leaders to unravel their sexual shadows.
    Helping people with the big T and the small T traumas that people experience around sexuality.
    Support people with having tools like Accelerated Evolution that everyone can have access to support true self love and genuine connection.

    Sexuality education is a tricky topic and can be a challenging one to get people aligned on because there are so many different perspectives, religious beliefs, person triggers among parents, and then of course the nuanced and sensitive psyches of the young people being educated.
    We should have a Sexuality Education Council of a diverse group of people who have wisdom and years of experience in this area.

    Family and Parenting
    Parents are burned out and parents are unavailable.
    Children are getting addicted to screens and things like porn and drugs from a young age.
    How can we support parents?
    We need more funding and resources supporting parents and children.
    Getting kids more involved in in person integration and arts.
    An action plan for more funding and resources for after school programs and nature programs.
    Invest not only in the youth but also in the parents who are feeling burned out and help them have more support and resources so they are not resorting to screens as baby sitters.

    Watch film called Porn Hub to realize the challenging reality we are facing.

    We should be helping the polarized porn conversation to come to a wisdom place. To have this conversation and create a solution with wisdom.
    We should be including the understanding of the sacredness of sexuality in sex education. This can solve the problem of violence and harm around sex.
    Finding balance.

    We are living in a “Sick Care System” and we need to really develop of greater “health Care System”

    What if we shifted technology to start really modeling the healthiest versions of us as human beings?
    Technology Modeling neurological and physiological equanimity.

    I feel a Council on this topic would be incomplete without speaking to the vital need for education on *boundaries* and cultivating a *consent culture*.

    The ailments that happen in our human condition come from the lack of connection human to human.

    Our purpose is to deepen divine contact and unity with one another.
    Open to one another as Divine Individuals as Choice.

    Express and support people in the ability to say “ open with me”

    The song by Fantusi- It’s All Love or a Calling for Love

    The Dharma is about making sure that when people are open they treat each-other properly.
    That’s where the *rules* come in: the duties, the responsibilities, the care, the skill, the clarity.