1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    February 17, 2023

    The Keys to a Thriving Humanity

    Technology, like the process of turning plastic bottles into bricks to build houses.
    Encouraging more community gardens and local family farms.

    Encourage ingenuity and creativity.
    Some of the best innovation for basic human needs may come from people in need in developed countries.

    Focus on the cause and solution of our issues and imbalances rather than the symptoms.

    What does a child want more than anything else?
    Unequivical and unconditional love.

    We need to focus on self acceptance and love.

    We need leaders coming from a conscious and collaborative place.
    We need conscious and wise leadership to address all of our issues and imbalances.

    Have good rites of passage rituals for young people growing into adulthood in order to foster mature and conscious leaders.

    Lets support a critical mass shift of great and conscious leadership.

    Let’s provide great support to the people and organizations that are already masters in the areas of supporting basic human needs.

    Create a connection and network of organizations that serve basic human needs.

    Elementary school gardens.
    Ubuntu Project.
    Community houses and eco villages.
    Getting our homes off grid and using energy more wisely.
    Conscious corporate training and creation.

    Leaders asking the question, “what is enough?”

    People coming together to have a voluntary global vast on certain things to help clean the environment.

    Having seed vaults like what Storma Sire is creating for food sovereignty and bio and micro remediation.
    Creating eco villages.

    As wisdom keepers we can create positive wisdom propaganda to help unite people and organizations.

    Focusing on eco living, local and urban gardens.

    Gamification of improving the world.

    A global organization for retired executives and amazing people that have done amazing things in the world to have them be advisors.

    We need wisdom elders as advisors to the world.

    Subsistance wages.

    the game could be called "Karmic Accountancy" and you get "good karma points" by doing real stuff for good purposes.. then when you get 5000 good karma points, you get a holiday in a magical place etc.
    any geeks on here want to help me actually design this?

    "citizens incomes" and countries like Finland and wales are doing this already

    Shifting leaders from leading from their ego to leading from a more collaborative, conscious, and collective place.
    With consciousness training companies and corporations not only make a more positive impact for everyone, but they also greatly increase their profits.
    We need healthy and conscious leaders.

    We need to normalize healing.
    Creating a world of unconditional love and starting with our children.

    Phil Moore’s program- Loving Children into Being

    Incentivize and gam-ify shifting consciousness.

    When we shift our leadership consciousness the technologies, innovations, and solutions we already have will be implemented.

    Shifting systemic investing.
    Capital for funding projects with more long term perspectives and intentions for improvement over the next couple hundred years.

    Lessening the degrees of separation from our food.
    The degrees of separation between us and our food has a direct connection to our happiness.The less degrees of separation between us and our food source the more happiness we experience.

    Health care that is preventive rather than reactive.

    The valuable resource of water needs to be more appreciated.

    We have everything we need to address the worlds problems, we just need to align.

    One of the most practical things we can do is regulate ourselves.

    There are two ways to live in the world.
    One will create the infinite allocation of resources.
    The other is to deplete resources.

    Bring our awareness back to our bodies and self regulate.
    Restore safety on a fundamental grass roots level.

    Put our bare feet on the earth.

    Nourish ourselves spiritually first to inform anything else.

    The emphasis on love and truth.
    We are love.
    It’s important that we nurture what we are.

    Support and encourage people in living their purpose.
    Recognize that we are powerful and we can make the changes.

    Misinformation takes us away from truth.
    No more misinformation for the sake of manipulation in our society.

    See yourself in every human being that you meet.
    Love yourself and you will naturally love others.

    Train children in growing food, building, ecological practices, communication skills.

    Infuse our world with much better communication training from a young age.

    Offering shorts and reels around communication, connection, and wisdom on social media.

    Wisdom Elders advising, connecting, and collaborating with the “on the ground experts” for change and innovation in basic human needs, for the purpose of supporting them in leadership, organization, communication, networking, resources, and consciousness training.

    Wisdom Elders advising, connecting, and collaborating with corporation and governmental bodies for change and innovation in basic human needs, supporting them in leadership, organization, communication, networking, resources, and consciousness training.

    Have wisdom elders and conscious experts who are genuinely focused on serving the good of all to be advisors in every area of life, society, education, business, governments, corporations, etc.

    Take corporate revenue to give back to communities to support people in having experiences that bring the heart felt AWE into life and back in to life.
    An organization tradition of people taking the day off to connect with and listen to their politicians and be engaged with policy, decision making, and leadership.

    How about asking Apple to plant 10 billion apple trees worldwide ?  ("Apple Apples..".)
    and asking Amazon to reforest the Amazon rainforest ?

    Fostering community and being each others brothers and keepers.

    Massively slashing consumption or massively slashing carbon production or both.
    Recognizing where our food, water, resources, and machinery come from.

    As long as there are people in the world who prioritize profit over the good of all we will not have all our basic needs met.
    Create more empathy for the most powerful leaders in the world.

    The mapping tools http://resiliencemaps.org/files/Dealing_in_Security.July2010.en.pdf this is the practice for understanding those infrastructure tails.
    You draw it like a mandala on a big piece of paper, then fill in the stuff like “this is my power company”, “this is my food store” and map out from there.

    The problem is more in the system, rather than the individual people.

    The truth is that there is not a shortage of water, food, energy, or money in the world.
    There is a shortage peoples awareness, consciousness, and collaboration for the good of all.

    Continue to encourage corporate responsibility and beneficial contribution.

    how about redesigning maslows hierarchy of needs symbol as a Three D. yin yang symbol with all the levels interconnecting and feeding into each other - "as above, so below" ?

    Taking the time to bring wisdom and harmony to the guidance, creation, and organization in each area of society.

    Making training for consciousness, emotional intelligence, and communication a greater priority for all members of society.

    Creating a mainstream education system that embodies more of a Montessori method and truly prepares children for life and stokes and feeds their genuine interests.
    Rather than memorizing and cramming generalized information and learning while sedentary.
    Create an education system that is mainly based on creativity, genuine expression, movement, and harmony with nature.

    Truly creating local and sustainable farming and food systems.

    We don’t need as much food as we think!
    We need micro-nutrient rich foods from a young age!

    Elevating consciousness to the point there is no more war between people and nations.

    Loving children into being.
    Playing the infinite game.
    Becoming not only a role model but a soul model.

    The arts and music as a primary language.

    Buckminster Fullers invitation to make the world work for 100% of the worlds population without harming or disadvantaging the natural world.

    Venerate teachers, the wild, family, and friends.

    Embody respect for ourselves and the natural world.

    Teaching applied consciousness.

    Truly bringing heart to what we do.

    Help corporate leaders understand that if they become more conscious for the good of all they will also make more money!

    Connect and mobilize people for the greater.

    WarriorSage coaching and leadership.
    Enlighten and mobilize leaders for the greater good.

    When I flush my shit down the toiler, who catches it on the other end?
    Be conscious of our systems.

    Sharing and teaching our children from a young age the distinction between success and fulfillment.
    The imbalanced focus on success is continuously creating the problems in our society.
    If we can become fulfillment oriented as a society we will be able to live in peak performance and peak existence as a whole.

    Be a true citizen who focuses on not only receiving but in giving and contributing to society.

    www.WORLDPEACEGARDENSNETWORK.ORG - of which I am chair.. and if you know anyone with a garden please ask them to join the WPGN.. they can email me on thomasdaffern@gmaill.com

    Celebrate Birth Day on March 4th with the theme to celebrate birth and march forth!
    Celebrate that you and others have succeeding and continue to March forth.

    March is named after Mars, the god of war.. but originally he was an ancient roman god of fertility and gardening.. as I explain in my recent Tarot of the Gods book which goes along with he Tarot cards..  check out https:tarotofthegods.wordpress..com

    This is the NGO supporting survivors in Turkey www.ahbap.org/disasters-turkey


    By Thomas Daffern

    Embody the practice,
    March forth.

    Universal co-responsibility,
    Applied consciousness.

    Soul-model = role-model,
    Re-venerate teachers, wildness, true family, real friends;
    Thoreau: richness is not needing.

    Who hurt you? Who heals you?

    Apple to plant Apple trees,
    Amazon to re-forest the Amazon,
    Corporate e-co-responsibility.


    We are love,
    We have a light to shine,
    Love and truth.

    Davos is a place to meet eco-thinkers;
    Lets rework Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs,
    As a Yin Yang symbol in 3 D.

    Every need is contained in all the others:
    Co-embodiment, co-spiritualisation, Co-enlightenments,
    They all spiral back in and through and round.

    The children are our future Buddhas:
    Let’s not under-estimate the Universe’s capacity
    To heal the fearful parts of consciousness.

    Unconditional love for all world leaders:
    Let’s send Ron to met Putin and tick him off kindly,
    Granting him relative space and absolute time to remember goodness.

    The Great Ultimate is contained in each seed,
    The transcendental is inside the mundane,
    Absolute consciousness is having fun playing at being earthlings.

    Everyone’s basic need is for unconditional loving;
    Good ideas on every billboard: light in the propaganda wars:
    Good ideas as a TV show for planetary redemption.

    The sacred geo-psychology of space for saving the world;
    “Karmic accountancy” as a game app for saving lives;
    Antakya is 70% destroyed, Mariupol is 100% destroyed.

    Lessen the moral evil, so we can deal with the natural evil,
    Philosopher kings and queens in the wings, on the wings..
    When is enough, enough? How much pain is enough to choose love?

    Ambassadors to the UN loving the cosmic astrology of synchronicity,
    And the hermeneutics of grace, to make everything come out right:
    Beyond Military-Industrial-Complexity to Peace-Geotechnology-Hypersimplicity.

    Lets get the spots of light everywhere all joined up in inter-connected lattices!
    Lets get education sharing basic values, basic wisdom, emergency truth’s love!
    World Peace Gardens Network: the secrets of the soil’s soul, the herbs, the flowers, trees…

    “Do what you can, where you stand, with what you’ve got”,
    Kiss the ground; Kali Yuga meets Avatar, James Cameron growing
    Eco-gardens in New Zealand, the Zen of Hobbiton, Gandalf always on time…

    Words fail in the stratosphere of enlightenment, prose turns to Poetry and Druidry,
    Ego-turns to deep eco-reverence. The definition of true Mastery:
    However far your expertise soars, always remember: Beginners Mind !