1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    January 20, 2023

    Moving our vision and mission forward.

    Wisdom is the most important thing that is missing in leadership in the world.

    Welcome Dr. Richard Shuster!
    Welcome Charletta Louis!

    Dyads #1
    Tell me what wisdom is and tell me something about it.
    Tell me what wisdom is not and tell me something about it.

    Dyad #2
    Tell me a way we can live wisdom

    May the words we speak be deeper than the silence we break.

    Wisdom is unified consciousness expressed in the moment.

    Wisdom is the Unity of Heart and Mind.

    Wisdom is knowing, but not necessarily knowledge.
    Wisdom is ancient and sourced in divine connection.

    The dyad process helps us connect and get to the depth level.

    Eternal, all pervasive and accessible.

    Wisdom etymology
    -The seeing authority
    -Wisdom is a “we” process, not an “I” process

    Ways we can live wisdom in our lives.
    -To be present and be our genuine selves.
    -Cultivate the ability to pause in moments before we react and act from wisdom.
    -It’s the sacred response.
    -To live wisdom is to appreciate the blessings that are inherent in every moment.
    -To recognize the impermanence in every moment.
    -Wisdom is surrounding ourselves by those who embody wisdom.
    -Recognizing wisdom when we see someone doing something perfectly with ease and not even realizing that they’re doing it perfectly.
    -Facilitating the healing so that someone can naturally live from and embody and source wisdom.
    -Being willing to be a student.
    -Being willing to seek wisdom and confront the uncomfortable.
    -Constantly help each other and up level one another.
    -Help each other and be prepared for the next challenge.
    -We are here to help people be prepared for uncertainty and challenges ahead.
    -Embracing the fact that wisdom is present and all pervading.
    -The best leaders are the best students.

    Dyad #3
    Feel what our mission is here and now, and tell me something about that.

    -Diving into deep gratitude and all the rest will follow.
    -Step into our dharma and hold peace and love in our hearts and path.
    -To think into the difficulties going on around the planet right now and with humanity and to vision rational and inspired solutions to them all.
    -Get off the internet and back to connecting in person!
    -Share wisdom, with peace and love, with those who are receptive.
    -Creating good viral content online.
    -A year of action! Integrating wisdom into the world of business.
    Create programs that influence the world in powerful ways.
    -A time to emancipate consciousness and make this the norm.
    -Be the advisors/advisory board to companies, organizations, leaders.
    We are the holders of the whole.
    We collaborate with other wisdom groups and build our network and strength.
    Shake off our despondency with the world and step up in our mission with boldness.
    Be bold, be brave, be leaders.
    -Sharing the Wisdom Keepers Manifesto