1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    October 21, 2022


    What is the truth of real spiritual warriorship?

    The Warrior term as synonymous with commitment and dedication to a cause greater than oneself.
    Commitment through the most difficult conditions.

    What makes a warrior?
    A willingness to embrace life exactly as it is.
    Commitment to a collective purpose that is bigger than ourselves.

    A big part of warriorship is teamwork and trust.
    The world needs more teamwork and trust.

    Getting people working together and collaborating outside.
    Getting together to do activities and practices outside to develop a natural trust and connection.
    Remind people the experience of what its like to be a team against the odds.
    Getting a camp ground doing connecting, collaborative, consciousness developing practices and experiences.

    How trust is formed in the nervous system.
    Team work, human contact, and three dimensional shared experience.

    We’re dazzled by things we made rather than by nature.

    AS Spiritual Warriors we can reclaim our attention.
    Our attention to nature and direct experience.

    Part of being an effective warrior is energetically grounding oneself.
    You cannot come to a strong energetic state if your energy is not grounded.
    You have to be in a state of equanimity to be effective.

    The neuroscience of finding truth and the Bagavad Gita.
    How do we as enlightened leaders teach people about who they are and to love themselves.
    AS we raise consciousness we see a warriorship that comes from love, truth, and enlightenment.

    Let’s teach and share the Bagavad Gita more.

    In the conscious unified field you’re in tune with the laws of nature.

    The only demons are in our hearts.
    That’s where the real battle is made.

    The greatest battles are within ourselves and at the same time there are times to take a stand in the world.

    A true warrior is someone who is willing to go within themselves first to be more compassionate, loving, and wise.

    Helping people to march besides each other instead of against each other.

    The actionable step is that people can do meditation and prayer every day to create a more enlightened and harmonize world culture.
    People can do the harmonizing methods as lead by Artie Vipperla.

    The necessity of the inner journey.
    How do we take society and humanity on the inner journey?

    Help leaders to master the spectrum between warrior and Gardner so they can choose, act, and lead wisely.

    Being a warrior is really about going within and facing your fears and discovering what’s next on your evolutionary agenda.

    Heal the past, heal the childhood, heal their traumas, and grow and evolving. Integrating access to whole integrating thinking.
    Gaining access to Big Mind.- Ron Stotts

    Inspiring leaders to go through their inner work and healing.
    Help people to become more collaborative and successful.

    A big part of being a True Warrior of wisdom is doing everything possible to create peace and negotiation first, and utilizing violence last.

    A warrior is someone who puts service and the good of the people first.

    A warrior is someone who faces their ego and focuses on the evolution of their ego and who they are.

    A true warrior helps to lead others to the true essence of what it means to be a human being.
    The connection between self, community, and the natural world.

    The regular practice of putting yourself in discomfort in the service of your own growth.
    Warriorship is a willingness to step, without the assurance of success, in the unknown.

    Those who have swords, and know how to use them, but keep them sheathed, will inherit the world.

    We stand with each other and for the world.

    Wisdom is being able to be with the right thing at the right time.

    Unconditional love that can get down in the dirt and truly be unconditional and embody wisdom.

    At what point is it positive and the right thing to do for a person to stand up and do violence?
    What do you live for?
    What would you die for?
    What would you kill for?

    At what point do we feel like violence is truly the answer and who decides when it is time?

    Who are you willing to kill and why?

    The eternal duty for the warrior is to protect peoples dharma.

    Give people better options.

    “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

    ― Buckminster Fuller

    We need to do the practices that help us to connect to the natural world.
    We are all connected.

    Where is the bridge to support the world?

    How do we support ourselves to get back in touch with who we truly are?

    It’s all about cultivating presence.
    How do we know when it’s time to un-sheath the sword?
    We have to embody presence.

    Create experiences to turn inward to let the heart thaw.

    To be healthy is to be in touch with the source of life and love.

    A warrior protects the restoration of safety.

    To see and touch something that is so much greater and more fulfilling.

    If you think devotions fun, it’s not.
    The path of the warrior is about deconstructing ourselves and gaining new perspective on life and that we’re more than this body and identity.

    The path of the warrior is deconstructing and transcending the ego.

    The spiritual warrior has to stand up for diversity and unity.

    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once said: “If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we should find in each man's life sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility.”

    Warriorship is staying true to what you know is right and when you see things that are wrong you stand up for what is right.

    Seeing things that are wrong and not just walking by and leaving places better than you find them.

    A very powerful cultivation is to remain centered, grounded, and in the heart under intense or physical duress.

    The heart of the Warrior has to be the Sage.

    The heart of the Sage is the Warrior.

    A true warrior has a strong spine and an open heart.

    Being able to say no from our center.

    Training that helps us to hold presence that is solid and unperturbable.

    A true warrior is leading with a silent transmission of power.

    Response versus reactivity.
    Im able to watch and see with awareness the arising of emotions, feelings, and actions so that heart and spine is there.
    The ability to reposed accordingly. Not too hard, not too soft.

    Training our youth and young people to embody the wisdom, presence, and strength of the warrior.
    A warrior embodies courage.
    The courage to go beyond their status quo in the name of truth.
    If that means walking away from the crowd then we do it.

    What must I do to live, love, and die complete, without regret?

    A warrior doesn’t have to look any certain way.
    A warrior is one who is absolutely resolved in dedication and unity for all humankind.

    The duty of the peace warrior is to take back control from the machines and computers and to re-humanize the planet.