1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    September 16, 2022

    How to embody wisdom in Leadership

    Creating higher level conscious leaders to create a better world.

    Feeling out of integrity with the state of the world.

    Bringing wisdom and leadership to leaders of bigger organizations and government.

    Embodied servant leadership.
    Developing the capacity to empathize in leadership and hold intense emotions.

    Support the evolving capacity for empathy in our organizations.

    As a species we evolved to collaborate and evolve together over long periods of time.

    We have to get together in person to collaborate and resonate together and we will effortlessly know the next step.

    Radial Optimism
    Connect with people and make the good world happen.

    Do we think about the likelihood of what is to come?
    Or focus more on what we want to come?

    Meditation, yoga, mindfulness practices as part of education early on to help develop intelligence and presence.

    In leadership it is about who we are authentically being.
    The core of what needs to happen is emotionally healing.
    Coming together to connect about how we love, how we feel.

    Our trust has become compromised by manipulation and control.

    How do we create experiences so we can feel each other again and have a shared value base and a shared reality?

    Leadership is giving people experiences of a reality that is shared.

    Our hearts have been shut down.
    We can provide experiences to help people thaw the heart.

    Organizations should have at least one therapist on staff.
    Metaphorically, Thomas --- 1 in 4 people have mental health issues. It's reasonable for a psychotherapist to see 25 people a week --- what if every organization had a psychotherapist for every 100 employees.

    We really should have less focus on leadership and more focus on service.

    Current leaders are not following their tracks and seeing the consequence of their actions.

    Leaders should always be learning and be willing to admit when they don’t know and collaborate with others.

    The Four Virtues of a Leader Eric Kaufman
    Leadership Breakdown

    We run the risk of being brilliantly irrelevant.

    Too many 'leaders' (small L) are focused on self-service rather than being 'in' service to others and the trust / depth of responsibilities that fall to them.

    We need to truly understand that we are one human family.
    The hurting of one, is the hurting of all.
    The uplifting of one is the uplifting of all.

    Always know where you’re coming from.
    Know where you’re going.
    Most of all, know who you’re traveling with.

    You can’t take someone somewhere you haven’t been before.
    You can’t pierce someone if you haven’t been pierced in a Sun Dance.
    You can’t take someone up for a 4 day vision quest if you haven’t sat on the hill.

    We are here for service and impact.

    Leading people into the being of here and now.

    We need to bring everything into the physical domain some can really feel the gnosis of our resonance.

    The aim is to create the Wisdom Keepers as a wisdom advisory board for organizations.

    The job of the leader with the deepest heart is to set the excellence bar.

    We the instructors care.
    Leadership is about caring.
    We are helping people to help themselves.

    Live by example.

    There is a terrific book about the nature of care called On Caring, by Milton Mayeroff. Highly recommend.

    When given the opportunity to lead, lead.

    It is time for us to sit in the power of our wisdom and the humility of our wisdom.

    Jim Donihee talk
    There is a common thread to leadership.
    The most important part of leadership is humility.

    Preach but also genuinely connect.

    The best leaders eat last, sleep last, and look after the team.

    A leader must embody authenticity and credibility.

    Our best marketing is the truth of our story and how we exist day in and day out.

    True leadership is about turning around hearts and minds.
    Being firm but fare, and seeing people for who they.
    Create inclusivity and truly be in service.
    See people, empower them, and engage them.
    The most important thing is demonstrating your own vulnerability and humility.
    It’s far more important to be authentic than it is to be profound.
    You need to know your shit but you can’t know all your shit.
    Leadership is about truly empowering others.

    Link from Bill Softky
    Our research paper explaining the math of trust, and showing million-to-one bandwidth benefits of 3space interaction over text. https://arxiv.org/pdf/1710.08916.pdf