1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    August 19, 2022

    Gender Identity

    The higher intention today is to deepen wisdom around the topic of gender identity.

    Establishing wisdom as the core of how we lead and serve in the world.

    Share tea together and connect.
    Welcome people as they are.
    Create space of safety where everything is welcome.
    Brew the teas of awareness.
    Welcome yourself and your nervous system first.
    Create safety so people can connect and feel belonging.

    We see the individual.
    We see the person integrity and character.
    We focus on the person who walks their talk.
    We need to be uniting, not dividing.
    Your personal preference is your personal preference.
    We connect with the essence and look to the essence of people.
    Have an inclusive and balanced view.

    Everyone has the absolute right to their own identity and we need to respect other peoples identity.
    We celebrate peoples identity.
    Having identities as a social and political topic this causes issues and potential division.

    Educating parents around the issues of sexuality and about gender transitioning.
    More resources towards education and mental health.

    You can’t have fixed categories around ever changing fluidity.
    We need to be off digital and be in person in order to resonate with each other and better understand each other.

    How can we tap into innate knowing and understanding?

    A place where we can bring people together for family support.
    Help get families united again around challenges of gender identity and sexuality.
    Getting families together to process and unite.

    What is the appropriate age for individuals to go through a gender transition.

    Focusing on our sameness as souls bring us into an experience of unity.
    We are all in unison walking each other home.

    That which is behind Identity is the source of all suffering.
    We can recognize that we are souls in a temporary vessel.

    Gender identity has been used as a political tool of divisiveness.

    Ultimately we are all together on the journey of spiritual unity, oneness, and the dissolution of separateness.

    We are souls experiencing particular temporary experiences.

    We are all the image and likeness of the source.
    How ever anyone chooses to show up, how can I choose to love them in the best way?
    If our neurophysiology is fully formed we will be naturally expressing our feminine and masculine essence.

    The simplest action plan is to make sure heterosexual masculine men are helping to create a safe and respectful space for all people.

    The sexist, racist, protective part of men is there in all men from the beginning and it’s important for us to develop and mature in order to redirect this energy in positive and productive directions.

    Continue to create safe, respectful, and supportive spaces for mental health, sexuality understanding and development.

    The world and society is always in constant change.
    This is something that people resist, but that we can accept this continuous evolution.

    Move beyond resisting and open up and welcome.

    Gender identity is partially a technological issue.
    If the procedures were better and more fluid and people could change back and forth between genders more easily then people wouldn’t have as much of an issue with it.

    Sovereignty is essential for all of us.

    Helping people be at peace with themselves.
    Give people space and support to experience peace within themselves and process what their challenges are.

    We should respect and accept and give right to all perspectives and positions, accept violence.

    Does the soul have a gender?
    Does spirit have a gender?
    Does wisdom have a gender?

    The only people that I have met who are not wise are violent people.

    The conversation shouldn’t be so much about gender, but about wisdom.
    When will we see as much conversation about wisdom?
    Does enlightenment come with a gender?

    All genders should be empowered to be a part of the collective enlightenment of the world.

    What about the Gods and gender?
    Deities are gendered.
    Do these Dieties and Gods exist or are they archetypes of our psychology.

    We shouldn’t tear up the structure of gender. We should work to better understand it.
    Gender confusion can cause disempowerment.

    Remember how people feel when they have been marginalized and attacked.

    It’s not so much the fear of the unknown that is a problem for a lot of people. It’s the problem of losing the known.

    Cultivate in our society the question and the intention to say:
    Please share with me, what would you like me and society to understand about you?
    Tell me what you would like me to understand about you.
    This helps people come to and share about their own truth.
    Focus on understanding rather than agreement.

    Ask these questions and inquiries to more traditional people in society as well.

    There is the body we are in,
    Our masculine and feminine essences,
    And our sexual orientation.

    Help people to understand and be in clear relationship with these three dimensions of who we are.

    Be aware of the stylist tendencies of young people and support in the expressions of their masculine and feminine essences.

    Two article I really loved on this topic of Identity:



    1. Fluidity and fixation are opposite. The more we agree that humans are naturally fluid and ever-changing, the less we ought to insist of fixed pronouns, categories, or identities. The whole point of fluidity is that nothing is fixed or freeze-framed, and no one ought to expect it to be. Not being nailed down is liberating.

    2. Yin=fluid, yang=pulsed. Much of what we call "gender" is actually computational style. In that sense "yin" (shakti) is truly continuous: fluid, unbroken, non-interrupting, never fixed or stopped, quiet, subtle, and focussed on things and people near at hand, connected by internal sensation. At the other end of the spectrum, "yang" (shiva) would be focused on outside things, and thus broken into pulse vs echo, fulcrum vs leverage, origin vs impact, strategic interception, all 3D physical models with momentum. Both are legitimate interaction strategies, but yin is higher bandwidth, more continuous, and more resonant. The only way to solve the world's primary current problem (too much separation, i.e. yang) is with more yin: slow down, unfocus, tolerate uncertainty and discomfort, quiet down.

    Proximity resonates, media fractures. Natural human fluidity is pure vibration and communicates accordingly, in proximity and real time, with nearly thermonuclear potency in the right smooth container. But every form of physically mediated communication, from a cave painting to clicks and pixels, freeze-frames just one infinitessimal portion of 3D reality, and ties us down to it. Such quantization makes vibrational resonance impossible. So the primary key to restoring human fluid, vibratory resonance is to avoid the fake categories and sense of permanance it imposes, by avoiding media (especially interactive digital media) as much as possible. Our nervous systems only work right in proximity. -- BILL SOFTKY