1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    July 15, 2022

    Reproductive Rights and Women’s Human Rights
    Guest speaker Dr. Tina

    Overturning Roe vs Wade is not going to stop abortions its going to make things more underground.

    Unplug from the currents of the reactive responses and keep moving forward towards reproductive rights for women.

    Creating space for spacious, respectful, and nuanced conversations between people with opposing views on abortion being legal or not.

    Conscious conversations around important political and human rights issues that are publicized, rather than getting a polarized message from the media.

    We need more women in positions of power and leadership.
    We need all voices.

    Have empathy for the counter argument.

    The belief in reincarnation changes our perspective on abortion.

    Empowering women.

    Developing compassion and empathy for others.
    We could offer trainings in development of empathy skills.
    More men should join in to be advocates for women’s rights and autonomy.

    “In lower states of consciousness there are no solutions.
    In higher states of consciousness there are no problems.”
    -Roberto Assagioli

    Autonomy is the highest ideal.

    Men have lost their way.
    We have lost touch with our role as protectors and that we should be in service to others.

    We need to evolve past Us vs Them.
    We need more comprehensive sexuality education.
    Tantra training.
    Conscious conception training.

    Help people make choices from a greater place of wisdom.

    There are so many reasons to consider why someone would get an abortion. There could be many different health issues, the pregnancy could be from rape, etc.

    Men are here to listen.

    People make up their chosen morality.

    The government is taking more and more control.
    We need rights and sovereignty.

    The decision can be made between the parent and the soul.
    Sexual education and training.

    Teaching people they can have intimacy without always going to intercourse.

    Tyranny vs Democracy

    This is a manufactured problem.

    Everybody believes in the sanctity in life.
    Let’s have a conversation and have real democracy.

    Listening to the wisdom of Theoretical Physics to learn how we can actually better connect and understand one another.

    We need to be having conversations and connecting in person.
    We need to get people in the same room and have a common intention.

    Redirecting funding to educate young men and women in sexuality, choice, and empathy education.

    More empowering women and enriching women by supporting more women to have more money.

    We can all get more conscious around sexuality.
    The wisdom goal is to have a society where people only conceive in conscious committed relationship.
    This requires better sexual education.

    We need conscious conception.

    Astrologers can help this situation enormously.
    Conception astrology.

    i think we have to remember there are conscious conceptions that are very wanted but at times the family chooses to abort for other issues.

    Abortion should be a global right.
    The man should be consulted but ultimately its the women’s choice.

    There are so many ways to be intimate that don’t risk getting pregnant.

    We need leaders who live by good example.

    Better sex education.

    As men we are supposed to be providers and protectors, protecting how the women feels.
    It is a women’s choice what she does with her body.

    What a woman feels comfortable with the man should follow that.
    There’s no time or place where a man has the right to say what a women should do with her body.

    as well as sex education I think USA needs also philosophical, moral and religious education..because these are moral issues that need thinking through.. in depth.. the reason these debates are so vitriolic in the USA is because the youngsters are not being taught to sublimate differences into the plane of ideas, concepts, propositions.. discuss

    Republican and Democrats see the Bible and interpret things in their brain differently.

    We need to better understand one another and understand the alternative views are things so we can speak to people and meet people from where they’re at.

    what bits of the USA law govern the make up of the Supreme court? why do presidents get to appoint the justices if the two arms of government are supposed to be separated? I thought the USA constitution separates the judicial executive and legislative wings of government.. how did the court get so "politicized"??

    Develop the ability to have conscious conversations.

    Elder men who have wisdom need to get together with younger men and offer them wisdom and mentorship.
    Teach young men about “passion and pleasure blindness.”
    Help them be able to calm down and recognize when you’re turned ond make conscious choices.
    Be aware and get Condom or recognize its not time to have sex, etc.

    All women who are considering getting an abortion should have a council of elder women who can receive them and support them in making their decision and understand what they are choosing.

    We can teach young men that a vasectomy is not a degradation to their masculinity.

    Tantric and Kharmic teaching and training

    Men and Women both need to be taught about prevention psychologically, spiritually, emotionally.We need to talk to young men and women about the realities of prevention. Playfulness and consciousness, awareness.

    i appreciate all these VOICES!! and thoughts--- thanks for the invitation to be here-- And just remember not all terminations were accidental pregnancies--some are wanted pregnancies -- --and also some pregnancies conceived with the use of conctraception-----i must also leave