1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering - Part 2

    June 17, 2022

    Infrastructure Creation

    Send Enlightenments info to Andrew Rezmer and to everyone.

    We’ve seen the impact of a conquer culture society.

    Our infrastructure has been built on people being able to learn about themselves. The inner world and the outer world.
    My infrastructure should be built in a way that we can be whole in it and see ourselves reflected in that which we are creating.

    The real definition is knowledge of self.
    The foundation of education being built on and for the true knowledge of self and encourage transcendence.

    Build a better model and make the old way obsolete.

    Fresh water.

    Rights of passage for young people.
    Rights of passage can help humanity by supporting individuals to know what they are good at, what their passions are, and how they can serve and impact society.

    Build models based on long term sustainability rather than short term gain.

    Setting a vision and mission statement for infrastructure creation.
    Revolution vs evolution
    We can take revolutionary technology to support societal evolution.

    Possibility of a completely new education models.
    Nomad University Model
    Learn in a way that is exciting and practical.

    Teach kids how to manage their nervous systems.

    Schools need architectural redesigning.
    A total revolution of structural designs of schools.
    Self managed schedule where students are free to go into different sections of the schools.

    NGO’s start using code of ethics.
    Companies should have codes of ethics.
    Codes of ethics in every cooperation and bank.

    Motivate people to think from the whole instead only for the individual.
    Creating systems from a place of love and generosity and peace.
    The systems and structures have to be for the wellness of everything and everyone.

    When we don’t have to think about having our needs met we can create.
    How can we get brilliant people together in a room to create together?

    Bring together the best of the best who are truly ready to serve the greater good.
    Possibly utilize psychedelics to create in a unified field of consciousness.

    Finding the blend between the needs of the individual and the group.

    All cooperations should be owned by the employees.
    Dr. Richard Wolf

    Get the right people in the room with the right motivation with no ego and the solution happens easily and quickly.

    Critical Infrastructure mapping system.

    Positive use of artificial intelligence.

    Creating learning communities based on Love.
    Learning in Geodesic domes.
    Wire children to play the infinite game rather than the finite game.

    Let’s create a system that works for 100 percent of people without disadvantaging the natural world.
    Let’s bring together the best of the best to create infrastructure that supports this principle.

    Artificial intelligence that is focused on serving the infinite game.

    Infrastructure is about foundation.
    All of our systems have to start with the knowledge of self.

    Why do we want people to love themselves?
    Because people who love themselves don’t hurt other people.

    We are all students and teachers.

    It all starts with education and integrity.

    Ubuntu Community

    www.NewGaiaLiving.com Regenerative Homes /Communities
    Dyads to help people have the Direct Experience of Truth to live from and create from.
    Embodied knowing.

    We have all the technology and the “know how.”
    We need a shift in the leadership and wisdom that is guiding our systems.

    We need to know who we are and where we are on our path.

    Bring together groups of 100 people in different areas to create solutions and systems.
    A system of nominated people as our leaders.
    Elders creating a code of ethics for how we are managing and creating our systems.
    Voting is mandatory.
    A special voting systems for young people from 13 to 17 years of age.
    Visual voting system where people can log in to a website.

    And the good of all.
    Leadership training to understand this model.
    We are all unity. We are all Oneness.
    Rigths of passage.
    Initiatory experiences.
    Meditation and enlightenment experiences.
    Enlightenment intensives.

    Next Wisdom Keepers Session with be a Unity Session for all of us.
    How can we as a Wisdom Keepers Council be of potent use.
    We are being called as advisors for projects and cooperations.

    How can we pay people to be well, healthy, creative?

    * regenerative mindset - beyond sustainable systems

    * have a system built on service rather than monetary gains where each member of society serves from their talents instead of looking for what pays the most.

    * have rights of passage - plant medicine/vision quests - where the individual gets insight into their purpose and then create alignment

    * evolution or revolution - evolution is preferred yet as history shows - revolution will take place if not evolving

    * adoption of revolutionary technologies rather than suppress them and then remove technologies that are outdated.

    ** on Satyen's question in the after discussion:

    If human consciousness can be raised to the tipping point at a faster rate than we as a society are collapsing - there is a chance of evolution.

    That being said -humanity has shown it is easier to start from scratch after a collapse than manage the changes as they are going... Humans tend to not like change yet change is always happening...

    John Kraemer, B.E.S.
    Waterloo Manufacturing Company, Limited

    The foundational level of all infrastructure is human consciousness.

    First, from the grassroots level going up:
    over time, infrastructure will change for the better in sporadic clumps, wherever the wisdom consciousness happens to land, never in a uniform manner.

    Secondly, from the top down:
    There's a Universal Principle that applies to all people, in all times and all places:
    "Whatever a great person does, common people follow in their footsteps, and whatever standards they set by exemplary acts, all the world pursues."

    So only when people in power (who influence policy) are actually able and willing to listen and implement wisdom from elders, things will continue in a downward spiral in the collective. Necessity is the mother of invention. "People change when they have to change."

    Jim Seymour, B.A. UCSB '89
    Astrologer, Consultant, Writer, Teacher

    • Create a facility that can house several hundred of the most brilliant, heart-centered individuals to collaborate on both an intellectual and physical level. Have extremely high behavioral and value standards which enforce collaboration over ego gratification.

    • Provide the most state of the art technology and equipment to create prototype designs for infrastructure, including AI systems which can analyze the intelligent design of the ecosystem in order to replicate aspects of those systems through biomimicry.

    • Provide resources that can facilitate high-level collaborative imagination, including psychedelic medicines which break down ego constructs and open people to experiencing the collective intelligence of the group.

    • Have this system maintain a completely fluid structure which allows for ongoing experiments with the collective imagination combined with AI systems which predict the potential outcomes with as many seen and unseen variables as possible for the infrastructure models that the group creates.

    Sam Morris, Principal, Zen Warrior Training, LLC