1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    May 20, 2022

    Environmental Symbiosis

    Stop making non-bio-degradable plastic

    Teach natural law.
    Have children learn, what’s natural law.

    Connecting and collaborating with people who are developing self-sustaining eco-villages.
    ReGen Villages James Ehrlich

    Outdoor and nature schools.

    Elect people politically that prioritize environmental health and sustainability.

    It’s got to be cool for businesses to be environmentally conscious.

    Facilitate profound spiritual experiences so that people truly experience their oneness with all of nature so that they aspire to live in harmony with the earth and nature.

    Bring young people into the natural world and spend time there.

    All people go out and spend more time in the natural world.
    Let nature teach us.

    Wilderness skill development and learning conscious and sustainable hunting prictices.

    Hunting for meat and eating wild meat rather than farmed meat.

    We need more people to have the direct experience of their relationship to nature.

    More people experiencing the benefits of powerful plant medicines so that we have the direct experience of our relationship to nature.

    In order for us to deliver a manifesto with merit we must be sharing from our purest essence.
    Where am I in this construct of, “I am separate from the environment?”

    Focus on the use of mushroom and fungi for a whole host of renewable and healthy applications.
    Connect with Paul Stamet’s work.

    Advancing forward the practices of regenerative agriculture practices.

    Gathering is meant to amplify our individual capacities.

    More healthy influences from media.

    Young people getting their hands in the soil and growing food and being in nature.
    Having media platforms that promote this.

    We need simulators for the economic, lifestyle, and technological factors.
    We can build the simulators and implement.

    Pass down the wisdom of cycles of nature and how to grow your own food.

    Models of how we can apply technology for clean water and food to all areas of the world.

    When human beings know who they are, they know what to do.

    Community gardens and education.

    This is a time when great leaps of change are happening.

    Listening and being still.
    What are doing with the message?
    Infuse these messages back to the people that we impact.

    We are part of a network.
    The network is human and not human.

    Having the daily dialogue with Mother Earth.
    The medicine of infinite possibility and the medicine of deep feminine love.

    The international treaty to protect and restore Mother Earth.

    International Indigenous Treaty to Protect and Restore Mother Earth https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xCwDPRmz-P5R7VFJ_JTwgKoeC4tJPRoL/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=107164994829406288928&rtpof=true&sd=true

    War is the greatest destroyer of our world and the natural environment.
    Begin peace on earth by 2030.
    2022 is the year of transformation.

    High level corporate decisions that can be made to be in more harmony with the earth.

    Bringing the ancient rituals forward to honor the land.

    Steward the land that you are on.

    Food and farming education for kids.

    Create initiatives that motivate companies to make and and be in symbiosis with the earth.

    Looking at the cost of projects.
    Go from shareholders to stake holders.
    Making decisions that are not just good for me, but also good for the all.

    What are we defining ourselves by?

    Identify with, what can I give back to society and the earth?

    How will my decisions impact future generations?

    Business-an organization that produces profit.
    Re-definition of business- produces things that are profitable for the all and future generations.

    Tero Alfero
    Wolf Connection
    Wolf Therapy

    Extractive economies of scale vs regenerative non extractive economies.

    How can we better satiate?

    What would the practice of satiation look like so that we can have great experiences of abundance and well being.
    Practices satiation right where we are.

    Introducing children to nature as soon as possible.
    Elders to explain to kids the interconnectedness of nature and develop the fascination with nature.

    As soon as possible children be exposed, immersed, and taught about nature.

    Initiation experiences, processes, rituals in nature as young people grow up.

    Voluntary requirement for young people to go through programs where they spend and do practical things in nature.

    Global Green University.
    and check out www.globalgreenuniversity.com
    Give the Green Knighthood Award
    A Nobel Prize for ecology.

    Every Army should have an eco battalion.

    International Day of Eco Spirituality

    Eco Therapy

    Revive The Living Pharmacy Project

    International Peace Gardens Network

    We build on who we think we are.
    I am the microcosm of the macrocosm.

    I am because we are.
    We are because I am.

    We come into consciousness in ourselves by coming together.

    If we learn the lesson we will receive the blessing.

    Becoming conscious decision makers.

    We come here knowing more and then we’re taught that we don’t know.

    Physis - Greek for nature and origin of "physician" ie healer..

    Politics is the single fastest way to change the consciousness of a country.
    Politics is a spiritual path.

    Honest and transparent accounting for the actual cost of what things are.

    The One Sentence Moral Solution to Climate Change.
    Legislation that would incorporate the true cost of beef burger and a gallon of gasoline.

    We need more young people voting.

    We need to talk about food more.

    You don’t need to be full vegetarian but every day you can become more plant based in diet. This is how we live in a regenerative way each day.

    Hamama Greens

    Take great care.
    How am I going to carry my spirit in the world?

    The One Sentence Moral Solution To Climate Change.  Jane Goodall.  https://link.medium.com/pWd9iH3Sbqb

    The gift that I came to give the Universe is the one that only I can give.

    Becoming Environmentors
    Assessing, aligning, attuning, adapting

    Our children don’t do as we say.
    They do as we do.

    We have to go from ego-logical to eco-logical.

    We need to learn to understand one another better.

    william Irwin thompson "the time falling bodies take to light".. read it !!! a masterpiece,. draws on jane goodall and much else we are speaking about.. did you know she discovered chimpanzees do "rain dances" ??

    Soil regeneration in agriculture.
    Use Rango

    A Finer Future
    L Huner Lovins

    Everyone growing food in their own land.

    Eco civil service where everyone volunteers.

    Plant medicines like psilocybin and ayahuasca to help with our direct understanding and relationship with nature.

    People who are husbands and wives and adults in our relationship with this planet and one another.