1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    April 15, 2022

    Basic Human Needs
    Food, water, Shelter, Safety, Sleep, Clean Environment, education, skill development, opportunity, power/electricity, Love

    Provide skill development, professional training, healing work, consciousness work, and mental health support to organizations that are on the ground providing basic human needs.

    Organize and provide mental health support for organizations that are  providing basic human needs.

    Organize large programs/ campaigns that encourage communities organizing and coming together in a loving way to provide basic human needs.

    Continue to shift consciousness at the corporate level so that corporations and governments naturally distribute and share resources in an equal and just way.

    To live in harmony with the land.

    Healthy intergenerational communities.

    Understanding Basic Needs individually require understanding basic human needs collectively.

    Finding a way for human beings to thrive instead of living in the land of survival.
    A basic human need is to have people talk and educated in consciousness so that they can bring forth their own innate wisdom.
    Falling in love with our evolution instead of going backwards.

    Our needs as human beings is so basic that we over define them.
    We need acceptance, love, connection, touch.
    The purpose of education is knowledge of self.
    Break down the walls we think separate us.
    Realize we are not our bodies.
    You’re not the body. You are the eternal spirit and the essence that is in the body.
    Knowing that I am forever.
    From this place develop the gifts and the talents.
    How do I lovingly teach, heal, and do the things I’ve come here to do.

    Enlightenment and Self Actualization is the absolute basic human need.

    We the people have a home, planet, kingdom.

    Every child is already enlightened already.

    To heal the system so that it can remember “I am.”

    Create a system where we can heal.

    Education and how do we break harmful cycles from past generations.
    How do shift the for profit system to serve the greater good first.

    Have the self awareness to recognize when we are being “agent smiths.”

    Start with getting to know yourself.

    Are we loving our children by allowing GMO foods?

    What are we leaving the next generations with?

    Reducing the age for elders to retire so that they can be at home with the children and families to take care of and guide the families.

    Shift our focus and values from being mainly focused on economy.

    Charity called Mind.
    This charity is great, but how can we get there before the need is there.
    Solve the problem before the problem.
    Rehab vs Prehab

    Be conscious and responsible and live by example.
    Self care, self acceptance.

    What are a baby’s basic needs?
    Survival and thriving

    Breath- clean air
    Shelter from the elements
    Movement that uses the body fully
    Contact- physical, mental, spiritual, emotionally
    Health care
    Giving and receiving love, help, and understanding
    A system needs to be created where everybody’s needs are being met.

    We need conscious leaders to develop a system where everyones needs are met.

    The definition of greed.
    Taking more than you need.

    When things are simple and our fundamental needs are met we can be so happy.

    We need to bring people more conscious that are already here.

    Create communities where we have a great relationship with food, gardening, animals, education, consciousness, etc.

    Evolving leaders

    Getting in touch with yourself and your purpose.

    In order to transform the world and our systems that we are talking about it takes conscious, evolved leaders.

    We’ve got to create conscious transformational leaders.

    Caring for one another and taking time with one another.
    Thoughtfully do things for one another.

    Help people develop a healthier relationship with death.

    David Armestad
    The Learning Forward Model

    Going into communities and learning, what is it that you need?
    Not assuming what it is that people need.
    Create new systems that do this.
    Listening is part of the needs and understand better what we need.

    See people as people who we can learn from and then serve from that place.

    Assumptions about needs is something important we should pay attention to.
    It is critical that we listen deeply to people about what their needs are.

    Identify what is nice to have vs a need.
    What is nice to have can lead to more conflict.

    While we are working to be catalysts remember that we are also the beneficiaries of a new world.

    Shifting the thinking from mind to being.
    Get this dialogue on the global level.

    How can we teach our youth about self awareness?
    A focus on spirituality and awareness much earlier in life.

    Maybe drop the word basic and have Human Needs.

    Conscious leaders awaken lives.

    The ability to really listen to the messages that are coming to us.

    The future’s coming. Don’t be early.

    One of the needs that we have is to not worry.
    Worrying is exhausting.
    There are so many ways to hear the coaching form the Universe.
    The solutions are there when we are listening and acting on it.

    I did some academic work on analysing human needs for disaster relief purposes:

    It’s harder to see cosmic interconnectedness from a desk than it is from a farm.

    Recognition of dignity and sovereignty of a nation.
    Recognition of importance in the world for a nation.
    Political recognition and dignity of every tribe has an equal right for respect.

    The word “need” implies lack and scarcity.
    We need to shift from thinking about basic human needs and shift to thinking about human rights.

    The right to peace, the right to education, the right to clean food and water, etc.

    Rights are there to have someone thrive not just to survive.

    Developing human skills as a youth.
    Find an affinity with one another.
    How to train ourselves to better relate and communicate well with one another from a younger age.

    Further light on the subject is thrown by the cable which Gandhiji sent to the late Mr. H. G. Wells.
    Gandhiji's cable ran as follows :

    "Received your cable. Have carefully read your five articles. You will permit me to say you are on the wrong track. I feel sure that I can draw up a better charter of rights than you have drawn up. But what good will it be? Who will become its guardian? If you mean propaganda or popular education you have begun at the wrong end. I suggest the right way.

    Rights too..... must come from a place of global interest rather than self-interest or, they are built upon assumptions and judgements that serve narrow interests.

    "Begin with a charter of Duties of Man and I promise the rights will follow as spring follows winter. I Write from experience. As a young man I began life by seeking to assert my rights and I soon discovered I had none - not even over my wife. So "I began by discovering and performing my duty by my wife, my children, my friends, companions and society arid I find today that I have greater rights perhaps than any living man I know. If this is too tall a claim, then I say I do not know anyone who possesses greater rights than I."