1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    March 18, 2022

    Creating Peace in Times of War

    Prayer for those in the wars.
    Sending messages of grace in prayer.

    GoFundMe pages to send people money affected by the wars.
    People are renting airbnbs to help give money to people affected by the wars.
    Using technology to get resources to refugees and people affected by the wars.

    Contribute money to aid organizations.

    Teaching martial arts to people in our communities.
    Firearms and weapons training in our communities.
    How do we confront the need to kill in times like this?
    How do we as people who are dedicated to the common good digest the need to kill in times of war?

    Connecting with the mothers in the people in the lands where wars are happening, share the truth with them, and have them share the truth and speak out to help end the wars.

    Connecting with people directly.
    Take the time to do research and understand what really going on in the world.
    What are the real motivations happening now for those that are initiating the wars?

    Getting the truth around the world in a clean way.

    Help fund and organize people who want to go and give support in places of war.
    Leverage and impact on the organizations who already exist with Wisdom Keeper support.

    World wide collective meditation.

    Connect directly with people to develop greater understanding of the wars we are experiencing now.

    Collective leadership.

    Be the chose one that you’ve been waiting for.

    War as an opportunity to work through inner conflict.
    Bring more music through as a potent counter force to war.
    Collective connection that people can experience through music.

    De-centralization of the internet.

    Support people in experiencing unconditional love and acceptance within themselves so that they affect other in the same way.
    Coming back to the center of self healing and responsibility.

    We are love and truth seekers.
    We go to war because we don’t have the truth.

    If we don’t see one another in each other than we can’t have love and empathy for each other.

    Our young men and some of our young woman are being trained to be killers and to change the world through violence.
    How can we change this training and approach?

    Support people to experience greater depth and strength within themselves.
    I am because we are.

    We are starving for human connection.
    Get people together to have a powerful reset of resonance.

    -Become passionate
    What is your passion?
    We need to become passionate. We need to create our mission statement. We need to be come wisdom sharers, not wisdom keepers.
    Develop your passion and mission and then share it!
    Make sure you are heard.

    What are we coming from?

    Consciousness practices for Polarity Integration.
    Accelerated Evolution practices.

    Own discomfort, see how it’s affecting us, and be in action all at the same time.
    Self development training to be able to do this.

    Go into cooperations and start shifting culture.

    We need to play the infinite game.
    The game that works for 100% of humanity and nature.

    We need to risk everything and invest everything.

    The book
    The Boy Crisis

    Make an effort to find where we agree.
    First stabilize, then cure.

    We need to create a peace knowledge and peace study.
    There is a thing called peace knowledge.
    Have a Peace Studies course in every university in the world.
    Have a peace mediator course in every school.

    The warriors have to stop going into war unless they are authorized after all other peace talks have broken down.

    Make love studies more interested inn war studies.

    Having more Sattvic people in leadership.
    Cultivation of Sattva in day to day life.

    Training martial arts from the intention that we are peace keepers.
    Creating peace within the antagonistic aspects within ourselves.

    Remove all restrictions for media to go into war zones.
    We need to see clearly what is happening.

    More wisdom keepers circles as advisors to governments, organizations, United Nations.

    Mass civil alignment.
    We need to let the governments know that its governments for the people.
    We need to establish this in action.

    Create a Peace Department.

    A poem that speaks to all that we are exploring: Your Love Is A Gift

    It is because the world is so full of suffering,
    that your happiness is a gift.
    Is it because the world i STILL so full of poverty,
    that your wealth is a gift.
    It is because the world can be so unfriendly,
    that our smile is a gift.
    It is because the world is so full of war,
    that your peace of mind is a gift.
    It is because the world is in such despair,
    that your hope and optimism is a gift.
    It is because the world i so afraid,
    that your love is a gift.

    By Robert Holden