1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    February 18, 2022

    Biggest Current Concerns of the World

    We have a first draft of our manifesto!

    How do we increase the receptivity of how to hear the wisdom?

    One of the most powerful things we can do is to encapsulate the principles and ideas into an inspiring vision and possibility.

    It’s already here.
    We are on the precipice of a new era.

    No matter how powerful the motor, if you don’t have a good transmission you’ll go no where.
    We can’t plant seeds in an earth quake.

    Can we co-regulate people to help them get to a state of us sharing one another.

    What key are we in and what’s our drum beat.
    When you walk outside check the sky. When you walk in the room check the faces.

    We should not under estimate the opposition and the blocking of wisdom.
    Who is blocking the wisdom and who is benefiting from the block of wisdom?

    We need good allies in the media.

    Break out rooms
    Biggest Current Concerns of the World

    Self Judgement and judgement of others
    The tsunami of mental health need we are facing and the lack of skill in professionals to deal with things quickly.
    Professionals are not adequately prepared to deal with the tsunami of mental health issues.
    Not respecting other cultures and civilizations.
    Mental health crisis that will affect us for the next few generations and the lack of adequate professionals to address this crisis.

    Big Pharma

    We need more strong open hearted men.

    Too much living from the brain, the separation from nature, and too much screen time.

    The right of every society and culture to have their own progress and expression.

    Decreasing respect and imposing our ideas on others.
    Listen and understand another person and peoples perspective.

    Love, family, the kids
    Respect for women
    Anti- nature perspectives and approaches
    The one gender approach and perspective

    Tatalitarianism, globalization, manipulation of information.

    The intelligence

    The idea of they.
    Thats a big concern that we live in an us and them framework and then projecting great power of the “them.”

    Climate changes and what we are doing to the earth.
    Pollution on the earth.
    The gap between have and have not.

    Agriculture, gmos, pesticides, herbicides
    Our relationship to the earth.

    Raising consciousness
    Transparency in leadership and finance
    How do we generate love, abundance, and peace?
    People’s constant seeking outside.

    Too much information

    We need a foundation of authenticity as an organization.

    Recognize that our endurance of attention has been hindered.

    Leaders coming face to face with our own vanity.

    Concerned with us going around in endless circles trying to make sense of our situation.

    The rate of how existential risks are coming up and becoming active is greatly increasing beyond the way
    we are addressing them.

    People around the world feeling hopeless.

    A willful ignorance that cannot face the truth.

    Bring back the consciousness that the mother role is fabulous benefit to our society.

    Seeds, food, organic food.

    The reduction of the diversity in food and agriculture is a big problem.

    Spiritual ego can be a trap.
    We need to know who we are.
    What happens when we add new cognitive functions when people don’t already know who they are?
    Technology and knowing who we are.

    Substance use.

    The wide spread inability in the world of people to control their own minds.
    Peoples sovereign ability to be captains of their own ship of their lives is a big concern.

    Loving ourselves.
    Bring practices into our lives that develop greater consciousness and self awareness.

    Filtering rather allowing ourselves to be real.

    Lack of leadership in the world.
    Those who have power, greed, control get to have more influence.
    Leads to competition as a style of functioning and leadership in society.

    Concerns about the use of artificial intelligence, technology, trans humanism.

    We must first love ourselves.

    We have a system that is bringing to the top the most traumatized people in leadership.
    The secrecy that is endemic on our society that brings up fake occultism that is focused on power over others.

    Divide and conquer mentality.

    We have a taboo on gnosis.

    The misuse of science.

    It will all work out.

    Leadership not knowing how to unify people.
    We need people to be able to sit down with one another to discuss differing perspectives with one another.
    We don’t have children and elders as a priority in society.
    Unity training in leadership.

    Doing what we need to do with a heart full of love is all we can do.

    Next session:
    The Art and Skill of Leadership

    Our wisdom and impact comes from the heart and the fullness of our being.

    ADDITIONAL NOTES: Here are some more notes to add to our previous Wisdom Keepers notes from our gathering on 2/18 last week. This list of World Concerns was sent to me after the meeting from Thomas Daffern. Thomas, Jaiya, and Artie came up with this list.

    1. the concerns that big tech adn mig media and "anti social media" are using polarisation to divide humanity, to create conflict and drama, so as to hype up the need for security spending etc. as a deliberate war-gaming policy

    2. the need for an inspiring vision for global peace leadership values based and spirit led

    3. the raising of consciousness - the solutions are already there - but not the consciousness and the will to implement them and to understand them

    4. the big bantg theory of enlightemnt needs replacing byt eh Big Flow Theory of Englityhnements.. so religious and ideological wars can be replaced by enlightenment corporations

    5. Giving our vision an experiential and felt reality basis accessible by the masses

    6. instead of looking outside for resolution to our problems, learning to look within and realising that the solution is inside us all, and that it starts with self-love

    7. the scarcity model of life (and economics etc.) needs replacing by the Ebnough model.. we have enough to go around, if we all learn to share..

    8) NOT CONCERNED ABOUT:  That it will all work out in the end..

    9. concern about lack of self love, means we cannot love others.. learning to love, accept and praise our selves is the key to unlocking the door to our collective potential release..

    10) our leaders (in politics etc.) are themselves far too often traumatised.. carrying huge burdens of guilt, ego etc. so how on earth can they help heal our planet? we have a pathological political system that sends up the top echelon the most traumatized and troubled, because they are thee most violent and have the least scruples (eg Hitler, stalin, mao, trump, saddam hussein, Mussolini.. all very troubled people etc.) - but the competitive way we do politics privileges these traumatized people and this is vicious circle..

    11) actually, the concern is we are ignoring the already present harmony.. that surrounds us and is with in - this is why we all need to read Artie Vipperlas book on amazon launched there this week

    12) concern at lack of transparency, people build walls to keep each other out.. how if we were transparent to teach other and to spirit ?

    13) false and fake secrecy as a form of power over.. like old style patriarchal freemasonry that demands "oaths of secrecy" on pain of death, and doesn't realise that actually the real secrets are invisible and omnipresent and available to all true seekers.. yes there are esoteric secrets.. but they should never be hemmed in with fake secrecy.. or that creates a hierarchical fear based structure, like the Freemason elite that ruin the UK tory party and have done fro 200 years, and generated fear, colonialism and wars around the world.. other examples are the mafia, criminal gangsters etc. who use secrecy to advance their ego positions.. what we need instead is a re-recognition of the true mysteries and the true esoteric secrets that actually are open to all who have patience to knock on the door of the Mysteries and the discipline to enter and make progress..

    14) FEAR of being persecute if we come out as wisdom workers.. triggering fear of past lives, when we may have been persecuted, burned etc. as "witches, pagans, gnostics, heretics"  - so instead we hide our light and take a back seat and let the idiots and gangsters and bullies take over society - we need to master this fear and replace it with courage (Sapere Aude, as Kant said)

    15) Misuse of science as a power trip, misuse of intellectual as the dominatrix of everything instead of the servant of all.. gaming science as an excuse to implement heartless and irrational and anti-human policies "because the science says so".. and because of having a limited view of science, we damn all spiritual and psychological data as "non scientific" - but nowadays fake science cam be games (false papers, fake social media) to prove just about anything.. the standards we expect of actual science have gone out eh window.. how can they come back?  the pandemic has dented peoples trust in the science as no one really truthfully knows what the science actually says anymore

    16) theological oversimplification - the god concept as traditionally presented is a concern - which needs to be challenged by an increasingly sophisticated understanding of the manyness of the gods, how they sit nicely along with each other, and how a multifaith and multicultural theology can solve the age old tension between polytheism and monotheism, who have split humanity into warring camps.. instead we can go with the concept of being "Multifaithful",, so that we can follow with due diligence the innermost esoteric meanings of each faith path.. hence thomas's TAROT OF THE GODS which is opening the door to the reconciliation of polytheism and monotheism through MULTITHEISM

    17) THE PANDEMIC reason the mother of all concerns - how dangerous is it? where did it come from? when will it stop? whose agendas is it suiting? Why is there no discussion of its cause (aetiology) ? why are divergent views censored on social media and in scientific journals?

    18) MILITARISM remains a concern - yes the military is well organised, including military intelligence.. we peace activists adn wisdom activists, we dont have the same level of ORGANISATION per se.. but instead we are ORGANIC.. we grow by example,. by osmosis and by the life force that dwells with us, whereas the military has only death and negative energy at its commend.. we have life, sex, eros, birth, love adn life at our command..

    19) SOPHIAPHOBIA - many people have a fear of enlightenment, fear of wisdom, omniscience, too much information flooding in.too much responsibility..  .how do we discriminate, discern, ground from foreground, essential from packaging ? how can we discern through the maze of false information what is the actual truth? how can we serve for the benefit of all life? We can reach for spirit, we can be humble, we can allow the answers to arise with in from great spirit.. we will be shown how.. and if we replace the BIG BANG model of enlightenment with the BIG FLOW model then this Sophiaphobia naturally dies down..