1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    January 21, 2022

    General Assembly

    We have the first draft of all the Directions done.
    We will send it to everyone for sharing and review.
    We will send this draft to United Nations, Corporate influences, government, organizations, etc.

    This is a potent transmission far deeper than the words that are shared alone.

    Review of what we have done and how we can improve and up level our intentions, focus, directions.

    The trust and faith required to bring something into being.

    10 minute DYAD
    Tell me a win, insight, and learning you’ve had with the Wisdom Keepers.

    15 minute DYAD
    Feel what wisdom is, and tell me something about it.
    Feel what wisdom is not, and tell me something about it.

    Wisdom is a self love, patience, and knowing.

    Wisdom Etimologically means something seen.
    The second stage of wisdom is to not hoard the wisdom.
    You have to give the wisdom back to people in a way that they can apply it.
    We have to transmit it and give it to people in a way they can implement it in society.

    Wisdom is a move in the infinite game that keeps on giving.

    Wisdom is new and ancient at the same time.
    As if it was some how part of the soul realm.

    Wisdom is coming together for the good of the all.
    Wisdom is having the nuance to know what’s needed in the moment.

    Wisdom informs the asker and the asking as much as it informs the answer and the action.

    You can’t own wisdom and its not limited by age.

    Leadership will be the focus of the next session.
    Wisdom and Leadership for our times.

    10 minute DYAD
    Feel what is important now, and tell me something about that.
    Feel what is not important, and tell me something about that.

    10 Directions
    The Arts
    Basic Human Needs
    Consciousness and Spirituality
    Economic Flow and Exchange
    Children and Education
    Environmental Symbiosis
    Harmony and Happiness
    Infrastructure Creation

    Science and Technology
    Well Being and Vitality

    Additional Directions
    World Peace
    Cultural Diversity and Harmony
    Existential Risk and Averting World Level Disasters
    Facing Covid with Wisdom
    Relationships and Sexuality Sourced in Wisdom

    Topics we brainstormed to focus on:
    Sex and intimacy/Erotic Intelligence
    Sexual Trauma
    Stop sexualizing young girls and boys in society.
    Acceptance and Understanding Practices
    Women in Leadership
    Boundary and Communication Skills from a young age.
    Teaching Yoga and Spiritual Practices to children from a young age.
    Use of Psychedelics
    Sex and Gender Training for leaders
    Tantric Teachings
    Training of polarity energetics
    Food Sustainability and adaptability
    Adaptability and Flexibility
    Playing the Infinite Game
    The Future of Children
    Praising the Earth

    Time does not move. We move through it.

    We need to get back to what our bodies evolved to do properly.

    Bring back tribal indigenous ways of living and being.
    Bringing sacredness to relationship.

    Whats important - being present; adaptability, flexibility, kindness, compassion, friendship, peace, wisdom

    Get humans back together in 3D Nature, minimum tech. Nothing else works for social vertebrates.

    Learn the art of slowing down.
    Fastness has what has gotten us into a mess.
    Slow down to see the divine at play in everything.

    What’s important now a) Being present b) Building deep relationships even remotely c) empathy d) being open e) ability to let go of how we used to do things in the past.

    Whats important is translating wisdom into practical action.

    Creating a more kind and conscious world.

    Opening humanities hearts.

    Children learning how to sit still for a moment so that can learn, feel, and love.

    Whats important - caring for nature and each other, the environment, gardening, plant medicines, animals, clean water and air

    Our academics and scientists should be inter-disciplinary.
    Bringing interdisciplinary lifestyle to all people.

    Be very present to everything.
    Build deep relationships.

    Investing in helping people learn to resolve personal reactivity and uncloak the true self.

    Whats important - seed saving, communion with plants and animals, food sustainability, slow food / cooking, equilibrium with the earth and the cosmos, galactic ethics

    Conscious creation of Lifestyle and the daily practices we have as a part of lifestyles.

    Find that part of us that is grateful to be alive and live from this part of us.

    moving towards one ness in the individual
    and oneness of all

    We need to collectively move in collectives.
    We need synergetic collective enlightenment that leads to initiatives, and these initiatives lead to a complete course correction.

    galactic ethics, heart / brain coherence, equilibrium with the earth, solar flares and human behavior, what is a renaissance for the future.

    Kindness, compassion, love, support of one another.
    Real connection in community.
    Food sustainability.
    Galactic ethics. How we conduct ourselves here is how we will conduct ourselves in the cosmos.

    Ascension is important right now and everything else is a distraction to it.

    Asking the question, what wisdom is?
    Wisdom is what works.

    Daily Sadhana.

    Currently discernment of what is important and not important is what’s important.

    Access to resources

    Children receiving love and empowerment.

    Topics: process from the trauma, pain, division, and isolation of the pandemic