1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    December 17, 2021

    We spoke about the intention of the Wisdom Keepers, and what are the most important things to focus on going forward into the new year.

    Feel what wisdom is and tell me something about it.
    Feel what wisdom is not and tell me something about it.

    Feel what our purpose is and tell me something about it.
    Feel what our purpose is not and tell me something about it.

    Feel what is most important to focus on and tell me something about it.
    Feel what is not important to focus on and tell me something about it.

    Businesses wanting wisdom elders to support insight, direction, and influence.

    We will have the first draft of the Wisdom Keepers Manifesto soon.
    This work will go beyond the manifesto.

    Serving governments and organizations.

    What can we do to make this experience even more potent.

    Wisdom is seeing below the surface and beyond the obvious.

    Wisdom is embodiment and sharing of Universal principles of life which require an incredible amount of discernment and presence in the moment.

    Embodying my authentic self.

    Attuning and listening to the voice of God and the divine and being able to embody that wisdom.


    Come together with the combined experiences and wisdom to distill some of the best and most insightful realizations that we can share with those who are willing and wishing to partake.

    We can offer generously in a world that is continuously more unstable.

    True uplifting leadership and guidance.

    To be energized by this gathering and then radiate and shine forth the energy, care, presence, and wisdom.
    To charge up the world as a whole.

    To embody the sense of authentic care and share this in a larger way.
    Love upholds choice and will.
    To nurture and vitalize this awareness.

    Tapping into our deeper wisdom together.

    Applying coherence and awareness inside our bodies and then extending this awareness out into the world.

    To share the diversity of our accumulated life insights.

    Don’t be dead physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

    Our purpose has something to do with the medicine of transformation.
    To support the collective hero's journey.
    Our job is to become more “nobody’s” and be in complete service.
    To alchemize and become a healthy lymph node.

    Connecting with the fire spirit within and taking that to the world to serve the world.

    Move more and more towards our living organic service.
    To give and serve and love for the greater good.

    Distribute the wisdom to where it’s needed.

    Help people heal their system and support them.


    Come together, Potentize, and serve.
    To come into attunement and take that attunement collectively out.

    People of wisdom and clarity can keep learning from each other.

    We are consistently humbled and uplifted by one another.

    When the intent of service is there, the reciprocal pole will arise.

    How can we use digital and video games to reach out to the younger generation's.

    Video games and digital media for consciousness
    (Wisdom Keepers App)
    Serving and supporting the Youth
    Military (What would the military look like if it were lead by wisdom)
    Culture and The Arts
    Truth, Love, Collaboration
    Connection to Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine
    (Leadership in merging Masculine and Feminine)
    Taking the Wisdom Keepers words into action
    Intersection of AI/Metaverse and spirituality / consciousness natural intelligence not AI
    2; Civility In city; 3; Ecologies of culture; cultures of collaboration.
    1. To discuss how to spread consciousness via video games and digital for youth and adults 
    2. To discuss creating WK apps for the mental and emotional wellbeing of young people and adults- two different apps 
    3. To create a WK foundation that financially supports the poor and needy via projects - karma yoga in action. Rise up and serve the people!

    The inter-relationships between science, tech, religion, spirituality, mysticism, and magic.

    Wisdom Keepers Foundation
    (Putting Karma Yoga into action.)

    To understand the Human beyond that of just the masculine and the feminine.

    AI vs natural intelligence.

    We should avoid all things that are divisive.

    Spiritual Workshops to connect cause and effect.
    The things we do like and don’t like are connected and two ends to the spectrum.

    The link between knowing and being.

    The planet is in crisis. We need to focus on what’s most important.

    A re-cyclelization of the wild.
    To hold the world as a process and a meaning.
    A value that is upheld by a deep meaning.

    To be in service to nature and ecology.

    Support consciousness and awareness around what’s going on with things like the Metaverse, the internet, and social media in the world.
    We must recover personal agency that we must not use technology to replace real life as a biological prosthetic.

    The relationship between song, text, and code, as a basis for understanding the practice of man, machine, and nature, in choice, change, and causation.

    the inter-relationships of force, power, and strength.  Of content and context.

    sacred beings of all genders

    The words education is rooted in the meaning, “to lead one out”

    Cosmology and extraplanetrary intelligence

    Topic: the inter-relationship between enthusiasm, curiosity, and wisdom.
    Topic: Relationship between principles, practices, and rules/huristics (ie, Tantra).

    Give people the love that you want and the time you don’t have.

    Capacity and consciousness to truly understand each other.

    Understand how our systems work as human beings.

    Potent Collaboration (The art, principle and way of life)

    Love and Truth
    (We are starving for love and truth

    Alienation and loneliness


    Mutual Nurturance

    Personal Agency and Sovereignty


    Universal Principles

    "future of medicine including politics of control of medical knowledge"

    Women’s Lodge and Men's Lodge


    Original 10 Directions:
    The Arts
    Basic Human Needs
    Consciousness and Spirituality
    Economic Flow and Exchange
    Environmental Symbiosis
    Harmony and Happiness
    Science and Technology
    Well Being and Vitality

    Added Directions:
    World Peace
    Cultural Diversity and Unity
    Existential Risk and Averting World Level Disasters
    Facing Covid With Wisdom
    Relationships and Sexuality Sourced in Wisdom