1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    November 19, 2021

    Relationship and Sexuality Sourced in Wisdom

    Artie leads us through a practice letting the breath breathe you.
    The first draft of the Wisdom Keepers Manuscript is almost complete!
    We will send it out to everyone soon.

    Introduction of Yogic practices to children at a young age.
    Connection to Shakti and the divine flow of energy within from a young age.
    Instead of this sudden awakening of it and then needing to express it outwards.
    Prepare children to be more embodied, grounded, and conscious in how they interact with sexual and life force energy.

    Shifting the social constructs around sex.

    Sexual experience gets so wrapped up in identity.

    Accelerated Evolution Methods
    REDS Dyads and Dyads in general.
    Polarity Integration

    Erotic intelligence as an extension of emotional intelligence.

    Acceptance and understanding of ones own sexual needs and preferences.

    Practices that help people experience love and acceptance of themselves.

    Artie’s practices

    Have more women in leadership to bring balance and wisdom to the world.
    This will help people be in better relationship with one another and in turn know how to share sex and intimacy.

    Respect has to be a part of any conversation around sexuality.
    The importance of all the aspects of sexuality education for children.

    Policy changes.
    Legalizing sex work.
    Birth control universally available.

    Making space to have the higher levels, the awakening of higher chakras be experienced in sexuality.

    We need to be teaching boundaries and communication skills from Kindergarten up.
    Social skills are so much more important than all the other academic things in foundational education.
    These skills should be instilled in every year of education.
    Helping people really live in their bodies.
    Helping people live in a multi-chakra-ed way.
    Bring spirit into sexuality.
    Learn how to work with Kundalini so that all chakras are engaged during sex.
    Remember to put friendship, relationship, connection first and then let the sexuality come out of that.
    When you learn the breath work of tantra and how to awaken kundalini you have access to an orgasmic state at all times.

    Babies need caring and loving touch from a young age.
    Social engagement system.
    We learn best when we are safe.
    Learn Meta-bation

    Billy Sunday Mars book
    Fit For Love

    Fictional book
    The Kin of Ata Are Waiting For You

    What is sexuality relative to culture?
    When we are not erotically alive is it difficult to experience belonging.

    There is a deep need to heal and process sexual trauma to restore safety and right relationship.

    Authentic sexual expression from the inside out.

    The sense of connection with oneself and nature and the world.

    The more that we are in touch with our own passions the more we can be in touch with nature and the world.

    Education starts in the home with a sense of self value.

    Using psychedelics in a healing and supportive way.

    Parents setting the foundation of self love in the home for their children.
    Help children find out who they are first and experience their self value first.

    Let it be an honorable and valued role for women to bring up the children.

    The use of media to transmit a message.

    Having experiences that are large group ecstatic experiences.

    Sex and gender training for leaders.

    Train parents to do their own work around sex so they can best support their children.

    Return to our nature of healthy touch and connection.

    Erotic intelligence transcends emotional intelligence.

    Healing the collective sexual trauma that we have inherited in order to raise healthy children.

    Classifications of touch in Tantra and understanding boundaries.
    In a classical Tantric environment there is no sexual touch.

    The importance of extended breast feeding.

    The whole process of Yoga is re-parenting ourselves from the ground up.

    In a relationship having a mutually agreed upon spiritual goal.

    The center has to be the sacred feminine.

    Through all the pain and trauma love is the cure.

    Noble restraint and learning to artfully circulate sexual energy.
    Learning how to turn up and down the sexual energy and polarity within.

    Stop sexualizing young girls and boys as a society.

    Not allow cigarette or alcohol commercials.

    Claiming and owning our darker animalistic energies and tendencies.
    Practices that help us have a conscious and better relationship with these energies.

    Practices to help us feel what its like to live within our lovers and another.

    Training youth to understand that the masculine nature is to race towards emptiness. The release into true nature.

    Training subtle yogic practices.

    It is time for the honoring of the feminine.

    Lets add women in power to our topics.

    Training of polarity energetics.
    You’re either repelling, neutralizing, or attracting.

    Next topic will be Economic Flow of Money and Exchange

    Most of us do not know how to sit in the distress of arousal.  We don’t understand the discomfort and so we seek to physically release it.  I believe that if we learned how to transmute that to a pleasurable experience to be able to sit in turn on and transmute the turn on - we’d have another form of sexual evolution.  Not to make the full physical expression wrong - just bringing consciousness and choice and freedom to be in prolonged states of high arousal.

    Eros is everything when you have the freedom to express all things.