1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    October 15, 2021

    Children and Education

    Opening meditation lead by Satyen.

    Phil Moore gives opening talk and shares videos.
    Upland Hills School.
    With infinite games you don’t play by the rules, you play with the rules.
    There are no winners and no losers.
    We need to experience ourselves as one with the one another and the Earth.
    Its not the wizard of oz that we need. Its the wizard of us that we need.
    Raising children is all about creating a context and being nestled in this context.

    All children are born genius.

    Adults can embody the perspective that when we are in the presence of a child we are in the presence of an enlightened being.

    We are nature beaming.
    Children are not in nature. They are nature.

    Music as an essential aspect of education curriculum.
    The powers of music and the metaphors of music.

    Children need to be loved, understood, and listened to always.

    Share from Thomas Daffern
    The word "school" is from ancient greek. from schole, which meant "leisure time"

    Creativity and imagination is much more vital to great education and success.

    Action steps.
    We need quiet mediation time in education so they can develop their creativity and compassion.

    Art groups doing role play and playfulness.
    Get groups in the schools that can feed the positive vibe.

    Pairing young kids up with young adults that can offer them mentorship and a positive relationship.

    Stop focusing on what other people are not doing and start focusing on the positive that I am doing.

    Going forward to the past.
    Nomad University. The college of your choice.
    The students grade the teachers. If the students are not enlivening and engaging for the students then they no longer teach.
    Kidding University. Kidding U.
    A school for kids.

    We’ve been asking kids the wrong question.
    That is, what do you want to be when you grow up?
    The proper question is,
    What did you come here to do?
    This is a live long question and the answer will evolve and change over time.
    Tell children that you are unique and you have a gift.
    Teachers are here to help children and young people discover their true gift.

    Artie Vipperla
    Dialogues that are empowering.
    Teaching trauma therapy through powerful and simple breath work.
    Welcoming breathing to breath you.
    Breathing practices and inquiries that parents and kids can do together.

    Practical actionable offering would to create mini structures through centering practices.
    A way for teachers to come together and center themselves through simple and centering practices. When a teacher is centered and embodying consciousness that will affect all the students in a great way.

    Friend farms to have and evolve a sangha.

    What is the spiritual quality of the life of the children in the school?

    Training for becoming emotionally competent in schools.
    Being able to clearly follow your intuition through developing emotional intelligence.
    We have to train teachers first in emotional competence.

    When we’re not in pain ourselves we are able to care and share more deeply.

    Creating s system where kids are first able to develop self awareness and emotional intelligence.

    Support kids in being global citizens, understand others, and to listen to themselves and give them room to be and see who they are.

    To honor the being that shows up in front of you.
    Help them grow their strengths.
    Help kids trust their inside knowing.
    Heart centered connection and relationship with children.

    Use music and story telling to help struggling youth to come together.
    University young adults mentoring and supporting struggling youth like gang members and second chance youth that dont have supportive parents in their lives.

    Support teens in asking themselves questions instead of only giving them answers.
    Invite them into self inquiry.
    Facilitating inquiry in our children.

    Allow children to have the role of being our teachers and getting out of their way emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

    Have a story telling tradition that helps pass on wisdom and connection.
    Jean Houston teaching self knowledge and self awareness.
    Teachers need to be trained how to be not afraid of learning from others and then reteaching the principles in practical ways.

    The wisdom that North American Indigenous people bring to the world.
    Children, Teenagers, Adults, Elders
    Elders teach and raise the children.
    Adults mentor, guide, support the teenagers.

    You must never become arrogant or brittle.
    No matter much we learn, we must maintain the beginners mind.
    Embody the inner child, remain humble, and remember we are all children of the great spirit.
    Education should help us understand how to grow but also embody beginners mind.

    We must not be naive. We are up against the military industrial complex who have taken over our education.

    Peace education curriculum in schools.
    Concepts of mediation.
    Teams of peer mediators.
    Mediation training in every school.
    Learn how to learn instead of hate.
    Spiritual education.
    Periodic Table of religious and spiritual traditions.

    Allow kids to be who they are and trust their wisdom.

    Teaching kids how to handle conflict.
    Teaching peace.

    Michel Moore Rumble Stephen Donziger

    Starla Lewis
    Education is so much easier than we make it.
    Children want to learn.
    We dumb down our children because we think their too young to learn certain things.
    Nobody is too young to learn truth.
    We need to teach with love rather than competition.
    Learning can be seen. its visible.
    Teachers should be clear that they are student and students clear they are teachers.

    Education should be and is fun.
    Peace and justice is love.
    Teach the children that they already are math, science, history, nature.
    Teach them they already are and when they learn they remember.

    Learning is easy and fun when we have the right methods, teachers, and system.

    Learning that all of the universe is out and also within me.
    Everything and every person is fundamentally connected to who you are.

    We call certain kids at risk students. But straight A students are drug addicts and sex addicts and depressed too. But we don’t talk about them because they are A students.
    All the children are at risk in a society that teaches illusions.

    We are learning knowledge and education to elevate one another.

    Teach people how to love themselves.
    People who love themselves don’t hurt other people.
    Oneness and celebration of self.
    I Am My Own Self Validation

    Teach children how to still themselves.
    First thing to ask children in class is, what do you want to learn?

    Children are wise and loving because they are whole.

    The biggest challenge for teachers is to have the courage to teach outside the box.

    Whats good for the group is good for me.
    The greatest need for all is to love and be loved without fear.
    Support the ability to feel.

    Mr Rogers helped kids get in touch with their feelings.

    Speak to young people and children as divine individuals with choice.
    Direct communication.
    Help them find their dharma.
    What is yours to do?
    What is yours not to do?
    Education system has games that help each other work together.
    All for one, One for all culture.
    Rites of passage for young people.
    Teaching financial intelligence.
    Support young people in exercising free will and choice.
    Martial Arts.

    See all children as our children.

    If you can responsibly enjoy your bliss and pleasures in life without harming others, this is all you need to learn in life.
    Children imitate what they see.
    Give them space, and be the example for your children.