1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    August 20, 2021

    Facing Covid with Wisdom

    Opening prayer embracing this world and all beings.
    Dr. Juan Baez has joined us for this gathering.

    Vaccinated people are having less severe systems.
    To prevent worse systems of covid do things that lower inflammation.
    Anything you can do to keep your body in as an un-inflamed state as you can.
    Give people a message from people they can trust.
    We need to create a space where we can all speak with respect and listen to one another, especially when we have different perspectives.
    Vaccines mainly reduce the severity of symptoms once someone gets infected with Covid.

    Why is there is such a diversity of perspectives and numbers in the studies.
    Because there are so many variables in the studies and in individuals.

    The intention to heal makes a big difference.

    80% of people do well with Covid without the need for any treatment.
    The other 20% is the challenge.

    Can breath work help individuals with Covid?
    Yes, it will help as a preventive generally healthy thing to do.
    More breath capacity could help people handle covid better.

    Courage and patience to have the conversations around different perspectives.
    Conversations that are not aggressive.


    Be of maximum serve to the power that lives inside of me and maximum service to everyone.

    What is precious now?
    What is important to us now?

    Covid as a transformative experience for everyone.

    Transforming our relationship to death.

    We need to find a way back into connection or else we’re sunk.
    Who do we trust?
    We trust people we know and follow.

    Strengthening connection and community and then looking at big global problems.

    The internet fueling our polarized situation.
    Overcoming fear through the practice of goodness.

    How do we take all the divisiveness is bring it into unity?

    Reform of our death industry and relationship to death.
    Addressing anger and fear.

    We are going to die, so how do I want to live?

    Hone media to create unity.

    Create worldwide education on how to create healthy immune systems.

    There is the epidemic of covid and the epidemic of fear.

    Eat right to make your immune system better.
    Breathing exercises and training.
    Teaching people to connect and co-regulate.
    We need to be connecting in person.

    We have the answers and we have them in such diversity.

    Using this time to motivate people to transform into healthy and empowering lifestyles.

    Prioritize holistic self care.
    Creating opportunities for community connection.
    Train ourselves to more readily get curious about another persons point of view.
    To be able to empathize.
    Instructions to marketers.
    Creating spaces like calm rooms.

    Connect rather than correct.

    Healthy diet and exercise.
    Work on calming people and then helping with food and exercise.

    Instruct doctors and medical professionals. Empower doctors to be proper doctors rather than pushers of big pharma.
    Instruct politicians to unify people.
    We dont call doctors wacky when they want to do alternative things.
    We need to tell our politicians to get wise and put whats best for all people first.
    Media should be doing their job and investigating the truth rather than taking a side and pushing an agenda.
    We have militarized media.
    Get everyone to calm down and find peace.
    investigate and share truth.
    Instructions to academics to help to unify.
    The truth of where did covid come from? How do we heal it?
    Addressing mental health. Instructions for everyone who works in mental health. Encourage them and look at way we can really serve and heal peoples mental health.

    Synergy is the key word.
    Your words as a leader are made.
    Made sure your words are synergistic.

    Facilitating reconciliation circles.
    Circles for listening.

    Turn the television off. Limit time on social media.
    Listen to inspirational speeches, music, be outside.
    What are the quality of the sound vibrations that we are taking in?
    Choosing consciously what we want to listen to.

    Energetic biophysics based device.
    Help people stimulate the antibodies to covid without contact.

    How do we become artists of possibilities.
    Awakening the inner child within us for ourselves and to have a better understanding of how to connect with children with love and play.

    Training mental, emotional, physical, spiritual

    Wisdom is to be open to possibilities and perspectives and not be stuck in one.

    Surround yourself with people who ask lots of questions. Run away from those who give answers.

    Social media is monitoring divisions. That can be changed.

    Who do we trust? How do we trust?
    Create communities where we are fostering people come together.
    Community leaders bringing people together so that people can connect.
    Fear is magnified when we don’t feel like we’re in control.
    What can we control?

    What has deepened for you during this time?
    What is most important to you that you have discovered?
    What is no longer valuable or important to us?
    What are the questions that you are wanting to ask right now?
    What is life? What is death?
    Face and feel, what is death? Face death with openness as a powerful community practice.
    Whenever there is turmoil, depth of inquiry is always the answer.

    Take turns volunteering in hospice.
    Supporting the relief to those who are ill, dying, and supporting the doctors and nurses.

    We probably need far more death doulas — and recognition of the value of this holy work.

    Practice is the Goal ~ Zen
    We become what we practice most.~Aristotle.
    Community CoRegulation
    to calm the Collective Nervous System.
    Daily Dying as the Sufi's say to resurrect into more whole, healed compassionate beings.


    Phil Moore Book
    The Future of Children

    Phil Moore
    Practice Reserection, practicing re-birth
    Practice Chiros time
    Embodying the experience
    There is somethings that can’t be told but must be fully lived. Direct experience.
    Caring for and awakening the inner child.
    Awakening your inner child will help you to support the children on the planet more fully.

    Stephen Gibb
    Go within and sense whats true.
    Be more loving and present for my family.
    I kind of believe this thing we are living through is a test.
    Letting go of relationships and ideas that don’t serve me or humanity any more.
    Embodying the mindset of a student.
    Don’t let go of your joy. Hold on to everything you need.
    be more of a listener than a speaker.

    Andrew Rezmer
    Invite people to be more open.
    Is the response that we see in the world justified for the disease we are experiencing?
    Open. kind, compassionate.
    Ask questions instead of having answers.

    Courage and patience to have the conversations around different perspectives.
    Conversations that are not aggressive