1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    July 16, 2021

    Existential Risk and Averting World Level Disasters

    Jeff Patnaude offering spiritual mentorship, leadership, principles in corporations and the marketplace.

    Melanie serving CEO’S to reconcile with who they truly are.
    Shifting self understanding to change the world.

    Forrest Landry
    What is the short term risk to civilization?
    Civilization collapse?

    Long term- How does human live in peace with itself and harmony with the environment?

    Connection to civilization design.
    Thinking ahead hundreds and thousands of years.

    What are the things that create existential risk outcomes?

    Thinking about risk and doing it from a collective point of view.

    Understanding the dynamics that create problems in the first place

    The detriment of win/lose games.
    Stop playing the finite game and start playing the infinity game.
    The infinite game is a win/win/win game.
    A set of values that we collectively agree upon.
    Tuning into a frequency thats beyond us and our ego.
    World Game encourages us to take initiative.
    Created a school for children and an ecological awareness center.
    In playing an infinite game you have to be 100 percent in.
    Everything depends on integrity.

    The importance of risk and telling the truth.
    Greater good versus profit.

    resources, and notes on the topic
    Some key

    Nothing works if its not in balance.
    If any side is out of balance we get a cancer.
    Who does what well and placing it accurately.
    Being open minded to what we are learning from being out of balance.

    Influencing the influencers or grass roots?
    Our relationship with death.
    How do we gain the listening from people about existential threat?

    So many people are lost in survival.
    Serving and shifting the top level leaders.
    Use regular practices to expand your consciousness.
    We are in a leadership crisis beyond anything we’ve ever known.
    It is the top 1% that create the biggest lasting change.
    Healing the past and the inner child.
    Drop the armor off the heart so leaders can feel and focus on serving and supporting others.
    Inner connection radiating out into the world from leadership.
    Fishing industry destroying the ocean.
    Create conscious leadership.

    How to harmonize all of you with all.
    Not breath work but breathe.

    We’re looking at the death of everything here.
    Hold ourselves strong as the keepers of wisdom.
    Devotion to a practice.
    The power is inside of me.

    De-fog the reality of the situation.
    How do we approach existential threat in leadership circles in an effective way?

    The problem is ignorance and the solution is wisdom.
    Wisdom in the seat of power.

    We live on an emotional incompetent planet.
    Emotional education and intelligence in the educational system.
    Tom Stone- mission is bringing emotional competence to the planet.

    Omnicide- the death of everything.
    Give the task to the leaders of the planet to identify all the existential risk.
    Ignorance- ignoring things.
    Citizens activism for peace and wisdom.
    Hipocratic oath for proper skilled graduate to do no harm and embody wisdom.
    Enough is enough. Lets do wisdom work in our schools and corporations.
    As wisdom keepers we should both serve and connect leaders and grass roots.
    Existing leadership model is a pyramidic model. Challenge the model.
    We are empowering everyone on earth to take co-responsibility.
    Encourage people to understand that they have as much power and potential as any king and leader.
    Etymology of the word Leadership.
    We have to find a future that we can co-inhabit together.
    Start with the end vision and work our way back.

    How do we shift the evolutionary processes we’ve been living in like war and genocide?
    Breaking the victim villain cycles. What are the big cycles in the evolutionary process.

    Take an honest look at the mythological constructs and biological pre-dispositions.
    We are moving into a time where there is a more appropriate and updates mythological construct.
    With an honest and objective look we an re-educate ourselves to how we got here.
    Supporting children with a new way of education. Done in a way that honest and not with emotional reactivity.
    Be more dispassionate i regards to the old paradigm of emotional reactivity.

    The more powerful our technology gets the more personal power is manifested and we can personal spread more harm and good.

    A leaders capacity to bring us together to experience us.
    Learning and solving problems is state dependent.
    Self regulation and be in a place of coherence.
    In coherence we have a greater capacity to open to greater possibilities.
    Take time for coherence and attainment with the breath before having an important conversion about existential risk and unity.
    How do we create the collective us so that we create the solutions we need?

    How do we heal ourselves and teach at an educational level from the beginning so that there is no longer a need for violence, addiction, and aggression?
    The end in mind is peace and love.
    When two people are regulated there is no more fighting.
    Meditate instead of medicate.
    First win then fight.
    Heal the nervous system first.

    People are changing.
    Corporations are taking more responsibility.
    After covid people are becoming more conscious.
    The change is happening.

    Focusing on the good that is happening brings more energy, coherence, and positivity.

    There are a thousand years to kiss the earth and there are a thousands years of joy.
    Taking an initiative to create a school where we are loving children into being.
    The infinite game is playing with the rules.
    Children living their lives with an ethical toolbox of loving and giving to others in order to create joy and a good life.

    Knowing the true Meaning of choice is both possible and necessary. Not just value, or purpose.

    We are building in ourselves the ability to hold more wisdom.
    We are building our capacity to give good advice and insight.
    Creating a legacy of prosperity in the world.
    Make choices from all points of view to make choices that are good for all generations.
    "To have the power of the Gods means that we need to have the ethics of divinity.”

    Emphasize that we are moving forward and getting better.
    A start is that right now it is in vogue for companies to say they are good companies.
    Hold the candle and hold the light.

    De-thrown companies as being entities under law.
    In your companies enshrine Gaia as one of your shareholders.
    An elder leader that is put into wisdom positions and directors of companies given veto power.
    Become even more bold in offering direction to leadership.
    Look at risk not only to the players of companies but the risk to the omniconsideration, the collective, the earth.

    watch "The Corporation " about that issue

    resources on https://mflb.com

    "existential joyism" "existential peace" "existential co-responsibility”
    existential joyism!! -- yes, yes!!
    We need to imagine that 1000 years of joy.
    1000 years of joy would be great for us right now.
    Maybe our vision will be corrected after 2020.

    - where developing a new dangerous tech,
    which would be problematic 'in the wrong hands';.
    - ?; is there ever a sense that eventually, somehow, some-when,
    in the deep future, that that tech will *not* for sure eventually
    be in the wrong hands?.
    - where knowing this;
    knowing that it is a 'make guns for the natives';
    ie provide a capability that they would not have had
    if not for your contribution;
    ?; who is more responsible, the person who both invented and made the gun and the bullets,
    (thousands of hard to make choices by many many people)
    or the person who pulled the trigger
    (one easy to make choice by only one person)?.

    System of the people, ecosystem, etc, by the people/ecosystem/etc, for the people/ecosystem…
    finite game --> infinite game --> continuous design.
    ie; integrated discernment and design.

    The total leadership of the world will make choices on the basis of their notion of the total world economic value -- something like 350 trillion USD. Yet the actual value of the unicity of the Life of Earth, in the context of the entire universe, is on the order of 1 quadrillion quadrillion dollars -- an entirely different order of value. To place this level of requirement on the shoulders of any subgroup is unreasonable.

    Forrest Laundry
    where for critical issues, such as x-risk;
    that I would trust, as yet undiscovered, group wisdom process over trust of any new or old variation of the great man theory.

    Melanie expressed what Nietzsche said of Balance
    ~At times our strengths propel us so far forward, we cannot endure our weakness and perish from it.

    some parliaments have an "Ombudsman for the Future" - Israel, Sweden etc. - Canada and USA should get with that idea
    "Planetary management by Objectives: The Manual”

    I had a screenplay Idea a few years ago about a simulated reality where they were trying to figure out how to prevent Existential Risk… this is making me want to revisit that as a well to get people to really think about it. Create media that sends a message.

    Has anyone seen
    the movie Mindwalk?
    A Politician, Poet & Physicist talk about this exact Issue.

    The topic for our next session will be, how can we take advantage of these times as we come out of Covid?
    There is always an economic boom that comes after a pandemic and a crisis.