1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    June 18, 2021

    Spirituality and Consciousness

    Applying Yoga and the embodiment of consciousness.
    Regular audibles that bring you back to presence and breath.
    Teaching Hermetic Laws

    Cultural daily pause in communion/prayer/meditation.
    Serving each other with more awareness and consciousness.

    The concept of thought and how we speak and think things into existence.
    Thoughts to words to actions to character to destiny.
    Be vulnerable and open.
    We are divine and the universe is all within us.

    Sharing more Yoga.
    Dance of the polarities Shiva and Shakti
    Power and Consciousness

    Leadership is the expression of our divine gift.
    Life is not as bad as the media may make it seem.
    Quiet evangelism

    How do we teach consciousness to those who don’t know that they need it.
    Spirituality and consciousness and finance and business.
    Whats the language that we can use to connect with people?
    As leaders and facilitators we speak the language of people we are serving.
    The languaging is not that important. Its the teaching.
    Meeting everyone where they’re at.

    Lovingly preparing food together.
    Fill the belly. It allows you to open the heart.

    A museum that showed the dead ends of human history.
    Teach people that the answers are within.
    We cannot force readiness but we can build upon readiness.
    Encourage vulnerability.

    Bless the world. Send blessing to the world.

    The generations now facing economic and environmental destruction.

    Clear communication.
    Love is that which enables choice.
    We need to think about choice at the level of culture.
    Choose from love how we live and care with beauty.

    Arriving by design / desire - boundless Love - or arriving through necessity, still devoid of spirituality & consciousness!

    Find ways to quiet the mind and be free from attachment.
    Opening our heart and power center.

    Its about body, relationship, action, experience.
    Be fully embodied and in relationship.
    Practice and discipline.
    The Profound ordinary and healthy relationships.

    Our level of consciousness absolutely determines our experience of life.
    All of our challenges are creating in relationship to people and they need to be healed in relationship with other people.
    The embodiment of conscious leadership.
    Egoless service and leadership
    Stepping stones for those coming up.
    Leadership training.

    Bringing Heaven
    down to Earth
    Making the

    Diane Hill
    Meeting people where they’re at.
    Spiritual consciousness is the goal.
    Structured processes working with all aspects of their being and experience.
    Achieving inner peace is the highest principle of spiritual consciousness.
    Holistic framework and map for peoples process.
    The Peacemaker

    Empathy and the ability to feel.
    You’re a real master when you can meet someone where they are.

    The eyes only see what
    the mind is prepared
    to comprehend. ~ Henry Bergson

    Bringing exposure at a young age to great practices, art forms, activities.

    Distributing poster of Periodic table of all religions.
    Islam means to surrender the ego.
    Peace between the US and Iran

    God, good, together, gathering all come from the same etymology.

    Teaching use of intent.
    Simple principles.
    Focus on what you want. Not what you don’t want.
    Where are the leaders where wisdom is already happening and its working?
    Where the more wise leadership is already producing the results.
    Meditating on the leaders that aren’t as receptive and seeing them in love and light.

    Gretta Thumberg
    Business people who are making good money help to foster and empower young people.
    Can we bring more conscious to the churches that many leaders go to?
    Can we bring workshops and teachings to these churches?
    Worldwide meditations.
    Sending out spiritual intentions and prayers to the world.

    Play is essential in learning.
    Play as answer to consciousness.
    Staring our lives with lantern consciousness.
    Work with children who are already in love with the natural world.
    Conscious education for children from an early age.

    Bill Softsky
    Four embodiment components
    Spirituality and consciousness are in the nervous system and natural
    Dealing with discomfort as something to learn from.
    Understanding co-vibration.
    Vibrating together is the way to entrain consciousness.
    Being in the moment with no particular agenda.
    The more we can serve peoples nervous and less away from words the more we can have the shift we want.

    Play and different ways that can regulate nervous systems.
    The more silent we are the more we can hear.
    Create a package or program that helps people with daily practice.
    Create daily practices.

    Practices that help people to come home in their bodies.
    What is consciousness? It is a awareness.
    The more I am self aware the more things in life open up.

    Spirit is bringing us together now to create something for future generations.
    Spirituality is the driving force within us that brings us together.
    Wisdom Keeper Certificate.

    Self Inquiry
    Kensho and Enlightnement Intensives
    Have this be a part of curriculums for young people.

    Lantern consciousness , Alison Gopnik, The Philosophical Baby