1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    May 21, 2021

    Cultural Diversity and Unity

    Welcome to Tahverlee Anglen, Jim Seymour, and Stephen Gibb

    The planet is addicted to violence.
    How do we ween humanity off of violence?
    Ethnicity and race are the common excuses for violence.
    We should invite people from different cultures, races, religions, etc to join our group.

    If we don’t give clear instructions to those who will listen, who will?
    Come up with clear instructions for the Warriors, Activists, Young People in the world.

    Bring back a sense of unity to all cultures and communities.
    Look for the open mind. The keen and eager curiosity to be mentored and supported.
    Provide mentoring and guidance to young people.
    Connect to spirit and the inner being through processes.
    Teaching with the medicine wheel.

    We need the curriculum in schools to reach the soul.
    You can’t give up an inferior habit until you have a superior one.
    Having a common purpose.

    Direct experience and the natural world as a primary teacher.
    Phil sharing the wisdom of Buckminster Fuller.
    Inner work is required, We need to look at our shadow.
    Clean up, wake up, grow up, show up
    Show up in service every day for years and for decades.
    Compassion and kindness. Especially when your in a diverse environment.

    Awareness, Struggle, Build new beliefs, Maintenance Preservation and start the cycle all over again.

    Diverse groups of people engaging in practices, projects, and experiences together.
    Experiences and practices that take us beyond the mind and allow us to connect on a deeper level. Experiences that give us the universal language and connection.

    What ever the leaders do the people will emulate.
    From the ground up yes, and influence the leaders.

    You have to deal with the emotions related to the discussion at hand.
    Connect with the head and the heart.
    There is much to be learned. There is much to be unlearned. To do both requires a mind that is opened and listening.
    What are we expressing from our ancestors and cultural background.
    Human is defined as white, and then there are people of color.
    Racism is institutionalized. Our society is racist. Its important to acknowledge this.
    Ask the question, how am I part of the problem? So that I can be part of the solution.

    Support people in the ability to embody their feelings and emotions and being in touch with themselves so they will natural be more in touch with their community and the natural world.

    Celebrate our diversity.
    Oneness is diverse.
    In nature when we lose diversity in the ecosystem the ecosystem dies.
    ism’s get into our bodies. Unravel these ism’s from our bodies.
    Shame prevents us from honesty and sharing and moving forward.
    Create safe spaces for people to share their truth.
    Give directions of how to create safe space for people to share connect and open their hearts.
    Experience self discovery and know who we are first and then we can open and support others.

    Create a safe space where we can learn from one another.
    The importance of having safe containers. Shared projects.
    What defines a safe container?

    There are malevolent forces and institutions that are trying to continuously inflame racism and polarity. We need to be very careful with this.
    Remember that humans are wired to be biased toward their own “tribe.”
    Distinguish bias and racism.
    Have diverse groups of people come together for activities and projects to solve problems outdoors, away from their normal environment.

    Get a group together to teach more accurate history to the new generations.

    Nervous system regulation through practices like yoga will create more harmonious conversations.

    Meditation in educational curriculum.

    World Meditation Day

    Gaining more understanding for other cultures through seeing the current world events.
    Bring more diversity to the Wisdom Keepers.
    Heal the separateness within and take responsibility for the real change.
    Welcome the difficult and the challenge to grow and become stronger and more conscious.

    Lack of the higher level leadership is the main problem we face in the world.

    Proposals for containers based on physics.
    Sharing first.
    Objections are left to the end.

    Create a game of connection with no words where nervous systems synthesize and people move around and its so much fun.

    Periodic table of all the worlds religious traditions.
    This chart should be on the wall of all schools.

    We are a rainbow people on this planet.
    Bring together all the leaders from all the religions.

    Principles, practices, and rules.
    Bring people together is actual physical life.

    Forrest Laundry suggestion
    Say there’s three countries.
    One person from country A and country B go to country C.
    Country C helps to mediate and create connection between country A and B and make a contribution to country C.
    No cell phones. No social media in order create a safe container.
    A project that is about connection and restoring rather than competition and value.

    Toronto had a program called caravan.
    It would take you for free to pavilions of different cultures.
    Different cultural exposure and experiences.
    Have a caravan in every city and town.

    Cultural appreciation study in schools.
    DNA testing from a young age.
    Starting from young ages the human migration from Africa.
    There is only one race. The human race with diverse cultures.

    Foundational training
    The practice of feeling for other peoples positive content.

    Teaching dyads from a young age.

    Unified through sharing opposite view points.

    We are the common ground.

    Initiate Kensho on mass.