1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    April 16, 2021

    World Peace

    If we don’t have peace on the planet nothing else we are trying to do will happen.
    Next Session is Racial and Cultural Harmony

    The danger and duality around our perspective of world peace.

    Harmonious Co-Existence as opposed to world peace.
    In this we are mirroring the natural environment more accurately.

    Evolving beyond the reality where violence is a coping mechanism.
    Teaching communication skills starting in kindergarten.
    The Z generation thinking they are the end generation.
    Teenagers feeling suicidal. Teenagers feeling isolated from family and elders.
    We need to reach the young people.
    Elders reaching out to young people.
    Help support the wisdom of teenagers.

    Create a language that doesn’t enherantly have duality around peace.
    Humanity is going through the birth canal.
    There are more people on the planet over 65 than ever before and yet there are less elders.
    Connecting with all generations.

    What is the source of the programming that influences how we are being?
    Focus on contact with one another.
    What is the common objective that we can achieve?

    When we want to change something we want more than do, do, do.
    We are human beings, not human doings.
    We are in a time that we have to be and do.
    Cultivate listening skills.
    Be with one another and listen.
    What we need is Peace Listening.

    Strength and listening.
    Active listening.

    Having someone who provides a space where you feel safe to express.
    The best fight is to not fight at all.
    Our enemy is our opponent who is teaching us.
    Teach compassion, communication, and listening early on in schools.
    See first to understand instead of being understood.

    When people don’t have the truth then their behavior is based on the narrative we are given. Then when people learn the truth there often anger.
    Giving people the tools to not take everything so personal so we are stronger and do not feel victimized.
    To surrender to what is and transcend it.
    Waring with the weapon of love.
    Remember that love is a powerful and transformative force.
    Healing is revealing ourselves in more of our own truth.

    Shared by Chief Phil Lane
    The world of humanity is one race ,the Human Family, the surface of our Mother Earth one place of residence, and these imaginary racial barriers and political boundaries are without right or foundation. Our Humanity is degraded in becoming captive to these illusions and suppositions.
    Mother Earth is one earth, and the same atmosphere surrounds it. No difference or preference has been made by our Creator for our Human Family; but we men have laid the foundation of prejudice, hatred, and discord with their fellowmen by considering nationalities separate in importance and races different in rights and privileges.

    When internalized trauma is released there needs to be a process to transfer the energy release into spiritual values and guiding principles. Emoting is not enough.

    The foundation of world peace is the understanding of the prior unity of us all.

    What is our purpose here and why are we here?

    "There is no death. There is just a change of worlds.”
    -Chief Seattle

    Everyone on Mother Earth is a spiritual representative of humanity.

    Our purpose here is to grow our spiritual arms, legs, and ears.

    Etymology of Peace
    To get peace on Earth we have to get the Goddess back.
    The patriarchal text religions have lost the Goddess.

    The semetic religions are based on listening.
    Re-humanizing by sitting around the fire and sharing time with one another.
    Share understanding and connection.

    Listening and understanding is what completes the communication cycle.
    Keep asking what is the deepest positive intent.
    At the ultimate level the positive intent is the same.
    The work of peace is to keep the deeper inquiry going to connecting around our deepest positive intent.

    Wide spread training for emotional intelligence and competency.
    Inspiring and training people become peaceful and great people.

    Individual peace practices and relational practices.

    Is there a healthy out let for violence?
    Is it because we are missing rights of passage?
    Is there something we can do using technology or martial arts to give an outlet for violence.
    How do we resource the warrior and take the war out of the warrior when they return from war?
    How do we take war out of our systems?

    James Hillman
    Our Terrible Love of War
    Aesthetic Intensity

    Martial Arts Training
    Emotional and energetic release
    Personal confidence and not needing to prove themselves.
    Training make you a more humble, peaceful, and wise person.

    World Peace exists as an abstract, ambiguous, and high level meme.
    It is exists in the quantum field as a possibility. We all know it.
    No matter how enlightened we are we have to use the existing collective belief.
    One can only lead in world peace if one believes in world peace.
    One can only believe in world peace if one is not focused in their own trauma.
    Measurement of heart/mind coherence.
    We only trust someone who has a certain degree of heart/mind coherence.
    Leadership is tested.

    Leaders need to be going through ongoing experiences and regular practices.
    Focus on creating a public conscious platform.
    Create a collective mission statement for the platform.
    Create a quilt of conscious evolution.

    So many young people are living in a time of despair with the polarities going on in the world.
    The power of the word in healing and positive light online.
    Content about unity and beauty shared with young people and people in war torn areas.

    Feeling heard and non-violent communication.
    Forgiveness of things that have been done in the past.
    Heal the past and forgive and be present.
    Take the higher road.

    Teach how to classify fact, theory, and fantasy from an early age.

    making the shift through the way that we live.

    Ask ourselves what does peace mean?
    We assume that we have a shared definition of peace. But maybe we dont.

    Building diversity into technology.

    From Sam Morris
    Stay tuned for a new blockchain technology called Film.io. I am on the advisory board. It’s intent is to democratize entertainment and media to any independent creator around the world.

    Diane Hill
    Envision a peace leader and a great law of peace.
    Reminding people of the articles of peace.
    It will take generations to be able to accomplish the great peace.
    Healing trauma and then maturity and wisdom.
    Learning from one another.
    Always being a student.
    Be on a platform that we can all plug in to one another.
    How to untwist the minds.