1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    March 19, 2021

    The direction of Consciousness

    Its the teachers job to build the bridge.


    How would we really land our ideas for people in their 20’s and 30’s?
    how do we give people an opportunity fora reset?
    Regular practice or retreats for reseting and how important it is to accept practice as part of our mental health care.
    We need regular practice as a part of our life.
    Recognizing reactivity.

    Quickly organizing a response to a civic emergency.
    3 priorities how we approach the problem of not-okay-ness.
    Sincere and self honest.
    Approach has practicality that can be measured.
    Serve the common good.

    Consciousness isn’t suppression or the way out of anything.
    It is the opposite. It is the opening.
    Learning how to be still and how to be in motion and take care of themselves.
    Paying attention to habits and shifting habits
    Learn how to have the authority and humility to meet the difficult parts of ourselves.

    Having people have the experience of who and what they are and how do we integrate and ground in service.
    Taking responsibility for actions and projections.
    Being in the what is as opposed to chasing.
    The illusion of salvation.
    Be in the practice of now.
    Work with our nervous systems.
    The continuous process of learning.
    Psychedelics and meditation as tools.
    Ground into being and then serve humanity from that place.

    Grounding and peace of mind is peace of nervous system.
    Retraining the nervous system.
    Putting 10lbs of weight on your head.
    Grounding practices with weight on the head and body.

    Anything that is happening is happening to make you better and stronger.
    Practices and behaviors that are good for the all.

    The oppression of contextualization.
    Consciousness is abstract.
    Consciousness exists without context.
    Practices that dissolve the need or desire to create context.
    Keep encouraging the non-contextualization as well as the contextualization.

    Consciousness studies
    Souls remembering and re-transcendence
    Re-education into conscience

    The polarities are going to go to the extreme.
    We have to be able to have conversations where we don’t hate each other.
    A healthy debate. We don’t have to the same.
    There is athirst for spiritual knowledge now.
    Young people are angry.

    The societal chronic addiction to looking outside of ourselves for what we want.
    We’ve got to go in and love ourselves and have a quiet mind.
    We each need to choose an area of focus.
    We’ve got to focus on that inner exploration.
    The process of self awareness.
    When leaders learn to love themselves and become more self aware this shift washes through their organizations.
    Collection that are focused on consciousness on kids, on leaders, on health, etc.
    When everyone opens up and expands their consciousness they naturally want to start helping and serving others.
    Continue in small break out groups to hone how we are working with people.
    Find the inner quiet so we can begin to enjoy the inner life.
    We must take off and stay with it.

    We have to create the atmosphere to be able to here younger people.
    There will be a lot of anger to work through.
    The first thing we might say is that we dont know what to do but we want to have a conversation about it.
    Conscience and empathy.
    Feel the life of this planet and to be in the presence of children.
    We are coming together to learn how to be an elder.
    Wisdom is in asking the questions.
    Realize the genius of the soul prints of each person who is alive on the planet.
    What does meant o be an elder who embrace death and life?
    This is a world of death denial.
    It is a great blessing for us to be together.

    The job description of an elder has to do with catastrophe.
    To go in underneath and below everything that is going on long enough to birth something into consciousness.

    The way out is the way up.
    We can tap in to the wisdom of our lifetimes.
    As leaders we stay balanced and help others to be balanced.
    Offer our wisdom without always having to charge or put it in a box.

    Disagree without being disagreeable.
    Being conscious of ourselves.
    Develop the capacity to be empathetic and create a better outcome in each situation in the moment.
    Healing and integration for PTSD and Trauma.
    Creating a training.
    Muscles are the mediums for our mind.
    How to co-regulate another person.
    Learn how to fight and then learn how to not fight.
    You don’t want to have a premature ejaculation and you don’t want to have a premature evacuation of consciousness.
    Recognition and training of the nervous system.
    Practices of Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Yoga, and early Christianity.

    How can young people speak with the elders.
    Most people are living their lives as the product of their conditioning.
    Conditioning cause us to not know what we dont know.
    Unresolved disruptive emotions block us from pure awareness.
    Charge blocks us from pure awareness.
    Provide and teach practices for this cultivation.

    Belief is behavior. Teach the children the truth.

    Our children and our youth want to talk to us.
    They dont want to be talked at.
    They want to be talked to.
    Share our stories of how we got through things in life.
    The youth want our stories and our truth.
    We are lying to our children through our institutions.
    As elders we can forget that the children are wise.
    If we listen to children they will help to evolve our wisdom.
    There is nothing new under the sun.
    Wisdom rooted in truth and pure understanding.
    Teach the youth something that they can use to live in the world.
    In the world but not of the world.
    You not this body, you live inside this body.
    The body is the vehicle who carries us around and you are going to leave your body.
    Embrace the beauty of living and aging.
    Multigenerational women empowerment experiences.
    Women have been given the narrative of what it means to be a woman by men.

    We have to talk to the youth and ask them what they need.

    Give people a safe space to go where people can go into self inquiry.
    Dive deeper and ask ourselves the question of, Who Am I?
    Practices of true self inquiry.
    Give people the space and sanctity to find their true inner wisdom.

    One of our greatest powers as elders is to restrain our answers and ask questions in a very powerful way.
    Let us support the truest deepest exploration of our nature supported with love and okay-ness with what arises within us.
    The transmission of consciousness is infectious.
    Express without limits.

    Be cool or be caste out.
    Conform or be caste out.
    A place for men to talk about their feelings.
    Men are more likely to act out when their not feeling good.
    The youth learning social skills instead of just social studies in schools.
    Generations of people who have come to wars.
    Kids are supposed to make mistakes. Its part of their learning.

    Teachers can’t teach what they don’t know.
    We have to reform and transform the schools.

    Tell people they are limitless, powerful, and love in the world.

    Religious and Spiritual studies should be available in schools.

    Every single city has a Religious Education Center.
    You are entitled to it by law.