1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering - Science of Technology

    February 19, 2021

    Science is the religion of our day.
    Data is the dogma.

    Gather scientific data on the affects of the processes and methods that we use for consciousness and healing.

    The activities we are doing and the consciousness we are doing them from.
    Are the tools we are using furthering our deeper aims?
    Are we using our technological tools beneficially?

    Connect to greater knowledge and understanding.
    Greater knowledge and understanding providing the wisdom to guide our science and technology.
    Bringing the practices of greater knowledge to more and more people.

    Technology super seeding wisdom.
    Technology must be sourced in wisdom.
    Wisdom is the seat of our societal choices.

    Our nervous systems expect direct contact.
    We want a low noise environment to connect with each other.

    Create continuity and first hand presence.
    Create a greater sense of analog first person relationship.
    Anything less than this is not something that we can trust.

    Integration of technology and the science of how our biological systems work.
    Use technology to heal each other and feel each other at a deeper level.
    Work with technology to bring us closer together.

    All students that were involved in technology they would also have courses in emotional intelligence and wisdom teachings.
    Meditation, healing, consciousness practices.
    An individual deep connection to self.
    People connected to their hearts and feelings.

    Cultivating and protecting innocence.
    Our own sacred child.

    Time in nature. Trusting nature.
    Technology is consciousness.
    The consciousness we bring to technology and whatever we are doing to another person.

    Innocence as protection.
    Beginners mind.
    The future of children is the future of the Earth.

    All of us are franchising from the same source.
    Hope and enthusiasm.
    Our instinct to survive is directly at odds with our ability to survive.

    Website for Thomas Daffern’s work

    -Every single graduate who learns a technology degree sign an oath to use their knowledge only for the good of humanity. Swear an oath of non-harm.
    The world scientific and technological elites support this.
    -Transformation of education for science and technology.
    Include thinking about ethics, emotional intelligence, spirituality, history, philosophy, literature, art, humanitarianism. This is all compulsory.
    Science is not separate from all of this.
    Put love on the curriculum.
    -Science is using too much for the purposes of warfare.
    Capitalism and Militarization.
    De-militarization of science.
    Cyber peace treaty.
    Give rebirth to science.
    What don’t we know.

    Craig Unger
    Francis Bacon
    The advancement of learning.

    Healing the past so we create technology and wield technology from a healthy higher consciousness place.

    Transform the culture and the collective that is beyond the creation of our technology.
    Forge new paths. It doesnt have to be the way it has always been done.

    Next session is Consciousness
    Spirituality and religion

    The science that is generated is a reflection of who we are within.

    Training young minds to look within for love, happiness, an fulfillment.

    Remember to do our work in the spirit of play.

    The most honest meaning of the word sensei is researcher.

    Bringing back sacred and indigenous mathematics.