1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    January 15, 2021

    Harmony and Happiness

    The normalization of disease and disharmony.
    Harmony and Happiness naturally exists within us.

    We believe in oneness and unity. How do we actually do it?

    The prophecy of the 4 gifts.
    Forgive the unforgivable

    Remove the barriers of our perception of perfection.
    Resolve trauma so that the effects or any PTSD are actually gone.

    Investing in methods that support the masses in healing, resolving, integrating internal obstacles.
    Methods for growth and consciousness.

    The resonance in common wisdom and knowing.
    Examine self improvement.
    Examine ego based consciousness that is creating a distortion of the mind.
    The self is already perfect.

    Function, Flow, and Glow.
    Logistics/organization/relationship, artistry, resting in being.

    Music bringing people together.
    Equilibrium with land and nature.
    Creative freedom and expression.

    Coherence is a medicine.

    Us making music together and expressing from the emptiness.

    Selflessness to see good happen for everybody.

    It's all love or a calling for love.

    Hermetic wisdom.

    A lot of attention to physical hygiene.
    We need more focus on our inner hygiene.

    Taking responsibility for our inner state.
    This is our source of freedom and happiness.
    Disseminate the how.
    Make effective methods for inner work available on mass.

    Consciousness has the intrinsic capacity to accept the unacceptable.
    And in fact consciousness is the only thing that can.

    kintsugi - the art of precious scars

    playing music on the steps of the capitol.

    Seva is highly connected to happiness.
    When people are in harmony and happiness they are often in service.
    Cultivate the spirit of service as a pillar of harmony and happiness.
    Harmony comes with collaboration.

    untruth of communication as the root of disharmony.
    Restoring Truth in our relationships and communications.

    Unconscious family loyalties.

    Carollyne lived as an example of harmony and happiness.
    Removing the content from her feeling.
    Sink and feel everything without resistance.

    The ability to be with everything.

    The medicine pouch we need to put together.
    Play and art.

    Remember with grace.
    Transpersonal history.
    Coupling therapeutics with history.
    Reclaiming and re-membering.

    Connection in community.

    Keep dreaming how healing is going to look and be.
    We are living in the dream so we have to dream it into place.

    The influence of vital people vitalizes.