1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    November 11, 2020

    Environmental Symbiosis

    The original intention of this group is to be a place for the warriors to come who seek others who are awakened in certain areas for direction and insight and wisdom.

    Our website is underway and we will have everyone’s info there (privately) so we can connect with each other.

    Thank you Phil Moore for this upgrade - over arching orders (instead of marching orders)

    Breakout rooms of 3 people per room for 25 minutes to distill the wisdom each one has around Environmental Symbiosis.
    We are already in symbiotic relationship, the land will teach us.
    Rather than a dominion over nature, we must be in stewardship - taking care of the planet.

    Return for discussion:
    Consciousness and needs being met
    Ancestral wisdom to be incorporated
    How can tech support us with less impact on the planet?
    Be more hands off as the earth takes care of itself
    High school grads move into a programme where they learn Self responsibility and accountability
    Leaders to be a demonstration
    Use everything and cycle everything to be used to the fullest
    What is the best use of tech?
    Cost to the environment of what we are doing
    The way to change the environment is to change ourselves
    Bio remediation
    Reduce apathy by gardening, being in nature, growing food
    When we see the land as a commodity rather than a relationship that is a problem
    When we heal our past and our relationship to our past, we transform our relationship with the earth and shift our level of consciousness. Everything is connected.
    The health of the planet and the whole must come first, before profit, growth
    Greed is taking more than we need
    Have more indigenous people in leadership roles
    The opposite of poverty is justice
    Let’s get together before we are desperate
    When we give, there is no feeling of lack
    We need to be connected to nature individually
    Take young people into nature to learn - fire making, tracking animals, communing
    Love is enough - this is experienced in nature
    We feed other people on all levels and serve people
    Build bridges between us
    Land restoration, bioremediation, mycoremediation, reversing desertification are all key words to study on this topic to aid in this shift in consciousness.
    Cultivate empathy for our future self
    Interesting to consider that fossil fuel comes from things that have died, so we are literally using death to fuel our lives.
    The being affects the doing… we must change our consciousness in the doing of the work
    We don’t know everything. Open our minds and hearts to the great mystery.
    It is not too late!!
    Prayer, awareness, environment of consciousness
    Inclusiveness of all so no-one feels left out
    Our inner terrain = our outer terrain It is all about relationship

    Insights regarding the state of politics in the US:
    Sam ~ imperative to not let down our guard even though it seems the threat is removed. This is naive thinking. We must maintain our vigilance and empower ourselves.
    Andrew ~ Many people believe Trump leads the fight against corruption, and many people believe the same of Biden. We must continue the work.
    Thomas ~ every culture has had slavery, only in America has slavery lead to white supremacy.
    The white supremacy myth is 400 years old. Watch Bryan Stevenson’s Ted Talk.
    Harry ~ One Nation in Love What instrument would love build? Energetically depolarize

    Great movies to watch:
    Kiss the Earth
    Big Little Farm
    “Reversing Desertification” by John D. Liu
    Paul Stamets film “Fantastic Fungi”
    Best Ted Talk ever: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2tOp7OxyQ8
    Life On Our Planet — David Attenborough

    Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome
    White Fragility
    Seedtime and Harvest — Neville
    Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome
    White Fragility

    Sam Morris
    Diane Hill
    Billy Sunday Mars
    Thomas Daffern
    Harry Pickens
    Evalina Rose
    John Kraemer
    Ron Stotts
    Anita Sanchez
    Phil Moore
    Andrew Marshall