1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    October 23, 2020

    Today our topic is governance ~ what is the ultimate new architecture for society? How would we create the ideal infrastructure?

    Breakout rooms of 3-4 people to offer their wisdom.

    Change what we normally see as governance to inclusion of all beings, including animals as we enter our next evolution. Rewilding is required now (wolves reintroduced to Yellowstone).
    Biomimicry - learning from nature, what happens in a forest. The implicate order - there is a field that unifies us - rewire consciously to recognize this.

    Individual sovereignty. Local sovereign communities. Keep local resources local.

    The ultra rich to pay it forward. Conscious Capitalism is a group already existing.

    Everything is repeating patterns of consciousness - we must individually clean up our own consciousness and inner emotional landscape…raise our own consciousness.

    Our current infrastructure is falling away.

    Conscious leadership. Today’s leadership is not interviewed or educated for their role.

    Look inside ourselves, meditate, raise our consciousness.

    Whole economic system needs to be changed. New standard is “How well are we?” rather than “How much money do we have?”

    Demilitarization of our world. Funds spent on war to go to society.

    Forward visioning. Sat Yuga recalibration.

    Omni-considerate model.

    Voting mandatory for all people age 13+ Decisions made by the citizens on issues brought forward by the Wisdom Keepers. Votes seen as graphs so we can see where we are aligned and not aligned. No campaigning for the leadership. The people take care of the leaders, who are true servants.

    Really deep and insightful book on biomimicry:

    Liquid Democracy

    Not everyone has the interest, willingness or capacity to lead. That is to be honoured.

    The Purge, Purification is happening on the planet.

    The more we pay in taxes and the bigger the government, the less personal responsibility we take.

    Every gas station should have a body stop - the car is filled with gas and you get refreshed with healthy food, massage, hot tub, herbal teas, etc to nourish our bodies and souls. Thank you Thomas!

    Andrew’s Notes


    Shifting away from the infrastructure of war.
    De-Nuclearization and de-militarization of our world and infrastructure.
    The worlds combined military elites should all come together and reduced their military spending by 95% and converting it to civilian use.
    Roads, education, farming, garden cities, healthcare, etc

    Anne Nuton
    The Shadow Network
    National Council of Policies

    Come together to agree upon universal human rights and human needs.
    The true separation of church, corporation, and state.
    Being in political office as an act of public service as opposed to a business.
    50% women and 50% men in governance.
    More women of color, people of color, indigenous people in governance.

    Shifting agriculture to growing organic
    Subsidies to encourage farmers to grow organic.
    Law against certain pesticides, herbicides, and gmo’s
    Programs to encourage people to grow their own food and develop a relationship to the land.
    Programs for nutrition education

    Accountability, self discipline, responsibility, healing
    Uplifting the human being from the neurobiological level

    The Political Mind
    The Political Brain
    Prerequisite for leaders is to learn how to meditate
    Rewinding and biomimicery in governance
    Wholeness in the implicate order
    The importance of inner work
    Freedom of choice
    Individual sovereignty
    Entrepeneurship as a process of self actualization

    Jaiya and Ian
    Learning forward model
    How do we get invested in learning?
    Go through an educational program to become a leader.
    We are only as healthy as the weakest among us.
    How well are we?
    Live and keep resources local.

    Liquid Democracy

    Sorinne mentioned
    The Conscious Capitalism Movement

    Puma Fredy
    We are evolving yes or yes.

    Harry Pickens
    How do we accelerate emotional competence.
    Changing government incentives that attract greed.

    Everyones choice and vote is powerful and valid.

    The way our politics operate is so bad for the people.
    All the effort on campaigning takes away from actually serving people.

    in order to hold political office a person should have to
    take a spiritual stress test to see if someone can actually hold the level of office and responsibility.