1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    October 02, 2020

    Opening ~ Tonglen...Breathe in any darkness and exhale love, light.

    Intension for today is to flush out the Direction of Education. The purpose of the breakouts is to discern the most potent wisdom you will share with the next generations coming up. Imagine the younger people coming to the elders to seek direction and clarity ~ what will you tell them to inspire their evolution?

    Phil Moore and Starla Lewis shared about their role in education over many years.

    Thomas - education means a leaning out - from the underworld to the light. The higher education is the rebirth of the soul, diving into the mysteries.

    30 minute breakout with 3 people in a room followed by a share.
    Education is a transmission.
    There must be ability in the student.
    Students are encouraged to be free thinkers.
    Must contribute back.
    Get the basic survival skills so we are all self reliant.
    Each is unique and an individual who comes with their own special gifts - soul path - individual creative uniqueness.
    Needs to move toward self-learning as well as be part of the whole.
    All based in consciousness - be free and able to learn.
    Free thinkers - no brain washing.
    Lean into adversity to learn from it and turn it into wisdom
    Mind heart body soul connection
    Prioritize imagination for younger students
    Prioritize receptivity to the earth’s intelligence
    Appreciate both light and dark, colonizers and colonized
    Synthesize from every system
    Embody learnings and wisdom
    Sovereignty - choice
    Loved into being - the divine spark in you is nurtured
    Natural world is the teacher
    Teach to the soul’s code
    Wholeness and the implicate order
    Sexuality - learning about our bodies, consent, touch
    Determining own truth
    Call forth that which wants to unfold
    Religious Mathematics
    Learning reincarnation - past life learning
    Politics - each school designs its own curriculum with input by students
    Soul education
    Enlightenment education / meditation
    Myths and stories combined with intellect - reactivate the stories
    Bring back the goddess and the muses
    Poetry, arts, theatre
    Religious studies should be world-wide
    Science and art are on thing
    Resourcefulness and resilience
    Learn from elders
    Growing food
    Focus on outcomes / intentions and the curriculum will reveal itself
    Each person elevated as a unique source who matters
    Universal human purpose - what are we within the macro?
    Presence - what we are all looking for
    When conscious teachers know what is needed at any time
    Needs to be an unlearning process

    Thank you Starla for your profound share on education!
    Why are you here? Ask students why they are in this classroom.
    Connect all subjects

    Wisdom - learn how to learn
    Have mentors
    Give teachings - be a mentor
    Be a self studier
    Sangha - have community around you

    Second Breakout 15 minutes
    Access - even if there is a new model, people must have access. This is related to economics.
    How do we make education available to the world.
    Listening is fundamentally to education
    Listen to our educators, each other, the earth, the feminine
    The more you learn, the better you are at everything you do