1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    September 11, 2020

    We are always honoured by everyone who comes to these Wisdom Keepers Gatherings, Thank you for taking the time and energy to contribute.

    We have worked on a concise description of this group:

    Wisdom Keepers Council


    The Wisdom Keepers Council is a diverse group of elders who draw on vast and varied life experiences and understandings, to collectively design a world where every individual is awakened to the seat of power within us.

    As embodied wise elders, we offer guidance on how to navigate difficult times – with all the attendant anxiety, separation and pain – as well as embodying a living transmission of what is possible for humanity

    We seek to usher in a reality of communities sharing life, stories, food, resources, nature, love and deep care for one another.

    We aim to share a vision of an interconnected, regenerative, harmonious, balanced, omni-win society in conscious relationship with Gaia, that nurtures all beings.

    Anyone who has attained depth of wisdom, grounded spirituality, a caring heart and is action- oriented is welcome to co-create as an equal member of the Council - from every culture, every tradition and identity. We grow stronger together.


    The purpose of the Wisdom Keepers Gatherings is to distil wisdom from many traditions and sources and channel it into 10 Directions.

    From there, we offer practical support, strategies, direction and on-the-ground courses of action to change-makers of the world, big and small, in these 10 Directions.

    The 10 Directions can be seen as the strands of one rope, interwoven. Each strand is simple enough to be comprehended by younger people, whom we also hope to engage and inspire into action. Together, these strands create an evolutionary coherence leading us toward a better future...

    The 10 Directions
    1. The Arts ~ expression as a tool to awaken consciousness, discover what’s within and as a way of life.

    2. Basic Human Needs ~ stewardship for each other – including food, shelter, medicine, care, love and the health of the Earth that sustains us.

    3. Consciousness ~ profound awareness of the inner life and the interconnected things as both an intentional process and a sustained engagement with the world.

    4. Economic Flow Exchange ~ healthy commerce, finance, a values-based economy, regeneration and sustainability and caring reciprocity as a driving force.

    5. Education ~ that awakens, that is experiential, interactive, story-based, engagement-based, that opens up each student’s inner capacities and cultivates all encounters with others and life itself as an opportunity to honor rather than extract.

    6. Environmental Symbiosis ~ Gaia centric-technologies and practices to sustain and regenerate soil, resources, natural habitats and animal populations, architecting self-sustaining and regenerative communities,

    7. Harmony and Happiness ~ cultivating loving relationships, conscious parenting, deep intimacy, antiracism, all-gender acceptance, peace as a priority and spiritual attunement.

    8. Infrastructure Creation ~ supporting collaborative innovation in governance, justice, ethics and law, the freedoms, full employment.

    9. Science and Technology ~ sustainable energy, innovation, bio-restoration (air, oceans, trees, managing waste).

    10. Well Being and Vitality ~ promoting proactive healthcare, holistic wellness and societal well-being, informed nutrition, aging-resilience, optimal sleep and exercise, conscious birth and death practices.

    We are devoted to inspiring urgently needed concerted action.


    1.Have the collective wisdom of the group reach far, wide and deep – directly with large institutions and on-the-ground activists.

    2.Bring dogma-free Awakening Practices to attune each individual to their most profound inner wisdom.

    3.To serve the many young people who are yearning for and feeling the call to Arise Together.

    4.Initiate activist groups and support existing groups to deepen their hearts, fortify their drive and infuse them with wisdom to nourish their highest-intention efforts in the world.

    5.To have people share their stories to create connection.

    6.To co-create this council of Wisdom Keepers.

    Discussion on wellness and our well being:
    Focusing on all 4 areas of health: mental emotional spiritual physical
    Use conscious technology to flood info to everyone
    Nature calls us into play
    Activate the mycelium
    Breath - cut off by fires (smoke), masks, 5G
    Breathing is a spiritual act
    Orgasmic birth and death
    Make health convenient
    New values around nurturing to support balance
    Mind Brain Relationship triangle
    Wellness is an individual act of sovereignty as well as in community
    Our wellness is about us respecting ourselves
    Get back into circadian rhythm and getting into the cycle of nature
    Everything is connected
    Reformation of current systems? or create new system
    Create something so new and so compelling that people want to participate
    Do we adapt to what we have, or clean it up (air)
    Wellness from the time of conscious conception
    Wellness in the micro and macro
    Birth and death cycle including sacred breath
    It costs more to be sick than to be healthy
    Find a better way of being and make that who we are
    We are not healthy when we are not in Truth
    What is wellness?
    911 is when lying became accepted - these lies are underlying ill health
    Sickness begins with an untruth
    Integrity of all levels is integral to wellness
    Develop young healer’s gifts
    What is eternal? What is our soul? And what is transitory?
    Chief Phil - Too much thunder, no rain! I want to see the rain!
    We are sitting long hours in front of technology without moving - no wonder we are in the shape we are in.
    We need to be in reality to get anything done
    Self regulation in wellness and co-regulation
    We actually need what we currently can’t do - go outside, connect, kids being with other kids
    Something needs to be inspiring to engage others
    We need to be careful that we are honouring all stages of life because we are at different places regarding what is important
    Be mindful of Wisdom Keepers becoming Wisdom Owners
    Life is borrowed and wisdom in borrowed, when we are finished we give it back
    We are already well
    We are having challenges so we can reintegrate back into the whole
    We are moving from states to traits, we are relearning to create a culture of wholeness
    Self love and respect, practice, relationship and wholeness in the world
    War brings unwellness - peace and wellness are connected
    10 Directions - draw a circle with 10 points on the perimeter, connect each point. The resulting lines are what we are working with.
    We grow old biologically

    Wisdom and Vitality = truth, love, forgiveness, integrity, humility, the enemy is my partner / opponent, recovery, empathy, compassion, passion / sex / juiciness of life, “The influence of a vital person vitalizes (Joseph Campbell)”, equality of the distribution of resources, balance with our sacred cycles / circadian rhythms, self-love, self-respect, self-responsibility, sustainability, harmony, peace, interconnection, connection with nature, ease…