1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    August 21, 2020

    We are gathering for the greater good of the whole, no one is “in charge” and everyone’s wisdom is invited and welcome.

    Contact is the carrier wave of content - this means that the quality of our presence and contact with another, true genuine seeing and being seen, is foundational to understanding and being understood.

    We are all on there frontline of serving humanity at this time. If we only have today, these 2 hours, to develop directions to give the warriors, what would we come up with?

    Sharing the Wisdom Keepers writing - feedback:
    Billy ~ objectification and degradation of women, men’s inability to feel emotions. How can we support women? Work this in to the manifesto? Yes, sexuality and relationship will definitely be a big part of this.
    Sam ~ Make it more concise.
    Anita ~ Some of us are Wisdom Keepers and Warriors and will take action too.
    The Warrior is within each of us and is being informed by the Wisdom Keeper within.
    Andrew ~ here to be in service to our group, accomplished Black Belt martial artist,
    WarriorSage team member
    Samantha ~ Framework for enrolling people into a planetary group, feels positional. Distinction is that this group is not that - we are not creating us and them. We are action driven.

    Consciousness ~ our intention for today is to distil what is most valuable to share with the warriors to act on.
    What is the most potent direction we can give?
    Kensho, self knowing
    Polarity Integration training
    Spiritual Warrior Leadership Training ~ Lead from underneath
    Martial Arts Training
    Empathy / strength
    Shadow work (psychotherapy)
    Sangha of Warriors ~ create a resource
    Comparative religious study
    Lead trainings (activations)
    Mentorship ~ heart openness, contact, training drills
    Open your heart and be strong, a strong leader
    Empathy training
    Contact connection and heart connection
    What is consciousness?
    Embodying consciousness and being aware of how the body works as a tool for consciousness.
    People need to know how this will help them.
    See the directions as already complete - what did we do to get there?
    Principles that will help the Warriors embody - simple branding - 1. gratitude to the great mystery, 2. trusting our essence, each warrior has the own best style, 3. speak truth fiercely and hold it lightly.
    Enlightenment - universal
    Relationship with self and others (love is the connective fabric)
    Beauty - the experience of living life
    Carry forward the religion of the ages AND transcend religion
    Study all the systems - religions, chakras, Kabala, traditions... and create a cartography - meta map
    For the individual and the whole
    Trauma work, addiction work
    Words are powerful - tune into language. Rather than orders, invitations.
    What are we not asking? What are we assuming? Where do we need to stand to perceive the question. What is the interference between what want for the world and what is? Are we Wisdom Keepers? or the portals for wisdom coming through? the receivers and transmitters of wisdom? how do we teach people to tune into the same tower.
    Listen to ourselves, to others, the great mystery
    The power is with the listener. The connection between the listener and the communicator is paramount. What is real? Express it and have it received.
    Game-plan that is supportive to developing consciousness by way of practise.
    What will support deep and full listening? 360 listening
    Revealing spirituality by connection with others - make it a game, a feeling experience
    Get on the land - feel fire, water, earth and air
    Know and unknow
    Interconnectedness - loving one another

    What is the core consciousness you are?

    What are the foundational spiritual lessons?