1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    July 31, 2020

    We are a smaller group today as it is midsummer and many are off with family or taking a break.

    A review of the 10 Directions. There are 10 because it is simple, a 10 year old can understand, we have 10 fingers, toes. We will begin to align with the Directions that most resonate with each of to discern what we need to do to move forward.

    What do we need to move forward?

    By the end of the year, we will have communications ready, written and video that will express what we are doing.

    Satyen is very aligned with consciousness and will introduce awakening practices so each person knows who and what they are and is attuned to their own wisdom. The seat of power is within all of us, each of us.

    How do we investigate navigating the 10 Directions? What is the simplest way to work together?

    Thomas: Structure - look at list from a transpersonal intelligence, a prophetic intelligence which means future intelligence. 7 generations along, will the people look back and say “Thank God, someone did some forward thinking!” Look at things from the bigger picture. We are at the top of the mountain and look at how we get the ones who are struggling to the top to oversee.

    Evan: We can guide others how to navigate difficult times like some are currently experiencing. Many are in fear, struggle, anxiety now.

    Starla: Sees education in the same way Satyen expressed consciousness.
    Uncertainty is Truth, because we don’t know what is going to happen. We need to know that we don’t know.

    Eric: Impermanence, interconnectedness, anxiety - life is living us. The current situation has revealed what is already so, and has not created anything new. How great to teach others this.

    Storma: When people feel safe and the basic human needs are met, then we can introduce the “higher” directions. So prioritizing the Directions to address what is currently going on seems appropriate.

    Jaiya: Roots under the mountain - we are here and there are generations before and after us.

    Shoshanna: Basic needs includes community. How do we define that, and how do we activate that.

    What is the most important thing about consciousness? Consider Thomas’ idea of seeing this from the future perspective.
    Witnessing capacity with compassion - Karuna To be able to see and consciously shift There is a way to have people do consciousness practices so they don’t feel separation (ie. this is how you do it creates separation) The language we use can be inclusive and bring people back to wholeness.
    Spirituality and consciousness is the inquiry of who am I? what am i? what is life? what is another? When people do this inquiry for themselves, they have this experience for themselves and not through reading or other vias. This transcends any ideologies and the being is awakened.
    What raises consciousness? media, archetypes, symbols, music, art What is being done now to raise consciousness?
    Consciousness is a process and a state. Ask questions why? what for? Inquiry.
    Philosophy - we are defining something new. In this time of uncertainty, people are looking for things that feel certain. Consciousness is not certain. It is an inquiry and practice. It is hard to even relate to consciousness when basic human needs are not met and there is such a feeling of uncertainty.
    If your view of life is separation, it is easy to go to hierarchy. Listening - spend time listening to self, nature, spirit, others. This allows consciousness to awaken and arise. When we llsten, we open up to the connection. Understand in an experiential way what we are here to do.
    We cling to the known, because uncertainty and instability seems out of order. We need to learn to be OK with what is. Balance is an action of staying in equilibrium.
    We must decriminalize the tools of consciousness and remember the consciousness raising aspects of plants, dance, instruments (drums), people that have been made recreational.
    Words we use for consciousness reveal the secrets of generations and they need analyzing.
    Super-Enlightenment Collective-Enlightenment
    What is the multigenerational gift we have that we offer? Where will we unfold our efforts?
    How did we get to where we are today?
    Community = With God
    Sharing our story helps others connect with us - we want to know each other. We don’t have too many opportunities to reveal ourselves and let each other know what our journey has been.

    Thank you Shoshanna for the notes below:
    Basic needs –
    Community: there is sharing
    Starla – that when you or I have, we have. There is no lack.
    10 directions – our goal is that by the end of 2020 that we will have articulated the main messages of each of these directions. Important that these 10 directions are simple enough for a child to understand.
    A. Who would like to contribute to these directions.
    B. What are the marching orders – what can we have the warriors do? Clear instructions will be needed.
    C. Share what do we think the purpose and intention of those directions.
    What is mine to do? What is theirs to do? What am I? Who am I?
    Holding the world view while holding intimately what is within.
    These answers are key to consciousness. Using Kensho to help others open and awaken to who we are (doctrine/dogma free.
    Consciousness Philosophy
    Etymology of the words for consciousness in different languages
    That with which we know – Latin
    Awareness, knowing, musing, mind, intellect, body,
    Tibetan – 12 different words for consciousness
    Transpersonal psychology – super consciousness (studied)
    Broken heartedness (Jung) and unconscious (repressed consciousness, the place where we are afraid to look) Collective unconsciousness (exercise the demons and devils and let them know where they are loved). The preoccupation with “Evil” and how we ascertain evil.
    Universal consciousness & collective enlightenment – if we were looking
    Jaiya – offer of film production help
    Starla – definition of education is the same as Satyen’s definition of consciousness. “I am the micro of the Macro”
    Satyen – organically growth. We are living transmission. Who we be is greater than the words we speak.
    Thomas – prophetic intelligence -> future intelligence (looking from 7 generations ahead). We need to activate the master code.
    Evan – going through collapse and transient, crisis. It is important to include how to navigate this unknown and uncertainty must be included in a conversation of consciousness
    Starla – Not knowingness how to surrender to watch and move to uncertainty.
    Eric K – 3 principles
    1. Uncertainty/impermanence (on a quantum, social, and spiritual level)
    2. Interconnectedness
    3. Conditionality
    Dramatic inadequacy at addressing the thing(s) that were already present. That is actually what is coming up in the world.
    The intensity of our pain is in direct correlation to resisting what is.
    When people feel safe they can access, higher realms of consciousness.

    *Children could understand
    *By end of year 2020 to have each these 10 directions have an articulated message

    A) Who would like to contribute to these 10 directions’
    B) What are the Marching Orders - What can have them do - Clear instructions!
    C) Share what do we think is the purpose and intention what are the marching orders.

    Anita - What is mine not to do? What is “theirs” to do? Who Am I? What Am I?
    Would view while holding intimately.
    Satyen - these answers are key to using Kensho to help others opening/awakening to who we are (doctrine/dogma free)

    *tie together*
    Human Being
    Spirituality + Human = Awakening

    *Warriors and Wisdom Keepers
    - Manifesting a way of being
    Process and state
    Do I do something?
    *What for
    Container of Spirituality
    The shift the definition <- Basic Human Needs
    From “Self” to “Global”
    Hoop of life
    Living in consciousness
    *What are my unexamined assumptions about consciousness?

    “We don’t fear the unknowns much as the loss of the known.”
    Self monitor,
    Self modulate,
    Deal with uncertainty