1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    July 10, 2020

    We are here to share our wisdom for the sake of the elevation of the planet.

    10 Directions - We invite everyone to feel into the 10 Directions; which one (or ones, as many as you like) resonates the most with you and you would love to contribute to. We will have group meetings focusing on the individual Directions.

    Let us know which ones you identify.

    Organizing principles regarding entheogen legalization and wide spread use. Is it for the highest good of the whole to make this available without limits? Many things to consider in this realm.

    Several people were joining us for the first time so we got to meet more beautiful Wisdom Keepers, who introduced themselves to us all.

    Anneloes - First create unity point or inner circle where all the other circles (10 Directions) spring from. Have a meta plan, a lens through which all the directions are seen. We can then weave these principles into everything we do.
    Harry - What are the design principles for a world that works for all?
    Metastructure = Story + organizing principles — facilitate the 10 components...
    All the directions must come together and create a flow. Evolutionary coherence - mycelium, soil is established nurture the directions.
    Harry - I’m wondering if a key component of this work might also include crafting this STORY FROM THE FUTURE for each of the specific 10 areas.
    It’s interesting — it seems to me that the meta-theme — what we are discussing throughout this meeting are ORGANIZING PRINCIPLES for bringing WISDOM to the question HOW MAY WE CO-CREATE A WORLD THAT WORKS FOR ALL?

    Also, what is the new narrative? What are the qualities of this group?

    Are we living the principles of the 10 Directions? Are we the demonstration or is it a theory? If we perceive this as already done (rather than how do we create it) what is the story we tell about we got here (rather than how are going to get there).

    Samantha - Coming from a vast tree of diversity that is braiding in to a singularity and blossoming it into something that no longer is a tree, but as something categorically different - a vast network of stars in the cosmos, forming a galaxy.

    Here we are...how did we get here. People like the story telling so they understand what happened to get us where we are now.
    “The Great Realisation”

    Storma - what has worked in the past that we can model?

    Anita - we are all already this. The message is coming through Mother Earth.
    Diane - the Iroquois people dreamed their life / community into existence. The organizing principles will emerge from our dreams and the stories we all tell. How did you get to be the dream you are today? You are what you are today - how did you get here? What is your story? Remember time is circular and the story will come back around.
    What is the dream we are bringing into reality collectively? What is our group story? What wants to be told? We are the conduits of what is wanting to be birthed.

    Phil - seeing the number 12. Having 12 hubs or circles that would be in alignment with Sacred Geometry. The story is foundational to the wisdom.

    Story tellers:
    Anita Sanchez