1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering (10 Directions)

    June 19, 2020

    Wisdom is the seat of power. Wisdom comes through living life fully, having and emanating life lessons. These are the elders who embody wisdom.

    10 Directions - these are the threads of the rope, the pillars that guides this group of Wisdom Keepers.

    The power of us all together will penetrate the egoic structures and create the space for miracles to emerge.

    What about people who don’t care, or are unaware of or uninterested in the global circumstance ?

    Ability gain - with the 10 Directions, we have places to focus and build ability.

    Forrest - The joy of the collaboration is the centre of our caring. The conversation is about bringing everyone in to contribute.

    Alan - How do we communicate what we are up to so others feel that this (wisdom, transformation, cultivation, etc) is something that they want?

    Take a look at the 10 Directions and feel which one(s) you are interested in, have life experience in, would love to contribute to. What are the most important things that need to be communicated to humanity? We will have everyone express on video and written so this can be shared.

    Starla - We need to figure out a way to share truth in a non-offensive way, and we can never know who will be offended...so we need to share our truth anyway. We have different consciousnesses based on our experience. Our challenge is to become comfortable with the uncomfortable. We need to relax the boundaries in order to care - see us all the same. When we like ourselves, we will like others and treat others better. We want to know each other and yet we have been taught so many myths, lies and stereotypes that it is hard to get past that.

    Mental health - can we find a better way to handle that rather than lashing out in anger?

    Memnon - Racism has never been addressed in the US. It has been swept under the rug, piling up and it is now exploding.