1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    June 15, 2020

    The Arts
    Tech integrated
    In all aspects of life
    Integrated into design, consciousness, ecology, science and governance (ethics)
    As a way of life

    Basic Human Needs
    Basic needs taken care of (Food, Shelter, Medicine, Love)
    We are a uniquely ubiquitous species. Until and unless we understand this and design for it, we will fail in “the human project”. This equals a worldview transition to humanity understanding itself as the universal “steward species”
    An epochal transition from civilization(s) in competition with other civilizations or scarcity in the environment to universal, global responsibility + the accompanying identity shift this implies for individuals
    Ethics: understanding the requirements of ubiquity - that we tend the implicate order through accurate, immanent metaphysics applied in council
    Council - scaling the way of Circle to a viable, global scale
    Game shift from zero sum to omni-win

    Heal underdeveloped MidPrefrontal & Vagal Nerve function or damaged by trauma these are the areas shown to develop during meditation, yoga and deeper by Kung Fu / Chi Gong they are Self Monitoring, Managing and Higher Self Modulating
    Philosophy (philosophical and intellectual work)
    Awakening to Who/What Your Are
    Unity Consciousness with Empathy for the Suffering and Struggling of our fellow humans
    Unity Consciousness: grounded in interdependence and interbeing
    Diversity Consciousness: global apology & reparations for BIPOC
    Mystical - a union of subject & object, science and spiritu - integrating the above and the below, the within and the without, revealing first principles, root practices and meta-pattern(s)
    Self Aware: conscious beings in co-creation with the evolution of life Aligned with evolutionary biology - integrating apex individuation (self interest & identity development) and altruism (collective good)
    Integral Freedom - individual, collective & transcendent
    Syncretic: diverse synthesis/integration of spirituality, religion & science
    Ecumenical: across all religions
    Sacred Culture: nurturing capacity to elevate the sacred in the in the world
    Celebration is the frequency of prophesy
    Gratitude, praise and celebration
    Spelling: restoring the sacred power of the word
    Indigenous Wisdom (integral & cross cultural)
    Original Instructions
    Seven Generations
    Wisdom of Limits
    Psychedelics | Entheogens | Noomadelics - expanding our capacity to generate and integrate god states, compassion and wholeness

    Economic Flow Exchange
    economics - personal and marco
    Commerce – the role of finance, accepted form of exchange for products and services plus the a model of economy that is omni-considerate and non-riotous (to use Daniel S.’s words)
    Soul-based entrepreneurship
    Evolved leadership
    Value-based economy
    Creating company cultures that help people flourish and uplift
    Economical – must learn Kiyosaki’s teaching of Assets, Liabilities & Financial FIQ -Literacy
    Based on Renewable Energy, Regenerative Agriculture, Holistic|Integral Medicine, Bio-integral Technology & Ethical Big Data (as opposed to current Big Ag, Big Oil, Big Pharma triangle)
    Profit 2.0 - reconfigured bottom lines in alignment with regenerative metrics aligned with diversity in culture, consciousness, ecology and ubiquity
    Funding 2.0 - reconfiguring investment according to Profit 2.0 bottom lines
    Socially just: addressing and redressing race, class and gender inequity possible UBI?
    Managing technological unemployment
    Expanding art, consciousness, health, science & ecology livelihoods
    Reconfigure real estate and land ownership - in alignment with CLIMATE CHANGE & race reparations
    Moving over 1Billion people due to Climate Change
    Regenerative: closed loops, carbon sequestering, water sustaining, ecosystem restoring
    Valuing consciousness, education, health, science, art, nature and family
    Managing exponential tech factors (in alignment with governance)
    Happiness metric (also applies to governance, health & education)

    media and news
    education - primary and university
    Life Skills: Growing food, sewing, knitting, fixing cars
    Arts: Music, poetry, dance, expressive performance
    Intuition and Meditation
    Track that allows for skilled trade earlier
    Inspirational education
    Emotional Intelligence, Interpersonal Neurobiology & Non-Violent Communication need be discussed along with how underlying trauma & sociopolitical environments effect behaviour and learning.
    education (education work, teaching, universities etc.)
    decolonizing education
    Indigenous cultural philosophy/worldview

    Conscious Sexuality
    Child centered
    Diversity: addressing race, gender and socioeconomics
    Integral - supporting physical, emotional, mental & spiritual development through all other 9 areas with emphasis in Aesthetics and Science
    Grounded in Innate Wholeness: souls welcomed from birth onwards
    Embodied | Experiential
    Leadership Competencies for a Culture of Homecoming 1. Residing | Sovereignty
    2. Relating | Interbeing
    3. Observing
    4. Listening
    5. Savor
    6. Dialogue
    7. Song | Improvisation
    8. Making
    9. Speaking
    10. Co-Creating | Collaborating
    11. Sharing | Belonging
    12. Dying | Yielding | Letting Go

    Environmental Symbiosis
    Clean Environment
    Community Design For Sustainability
    Climate Change
    environment and sustainability
    Natural Resource Management (Human Focus) – growing, harvesting, and sustainability of distribution of:
    Environment (animal and land focus) – Taking care of land and the planet as a whole
    Ecological Recovery to Thriving Ecologies
    Small Self-Sustaining Communities
    Bio-integral processes in all dimensions of society - mirroring the processes by which life creates, sustains and evolves itself
    Peace with our Planet, individually and collectively: worldview & design evolve to collaborate consciously and response-ably as the keystone species in a whole system where we are but a part of a larger superorganism (the earth)
    Clean Commons: water, soil, food, air, ecosystem Services
    Systemic, Bioregional Regeneration
    Holonic Watershed Management
    Biodiversity Stewardship
    Design & agriculture to optimize hydrology
    Spiritual and Physical Reciprocity
    Voluntary Simplicity
    Resensitization (also a function of consciousness, education, health and art)

    Harmony and Happiness
    primary relationship
    Conscious parenting
    Respectful relationships
    Redefining success - from success to significance
    Legacies of love
    Sexual – Intimacy Relationship Pre &Rehab – They need Intimate Literacy Intimate IQ an I -2Q To learn of Attachment Styles & Attachment Trauma as well as above why sex is important and how to support it from both a scientific & spiritual perspective with Intimacy, Romance in what I call Constant Courtship
    Societal – the Social Engagement system as explained by Stephen Porges comes into play hear along with Interpersonal Neurobiology much to discuss.. too much to write here.
    Race – this is due t the tribal brain being triggered and will be healed with Emotional Intelligence
    Gender- This has caused underlying health issues as women have tried to assume male roles and male/female roles resulting in women having too mush testosterone and as a result higher cortisol from stress hormone increase and oxytocin decrease.
    Likewise, men they have less testosterone than their great grandfathers.
    Both are unhealthy and cause relationship discord confusing the biopsychological system.
    Environment – Discontent people seek Heaven outside themselves.
    When healed...people are content within themselves and consumption will naturally decline.
    peace (activism, campaigning, stopping war, transforming weapons industry and military industrial complex to peace industry, peace magic etc.)
    interfaith, inter-religious dialogue and common action (getting formal agreements by religious leaders to work together for peace, signing peace treaties, sharing ceremonies, celebrating life, celebrating the sacred feminine, making peace between the gods of all faiths, doing in depth religious scholarship, detoxifying our religious texts etc.)
    Conscious Sexuality
    Re-Creational Use Of Medicines, Sex, Dance/Drum Etc.
    Unconditional Love For You From You
    Creating a New Way - No longer fighting the loop of the current ways

    Infrastructure Creation
    infrastructure and governance
    government - local and national
    justice system
    Ethics and Law – in the traditional Philosophical sense
    Politics -Balance Brain function healing the rift between brain areas that cause political unrest.
    Beyond democracy (Synarchy?) - blending crowdsourcing, council and high tech/AI
    Next level integration of economy and governance
    Rebalancing Freedom & Duty (Response-Able)
    Integrating individual and collective good
    Rights integrated with Common Law
    Planetary - dissolution of Nation States
    Ethics grounded in immanence - harmony/wholeness/unity/diversity/beauty
    Law (and jurisprudence) in alignment with Natural and Divine Law
    True racial, indigenous and gender equity
    Holonic scales of management of the commons
    Managing technological unemployment
    Expanding art, consciousness, health, science & ecology livelihoods

    Science and Technology
    Sustainable Energy
    Science, Technology and Innovation
    Might include space
    Might include ways of solving big world problems using technology
    Development processes that match/mirror/recapitulate the way life builds itself
    Specific products and technologies that are ecologically and vibrationally friendly for humans and all biology
    Bio-restorative: cleaning oceans, planting trees, recirculating waste streams
    Quantum Computing
    Intersecting with Ethics & Governance

    A new science story: integrating subjectivity, relationality and complexity
    Discovery of Unified Theory
    Intersecting with Ethics & Governance
    Globally Collaborative
    Interdisciplinary teams
    Funded by Public, Independent & Business
    Ethics grounded in omniconsideration of

    Well Being and Vitality
    "Root Cause" Healthcare
    Human Agency
    health system/coverage
    East meets west – includes traditional medicine as well as eastern traditional medicine
    i. Emphasis on education about sexual expression and consent
    ii. Emphasis on pregnancy and care for mom’s postpartum
    iii. Emphasis on Health having multiple facets not just the physical body.
    iv. Elders - Recognizing aging populations how to care for them and consider their needs in the overall planet working
    Simple living and personal wellness
    We must understand Aging is vulnerability & susceptibility to stress & disease to compromised immunoendocrine system (due to inability to adapt to stressors) to do this we need Universal Mental Healthcare -with a focus on healing Trauma Focus
    People must understand that the only way to grow after 35/40 is thru specific exercise and Sexual practices that increase immunoendocrine function without which they cannot create the necessary neurological representation of any new habits, behaviors they wish to embody. With this people can grow biologically younger if not greatly slow down the aging process.
    wholistic (whole person) healing/wellness
    societal well-being supported by the quantum sciences
    Mental Health/Trauma Healing Available for All - Instead of Prison Systems As They
    Currently Stand
    Integral: Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relational
    Formation/education before intervention
    allopathic, functional, Chinese, chiropractic, naturopathic, psychology etc.
    Founded in diet, sleep regulation, exercise, psychological wellness, nature & art
    Individual, community & environment
    Microbiome = soil, water, food web restoration
    Neurogenesis & longevity = optimizing our organismic capacity
    Trauma Informed
    Relationally informed
    Death is sacred
    Birth is sacred
    Psychedelic (mystical experiences as return to Innate Wholeness)