1. Wisdom Keepers Gathering

    May 29, 2020

    Opening Invocation by Theda

    Now is the time for wisdom to guide us.

    Satyen’s vision:
    We are missing the holding of the seeds of deep wisdom. Satyen has been on a quest for the leaders, the ones who hold the depth the world needs, the ones who hold the wisdom of life experience. It is time for us to offer our wisdom in society, business, leadership.
    Groups of Wisdom Keepers will come together in communities and birth their wisdom into reality. We need to galvanize our intention and the forces. Our depth of Silent Power will penetrate the illusion. The vision is a group that both contribute to society and have society work for all. We are here to not only share out truth but the practice listening. Change in consciousness leads to deeper gravitas.

    These Wisdom Keepers gatherings will grow as we invite others who care for the all. Old systems are falling, so we aim to create a new parallel reality without having to fight the old. As the old system dissolves, there is more and more tenderness, vulnerability, and in this time of covid, there is shock and uncertainty. We are the ones to foster and mature the 10 directions and guide the way.

    10 Directions: Using the decimal system, which is already encoded within us, what are the 10 directions we focus our attention on? The body has fully encoded wisdom. We trust that from the body will come how and what the 10 directions will be.
    Arts – Express our soul
    Well being – vitality
    Education – upliftment and evolution
    Basic Human Needs – Food water, safety and shelter
    Environmental Symbiosis – sustainability humans and planet
    Consciousness – deepening, sweetening and emotional

    As well as Wisdom Keepers, there will also be the Warriors who bring the actions down to action. Wisdom Keepers are the creators and sages. Then there will be implementors and warriors. They will take what wisdom keepers create and help it be shared and put into action.
    Wisdom Keepers harmonize conflict (Thomas Daffern) and are the peace makers.

    There are many different personality types.
    One is BANK:
    Blueprint - like things planned out, details
    Action - highest value is acting
    Nurturance - love, community building, unity
    Knowledge - likes to know

    Who would like to be part of the group who nails done the 10 Directions?
    Then we will self select - feel into what area(s) are you called to? What are you passionate about? What would you like to focus on?

    Then we will dial in the 10 Directions and create clarity in each one. When we are precise and focussed, more will get done as there are specific things to put our attention on. From all of this we will create a communication we can take to other leaders.

    We will meet every 3 weeks to keep the momentum going and very much appreciate you coming to as many gatherings as you can.

    Our current form of governance is designed for slavery, extraction, depletion and competition. Instead, govern from service, contribution.

    Starla - vision of a circle with love in the centre and the other 9 Directions are spokes on the wheel. “It is what it is, It be what it be, It do what it do”

    Jorge Luis: Everything is interconnected and interdependent. Love is in service. We are the children of the sun. The sun is our essence. It is time to let go of the night. We get to get together in the oneness. It is time to shift education. Every ray of the sun shines but is unique. The inner sun is our innocence.

    David Katz: How do we create ideas where we release competition and instead do things that elevate each person and the whole planet. Non Riotous

    Love isn’t a concept but a way of being.

    Beyond informative into transformative.

    Bringing what is supernatural into the natural

    Samantha – eco-integral and eco-cosmic.

    Diane – Self embodied love into great creation. Bridge ancient ways and new ways. Flow from Love peace and joy. Bringing indigenous practices

    Anjali – One-for-all. It is time to transform these any thought systems, cultures, education that is not one-for-all.

    Kosta – Inner unity needed for external unity. Where are you coming from a place that is contract or fractured? Allow what is practice. The internal virus of “Not-enough-titus”

    Evelina – it was foretold that a time of 1,000 years of love and light would come. I believe that we are almost at that time.

    Steve Young – maximum Woo. Scalable transformation. The paper story where in life we start as a fresh piece of paper. Then life crumples us up. Then we do healing and transformational work where we uncrumple the paper, but the lines in the paper remain where we were crumpled. It doesn’t define us but it forms who we are. He has a science background.

    Eric Kaufmann – Staring at the chaos. Not afraid of it but curious and in love with it. Infinite light exists and within,all possibilities and co-existing. The soul is contributory, spacious, porous, fluid, dancing, interconnectedness. Form and force. We need to shift from judgment to discernment.Discernment for me is another word for intuition.

    Satyen – beginner’s mind. We are not trying to kill the ego, but instead the goal is to have the ego be porous and flexible. Rearrange the construct of how the ego works.

    Evan Steiner: Roots of the issues can be solved but only in positions of influence. See things both in a vertical and horizontal reality.