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What you are about to read is a personal invitation to transcend into your fullest, most actualized self, and to live from your soul’s deepest truths.

A new level of both inner and outer freedom.
Because of who you are and all you’ve accomplished, you have experienced profoundly inspiring moments of spiritual depth and connection in your life…

You now long to gather the wisdom you have gained and forge a timeless and living legacy of purpose, love and service.

You feel called to move beyond mere knowledge, and instead wish to inhabit this higher level of Being in all your activities, all your relationships and most importantly, within.

A wholeness, a peace, a dwelling in love, a way of existing that is often called “awakened.”

You are now ready to cultivate a profoundly grounded and transcendent state in service not only to your personal enlightenment, but one that heals and enriches all your most important personal relationships, while serving the evolution of all whom you meet and all that you touch.

You recognize that this Calling is no longer a luxury for you, but rather a voice you know you must heed, because on the journey of outer achievement, we often put off our soul’s desires.

And now you stand ready to embark on this next phase of development, this deepest of paths….

the path of the warriorsage.

Forging your legacy path

You have lived this so you know…

During the first half of our lives, we harness mighty - but often heart-constricting - egoic energies.

From these, yes, we generate great power, wealth and accomplishment.

But, inevitably, a time arrives when we realize something crucial has been lost along the way…

And, that something immeasurably inspiring is to be gained.

It is at this crossroad that we now meet.

Our names are
Satyen and Suzanne Raja

Cultivating this path for ourselves and for our close cadre of clients is our life’s work.

Bringing precise and nuanced practices, we address this call you may be feeling - to heal all your relationships, release all blockages and struggle, deepen intimacy with those you love, and forge, finally, what we call a Transcendent Legacy across your entire life.

Our expertise guides you through potent and expansive practices, honed and harmonized from both ancient wisdom traditions and the most effective modern breakthrough modalities - a wholly unique path through which you will realize your most cherished and meaningful dreams into fruition.

You will learn to cultivate an exquisite equilibrium in which you experience the effortless flow of least resistance in all you do.

Your relationships will heal and flourish. Your inner world will be serene no matter what arises. Your sense of connection with all that lives will suffuse you. You will transcend into full-spectrum thriving that we call Peak Existence - a life lived from your highest consciousness, present and on purpose.

Who we are

For over 35 years, we have cultivated higher consciousness and transcendent business leadership as mentors, while cultivating our own passionate and evolutionary relationship with each other.

Our unique experience, knowledge and sense of purpose has allowed us to guide influential leaders and couples into living wholly from source, creating ecstatic relationships and growing their businesses many times over with ease and flow.

With our mentorship, you can break free from long-standing habitual limitations and egoic distortions so you may finally step into your own extraordinary Peak Existence, and craft a Legacy that uplifts all.

Satyen Raja

Satyen is widely known as the private transformational mentor, advisor and confidant to the powerful, thoughtful and influential. A remarkable living synthesis of eastern wisdom and western practicality, he combines the power of the Warrior and wisdom of the Sage to inspire leaders worldwide into their highest impact and personal fulfillment.

He is known affectionately as the ‘Morpheus’ of consciousness by clients and friends alike, because working with Satyen means exiting the matrix. With him, you will see more clearly through the thin veil of the relative human experience and transcend into realms far beyond the confines and traps of traditional success and common consciousness.

Suzanne Raja

Suzanne has been called “one of the foremost leaders and pioneers of the women’s transformational movement.” She is lovingly recognized as a unique mentor, a Wise Woman and bold spirit who guides clients into their highest vibrational frequency where their femininity becomes the essence of their expression and the unshakeable source of their peace and success.

She helps clients heal and release their masculine distortions so they can unify their energy for the creation of wholeness, radiance and bliss.

The evidence of her work shines brightly in her clients’ newfound experience of life in serene flow, as their relationship to family, work, partner and self awakens to maximal passion, purpose and possibility.


We offer a 3 hour whole life review to explore your life’s journey and who you are now to map out a personalized path toward your unique Transcendent Legacy.

What creates a
transcendent legacy?

Fully supported every step of the way, you will explore, discover and embody the answers to the most important question you will ever ask…

How can I live, love and die completely?

To answer this question, we will walk a path into profound openness of spirit, deep practice and fearless breakthrough, where you will…

Self actualize

… discover Who You Are beyond doctrine, beliefs and past ideas so that you embody your true nature, and live your awakened self unwaveringly from within

Attain your highest
mission and vision

… experience, possibly for the very first time, the dissolving of all inner obstacles, doubts and constrictions as you realize your highest goals quickly and without struggle

Enjoy tantric intimacy

…create an intimate connection that takes you into sublime and
unparallelled depths of love and passion

Master abundance

… learn unconventional, next-level wealth management and wisdom
that bring you perpetual abundance and a lifetime of peace

Clear unconscious limitations

… uncover and transform your deep-seated mindset limitations - both conscious and unconscious, so you can attain absolute freedom within

Create stellar family dynamics

… finally heal any disruptive history and limiting imprints,
and craft a new, love-filled familial life

Communicate from depth

… create powerful rapport with all with whom you speak to, whether on stage or in one-on-one encounters - sourced in your unmistakable truthful essence

Lead with new mastery

….embody new paradigms that bring out your teams’ creativity,
highest performance, inner joy and steadfast loyalty

download our
“jedi” mind training

… learn how to craft both your inner and outer reality with ease and freedom, using our innovative and proven, pragmatic and mystically charged mastery techniques

Eliminate struggle

… dissolve the root causes of life-draining chaos, overwhelm and anxiety

Executive self defense

… emotionally and physically deter and defend yourself against would-be assailants in the safest, most peaceful yet decisive ways

Experience the shamanic

… through ancient Shamanic Ceremonies, awaken and clarify your Universal Connection to life and all its forces… and release old emotional baggage that hinders your growth both professionally and personally

Hone your
masculine and feminine power

… access the full spectrum of your whole being capabilities as a leader, by tapping into both your innate stores of directionality and of creativity and flow

This is not for everyone.

It takes devotion, a profound desire to create categorical change, and to transcend all the smallness that keep us from our greatest life and true legacy.

Please understand this is serious, life transforming work that requires a seven figure financial investment.

You will know within if you feel called to ascend to your next level in the ways we have touched on. If so, we’d be honoured to speak with you.

Please contact us directly:

Serious inquiries only.