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Hello my friend

You've been on quite the journey, haven't you?

The kind of journey that would have decimated others, yet you rose to be greater than before.

Your path has vaulted you into ecstatic moments of triumph… and dropped you to your knees.

And all along, you've been sharpening your warrior's sword.

Now you are ready to ascend to the next level as a genuine master of more than business, but of life itself.


I bow my head and open my heart to you.

From one leader to another, I know you've been tested. I know the pains. And I know that because of it all, you carry a greater vision for yourself - and most likely for the larger world.

This is why you and I are meeting now.

I am speaking directly to that part of you - your deeper knowingness of purpose and passion - a yearning that perhaps you have not shared with even your loved ones or closest colleagues.

And behind the words you are about to read, please know that I say humbly, though we have not yet met…

I see you

I have devoted my life to being of service to cultivating a profound “peak existence” life in unique leaders. That means an awakening that informs your entire existence - from family to intimacy to legacy.

I come from a place of pure abundance, sharing what my mentors have passed to me, sharing the light of deep illumination, drawing from both ancient wisdom traditions and the most current technologies of awakening.

My Name is Satyen Raja

On the business front, I have created multiple multi-million dollar businesses, am an investor in visionary enterprises, and am a mentor to CEO's and companies that scale to $1billion.

Equally important, I am a devoted husband to my beautiful wife of 34 years. We have two vibrant, heart-aligned children who test me more than any business has. Through them, I am constantly humbled and opened to the breadth of our all of our collective wisdom journey.

Additionally, I have a deeply connected relationship with both my parents — my mother, father and brother are all part of my beating heart in every moment.

My friendships and connections are broad and rich, filled with trust, openness and depth.

And my work days and client relationships are easeful, joyous and full of deep peace, laughter and revelation.

I share this not to impress you, but to impress upon you that “peak existence” is a whole-life project, reaching far beyond the bottom line.

I take no credit for bringing this level of abundance, for it flows through you and I both, connecting us already.

  • Satyen’s work is hands-down the most effective transformational Founder/ Executive leadership program I’ve ever experienced, and I’ve tried a lot of them.
    - Mike Dannheim, Founder of Sensie
  • The most amazing thing is that with all of these pieces being dialed in, I have found myself leading in an amazing Flow state, and, in turn, have become a much better leader! I am extremely grateful for Satyen’s presence in my life.
    - Max Kerr, DDS, Owner, VistaRidge Family Dentistry and Sleep Better Austin
  • Satyen is a heart-centered conscious leader that has assisted many of our students that are CEOs to find deeper purpose and inner peace – dramatically enhancing their results in all areas of their lives. His power, connection, and ability to unite with CEOs to go on a journey on the inside – to wildly impact their results on the outside, is absolutely incredible.
    - Colin Sprake, #1 Bestselling Author, CEO & Founder of Make YOUR Mark Training & Consulting Inc

What We Share…

You and I speak a common language of entrepreneurship, and of the powerful urge to uplift humanity and shift the trajectory of this challenging world…

I, like you, am a longtime business leader who steadily guides teams with care through their talents and flaws.

I am also a teacher blessed to have already reached millions with my messages on conscious business, sacred sexuality and evolutionary leadership.

But for me, the work continues, and I imagine the same might be true for you. Despite our accomplishments, we are not done.

For me, my calling is to devote every last ounce of my life energy to serve the evolutionary leaders of the planet - awakening them to their highest gifts and ultimate potential.

I am on a mission.

Just as you are.

You Have Chosen to Be a Leader.

That choices you've made are not by accident.

There are plenty of paths you could have taken and mastered…

The safe route.

The secure road.

Earning plenty of safe “attaboys” and “great jobs” as you clicked a cog forward in yet another meaningless wheel.

That's not for you.

You've chosen the path strewn with tests that have left you feeling isolated, perched on a cliff, wondering how the hell you got to such a precarious place… again.

But at the same time - you've always known deep inside that you are called for this life..

You're not like most people.

In a crowd you feel it…

You're the anomaly. The freak show.

Everyday people don't know what to make of you. They are fascinated, maybe awed a little…

The energy you throw off is much for them. Your vision too powerful.

And so you have often found yourself isolated in your own soul's workshop - your own hermetic and wildly inspiring world of possibility.

But your vision is perfect and your most expansive possibility - that's your unique gift to the world.

Your idiosyncrasies, your nuanced perceptions invisible to others, your unique fountain of creativity…

These are pointing you toward your next phase in life…

And these are the foundations upon which I help each of my CEO clients build their greatest and most fulfilling legacy yet.

  • Satyen has helped me remove the mental blocks and energetically align to my true purpose. This has helped me create greater impact, fulfilment, and contribution with less effort in my own life, and in the lives of others around me.
    - Vijai Aanand, Founder of Akvarr Inc

I Am Inviting You Into a Conversation

To meet, to get to know each other - on the most profound levels.

To explore trust - and your greatest vision for your life.

Because that's the level on which I operate We can take as much or as little time as you feel necessary.

After all, we are all infinite, so no need to rush. :)

I look at our initial conversation as a kind of celebration…

To warmly, even joyfully explore the most inspiring phase of your life yet…

Our world is suffering and starving for visionary leadership.

You are among the few - a leader, a powerful entrepreneur, an innovator, an explorer and you have chosen to change this world.

You are a CEO -
and so much more…

As you know, to be a CEO takes something unique.

And while I applaud your endurance, your accolades and success, I am willing to bet that you and I share something that most people don't get:

that it's not about you.

You have a deeper mission.

You are connected to something “beyond you” and you feel called to add your unique contribution to the ongoing evolution of human creation.

You feel called… and your soul has said yes.

How do I know this?

Because you would not be reading this letter without that yes.

You already know your gifts are not meant only to serve YOU.

Sure - you are here to enjoy all your dreams, delights and fantasies - as well you should!

And yes, you are also meant to forge an amazing product, service or business…
But beyond that..

Beyond that…

You know something is calling you to serve humanity forward in whatever way your gifts allow.

It's a natural progression that I call “The Evolution of the CEO”…

The evolution of the CEO
Stage 1 Egoic
Stage 2 We-Centric
Stage 3 Transcendence

In Stage One, we serve the “ME” level of creation.

This is the stage of EGOIC LEADERSHIP and these are the paradigms and thought patterns that drive your energy at this stage…

  • I win / you lose
  • ego
  • non-stop anxiety
  • inner and outer chaos
  • old school top-down leadership
  • the desire for fame and recognition
  • asserting “I'm the boss”
  • empty successes

In this first stage of CEO leadership, there is a mighty spark of creation.
This is where the vision ignites…

In your naivety, you go “all in.” Why wouldn't you? You see the end game. It's all crystal clear, radiating from all dimensions. You can even see it in your dreams.

Then, reality strikes. You slam into obstacles that test you beyond your capabilities. Doubt descends, fear, and that debilitating question, “am I an imposter?”

This was your first crucible.

In the egoic stage, you are drenched with confusion and anxiety. You've made your stand. All eyes are on you.

Yet you, my crazy, visionary-aligned genius of infinite possibility chose to keep going…

And you reached the Second CEO Stage.

The realm I call the WE-CENTRIC stage. This is where the journey starts to get really interesting.

You have passed over the coals of mediocrity and emerged into a bright realm of greatness, of leadership - and of increasing certainty.

However, the external world still hurls you back and forth. Duality rocks you.

Darkness and light clash. Your intimate life feels more and more like a battle - of wills, of vision, of power. And you don’t have the tools to navigate it the way you do a boardroom. Despite the outer trappings of success, everything in your life is division and conflict.

These are the paradigms that show up in this stage:
  • win / win
  • compromise
  • agreed upon equality
  • general fairness
  • (sometimes tenuous) balance
  • comradery
  • peak performance

You have sacrificed your time and energy to achieve! Conquer! Dominate! And win.

And yet… while you are basking in the glory, you quietly experience a sudden and devastating CRASH.

You learn that when you live in a paradigm fo quality, when you push against the universe, it pushes against you. This is what we call “balancing forces” in Transcendent CEO. They are inevitable and they hit you when you least expect it.

You find that suddenly you are paying the price for maybe sacrificing your family, crushing a competitor, abandoning your health or even your morality.

And that price? Could be your heart, your health, your marriage or the greatest sacrifice of all … your soul.

You forget why you came to this Earth or why you started a business in the first place…

And it dawns upon you that when you are playing the game of duality, you have no grounding, only surface legacy and everything you do will be forgotten.

You struggle to remember what you are REALLY about.

The life of duality is a life of eternal churn.

It hurts.

It exhausts.

And it leaves many leaders despondent.

Fortunately, the Third Stage awaits you…

The 3rd CEO Stage Means Liberation

Because this is where you finally leave the struggle of living in duality behind…

This is where all conflicts dissolve because you learn they were not conflicts in the first place…

This is where fear dissolves forever…

And your soul ignites into expansion - boundless, infinitely creative and, if you don't mind the term - blissful.

Because when we reach this phase we achieve escape velocity from the realm of illusion.

The 3rd CEO Stage is Transcendence

In this stage you have moved easefully into the THE ALL.

these are the paradigms that show up in this realm:
  • full awakening
  • ease and flow
  • enlightened power
  • love in all things
  • freedom, internal and out
  • flow and wisdom
  • effortless leadership
  • non linear expansion of personal and professional freedom
  • peak existence
  • With Satyen's powerful Coaching I was able to turn around all potential disasters and finally make huge breakthroughs in business growth in a very short time.
    - Paul Rahilly, CEO MTell - Sr. Director Product Management Aspen Technology

The realm of The TRANSCENDENT CEO is where all the old constrictive paradigms dissolve and only the infinite absolute emerges.

Through you.


Perhaps you've had glimmers of this in a psychedelic journey, atop a glacial peak or during cosmic love-making…

That moment where you lost track of all boundaries of identity, of self…
In these moments you experienced infinity moving through you.

And with The Transcendent CEO, should you decide to explore this journey, you will learn how to assure that you dwell in this infinite, awakened, serene energy everywhere, always, and no matter what arises.

I have scoured the world for the right leaders to learn from and to teach. And I invested over $1 million into my own development of depth and life fulfillment.

I have spent my life as a disciplined student of martial artistry, deep tantra, entheogenic shamanism, accelerated psychological development and so much more.

And I have integrated them all into my life, my relationships, into every waking moment.

I say this with a bow of honour. From my Indian roots, I quote Gandhi,
“May my life be my message.”

I invite you to explore more deeply with me.

I invite you to meet our extraordinary cadre of Transcendent CEO's already immersed in this life-crowning work.

I invite you as one Warrior to another, and as one Sage to another…

If you'd like to have that conversation, please write me privately here:

Who We Are

Satyen Raja

Master Mentor of Top Tier Transcendent CEO

Satyen Raja is known as the private transformational mentor, advisor and confidant to the powerful and influential. A remarkable living synthesis of eastern wisdom and western practicality, Satyen combines the power of the warrior and wisdom of the sage to inspire audiences & leaders worldwide into their highest impact and personal fulfillment.

Having invested 35 years of rigorous study & practice in both creating enlightened business growth and developing higher consciousness, he is the leading authority on expanding success while serving the greater good without sacrificing the joys of personal life.

Satyen has impacted over 100,000 students from over 50 countries around the world through his global human potential company, WarriorSage. Satyen leads private one-on-one retreats for CEOs, high impact individuals, executive teams and is a corporate cultural advisor and trainer for elite companies. Satyen’s fearless and heartfelt style transforms your limitations into strengths and your life into peak existence.

Hinnerk Boriss

Transcendent CEO Mentor

Hinnerk Boriss has been running companies in the US and Europe for the past 15 years. He has managed highly successful exits, dealt with failure, and implemented management buyouts and acquisitions. He is familiar with many flavors of success and its glory and pitfalls, as well as with failure and its pain and opportunity. As a CEO, coach, mentor, and board member he has experienced a broad range of challenges and shares his wisdom with executives in their quest for revenue growth, aligning teams, higher profits, and more balance.

Besides learning by leading businesses for almost two decades, Dr. Boriss has been a student of the world’s leading coaches and received his formal education in the natural sciences from Stanford University, the University of California, Davis, and the University of Göttingen. In his role as Professor for Stress Research at Aarhus University he contributed to the understanding of stress from the systems biology perspective.

Satyen is a true master who passes his brilliance and experience on in a way that people really 'get it'...

I have run seminars for over half a million people and have had over 100 different speakers and trainers on my stage. Satyen Raja is THE BEST trainer I have ever experienced in terms of teaching students how to access their full power. He is a true master who passes his brilliance and experience on in a way that people really 'get it' and more importantly, keep it for the rest of their lives.

T. Harv Eker
CEO, Best-Selling Author, Motivational Speaker / T. Harv Eker International

I have been personally working with Satyen for at least 15 years. He has been an incredible mentor to me on my journey of personal growth and leadership development.

As an entrepreneur, I have learned the necessity of devoting significant time to personal development because at the end of the day, I am the common denominator in everything that I do and every business venture that I pursue. Over the last two year, Satyen has taken a significant role in continuing to develop the culture of the company that I have built over the last 17 years. With nearly 200 employees, four subsidiaries, and a sizable leadership team, we have had to devote significant time and resources to development of our people. We build leaders in our organization. Leaders are not born, they are grown. Satyen’s contribution in our organization has been transformational on many levels. Our culture has become more defined, more refined, and more ingrained throughout the organization. The continuous leadership coaching and quarterly events that we hold with Satyen have been instrumental in developing key leaders in our organization and breaking through barriers that could have taken years to accomplish otherwise. We are truly grateful for Satyen’s commitment and devotion to the growth and success of organization.

Monte K. Lee-Wen
Founder and President, PPA Group of Companies

Yes, my business grew and my income quadrupled, but more importantly, my relationships are more meaningful, my health, fitness, and energy is greater than ever...

As a successful CEO and business leader, you already know how to build and lead a team, achieve remarkable goals, and collaborate with others. Like me, you have already reached the top 10% of success in your field and you know you can easily have or experience anything you need or want. So, “what’s next”? If you are like me, the only quest left is the journey for deeper meaning, fulfillment, and balance in all areas of life – family and relationships, financial and business, fitness and health and faith and spiritual guidance. For me, I wanted all this and so much more. I had a deep desire to make a bigger impact for myself, my family, my community, and the world. The last thing I needed or wanted was one more personal development program, lessons from the latest success guru, another peak performance or life coach, or, worse yet, an accountability coach! The same old, same old just didn’t cut it anymore – all that seemed like pabulum and I wanted more – more depth, truth, and wisdom. Satyen’s connection is for those who, like me, are ready for and wanting so much more. During the time I worked with Satyen, it was like up-leveling my life from the “inside out”. My connection with self and a Higher Power became profound and everything in my life went from good – to great – to meaningful – to total peace of mind! Yes, my business grew and my income quadrupled, but more importantly, my relationships are more meaningful, my health, fitness, and energy is greater than ever and I live from “knowingness” and “certainty” versus uncertainty and speculation. If you know success as defined by most standards and yet have a deep desire for so much more, I know of very few who can deliver the depth and breathe in such a personal and experiential way as the WarriorSage, Satyen Raja! Enjoy the journey!

Cynthia Davis
CEO / Leaders of Distinction

Satyen and WarriorSage have easily been the most profound and helpful "tool" or "school" I've ever encountered. Highly recommended.

I came into my mentorship with Satyen about half a year ago. I find him to be incredibly intuitive, in the sense of always seeing me and where I'm at and knowing exactly what I need next. I feel like I have dissolved various mental and emotional blocks, and have come into a much deeper sense of alignment and creative flow since beginning to work with him. He is deep, knowledgeable, and masterful. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with him and his team. Beyond Satyen himself, the CEO Circle that I've joined through WarriorSage has been hugely helpful in many ways. Feedback, camaraderie, connections, opportunities, leadership and communications skills... the list is long. All together, Satyen and WarriorSage have easily been the most profound and helpful "tool" or "school" I've ever encountered. Highly recommended.

Jon Slizza
Serial Entreprenuer
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