Transcendent CEO Retreat

An Experiential Journey into
Warrior-ship, Tantra, Shamanism, Self-Realization and Manifestation.

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You Are Invited to Join an Elite Group of Leaders Who Accelerate Success and Freedom Through Complete Awakening

What if there was a way to live and lead so that the obstacles that threaten your full greatness were revealed to be the very catalysts to your effortless mastery in all things?

Dear Friend,

You, as a leader, know you are capable of infinitely more ease in your success and internal freedom.

From the outside, you have all the trappings of success. But you know better. You know that certain habits – some of them very, very old – are still keeping you smaller than your vision of what you know you can be.

In fact, there are three areas of your life that may be crippling your full success...

Three areas, that when you become skillful with them, turn out to be the exact portals to your greatest happiness, fulfillment and liberation.

Far beyond anything you’ve experienced before.

Each of these three areas is like the “nuclear core” of the fusion reactor that you are – the drivers of your energy.

And they are...

Sex. Power. Money.

Read Carefully...

For example, you might notice that you have a haunting hollowness around your sexual self-expression and ability to connect as deeply and intimately as you know you are capable of...

Or you may know that you can exert far greater power and influence in the world, but that to affect more transformation, it has come with struggle – and you have wondered how to dissolve the root of struggle itself.

Or with money – you know you can 10x your current income – but you have blind spots (everybody does) and nagging inner resistances that hobble you.

What if you could enter an entirely new level of clarity to answer your soul’s deepest yearning – and experience, perhaps for the first time, your most profound and meaningful dreams gliding easefully into reality?

This is precisely what you will experience in The Transcendent CEO Retreat.

You have probably seen in others how these three areas – sex, power and money – when they remain unmastered, can not only cripple people and keep them limited, stuck, contracted…

But worse, you have seen, as we all have, that when these three “energy centers” are out of balance – they become the very instruments of even the greatest leaders’ self-destruction.

If your ability to sexually connect is in any way stifled or repressed, you aren’t getting fed the ecstasy your body and soul were designed for – and deserve. And you can’t radiate that joy and magnetism that mark the greatest and most effective (and happiest) of leaders.

If negative internal voices are strangling your expression of power, you will quietly suffer because only you know how much you have to offer – and will never be able to.

You will die ungiven.

And if you are holding up false ceilings around money and abundance, you will always lack the funds to provide for those you love, build the dreams that inspire you and live a life of complete freedom.

Sex, Power and Money are the three raw, primordial energies that have destroyed the lives of many. But they form the very magma that can blast open the limitlessness and enlightenment of the few.

They are the precise windows of your complete awakening as a leader.

This is your invitation to join The Transcendent Leaders of today.

When you “unkink” the flow of these three energies, you finally get to live a life that is fully awake, alert and alive!

You breathe freely – and you create, sustain and fulfill your highest vision, day-after-day.

What Can Destroy You, Can Awaken You...

If you are reading this, then you are already “successful.”

In social terms, you’ve won.

By most outward standards, you’ve arrived.

But at you core, you might (secretly, quietly) feel under-accomplished, bored, lost, lacking meaning or craving for a deeper purpose. You know you have more in you that is untapped.

You hunger for a more intimate engagement with the pulse of life itself.

And to work “with” the flow of life rather than struggle against it – in all areas of your life.

Something is waking up in you right now, something that must be spoken, must be heeded, must be acted upon and must be fulfilled.

You refuse to die ungiven.

You refuse to dance like others on the brittle surface of life.

You are ready right now to dive to the depths.

And discover just how profound are your gifts and how vast and joyful is your internal freedom.

When you join the Transcendent CEO Retreat, which is like no other, you will unleash these three sources of raw vitality – sex, power and money – that will utterly transform and liberate your life, internally and externally...


You Will Revitalize, Evolve and Liberate Your Sexuality

Here’s why...

Your sexual force is intimately connected to your ability to create, laugh, achieve, love and live free of all constriction.

And the obstacles that currently deaden your private intimacy, sexual communion, deep ravishment and the dance of the erotic are the very same obstacles that choke off your public and professional ability to tap into the flow of the erotic force of life itself through all your expressions.

For example, the masculine craves more wildness, expanded pleasure, freedom to stand raw and unshackled in his most penetrative, caring power...

The feminine yearns for the experience of unblemished trust and surrender, and the unhindered expression of her sexuality, from fiery play to the exquisite oneness of being profoundly cherished.

The Awakening of the WarriorSage 3-Day Intensive is a fearless forge for both the masculine and feminine to evoke and embody the heat and electricity of sexual polarity – and the freedom to create and play the entire spectrum of your unique sexual, erotic and mythic range.

You will tap into levels of erotic force you have not yet even dreamed of.

In this 5-Day deep dive...


  • You will un-dam your stored reservoir of feminine life force – and feel – maybe for the first time – the mighty river of your fullness
  • You will re-discover your truest beauty – depths beyond depths – and how you can effortlessly evoke profound worship and devotion
  • You will reclaim the sacred art of feminine invitation – which is the most life-giving force on the planet
  • You will learn to surrender the walls of fear – allowing yourself to relax into the full radiance of light that you already are
  • You will emerge out of the “exhaustion of willful doing” and tap fathomless depths of new-found inspiration and energy
  • You will “open the valve” of your serenity in ways that will naturally draw out the noblest depth in your intimate partner – as well as your professional colleagues


  • You will reclaim the relaxed center of power in your core – and thereby clarify and add effortless power to your direction and impact
  • You will embody masculine presence that makes you not only a master of your “sexual power on tap,” but a natural leader among men
  • You will drop your “social masks” because you will not need them anymore – and you will lead from the “empowered vulnerable” that marks enlightened leaders at the highest levels of power and influence
  • You will master your capacity for Penetration – your impact, effectiveness and execution in the world. In ways you have never before, you will bring both your dreams and ambition into vivid reality

If you are single…

  • You will attract the partner that most exquisitely meets your heart’s yearning

If you are already in partnership…

  • You will amplify your sexual polarity that transforms mere “connection” into the playful and boundless joy of evolutionary communion


You Will Embody and Project New Levels of Public and Professional Power

Have you noticed? There is a fascination in our culture for power, but all too often it’s for the kind of power that comes from the lower states of consciousness…Those states where there is brute force and manipulation – and the costs to you and all are struggle, chaos, overwhelm, disease, strain, breakdown of relationships, collapse and conflict.

But you can experience the benefits of power sourced in higher states of consciousness – the level of the WarriorSage – and live a life of wealth and influence free of the drag and toil of the small ego.

As a Transcendent Leader, when you master this kind of easeful power, you enter the state of effortlessness where victories flow naturally to you.

You will find that obstacles dissolve before your eyes; that peace, equilibrium and harmony consistently arise, affecting all those who work with and under you, carrying with them deep fulfillment.

Finally, you will no longer lead from a place of depletion, but rather from fullness.

Your voice and your actions will be marked by a noticeably spacious calmness of heart, depth of truth and steadfastness of principle where you finally enjoy everything in life, from your professional advance to your service to family and loved ones, society and the greater whole.

In just 5 days during The Transcendent CEO Retreat...

  • You will discover the subtle internal “enemies” of your full power, those habits and patterns that suck your energy and have limited your highest success and ease as a leader
  • You will finally – and gratefully – identify and unravel those hidden entanglements and “charges” that ensnare and destroy your most ambitious plans and highest intentions
  • You will shed all wasted energies currently devoted to passionless obligations – and dial in your destiny with precision and depth
  • You will locate your exact spot on your heroic journey – and uncover what your next stepmust be
  • You will let go of the excessive willpower you are exerting – and that is silently undermining you, as you learn the secrets of Struggle Free Leadership
  • You will learn how to use your power like a martial arts master – with sparseness, elegance, maximum impact and minimal effort

And finally…

You Will Mature Your Financial Savvy and Multiply Your Wealth and Income

Money is flow.

Consciously or unconsciously – through over-consuming, hoarding, fear or display – you may be clogging untold currents of wealth and freedom that could otherwise be available for your good use.

At lower levels of consciousness, it doesn't matter how much you’re earning, saving or investing – you will always be haunted by a crippling fear of future loss. Paranoia will grip you – even if it’s a subtle one – that people or unseen forces are trying to rob you to take it away from you.

If you don’t eliminate fear at the core of your wealth creation, you forfeit the very freedom that money is supposed to give you.

Too many leaders live in a state of money “chaos”, or stasis, or crumbling – the terror of present or impending ruin.

During this Intensive, you will learn how – as a Transcendent Leader you can dissolve – once and for all, these heavy and crippling money energetics and finally relax into a state of joy, harmony and equilibrium with the wealth you have – and the wealth that is coming your way.

Your demonstration of this will be an inspiration to all those who encounter you.

This 5-Day Retreat is Your Initiation Into Your Complete Freedom

Sex, Power, Money – the ruin of many, the liberation of the few.

How you deploy these three fuels will determine your rise or your fall as a Leader.

If even one of these three life forces is throttled, or out of harmony, it will knock the other two out of orbit. What happens then is that what should be an infinite source of vitalizing energy for you as a leader, will be bent, kinked, draining and broken.

And your leadership will suffer.

But when you “unkink” the blockages in all three, you will find that you are living – and modeling – a life of vast and spacious freedom.

You will escape the common traps of the emptiness of success, unconnected sex and fear around money.

You will avoid the nerve-racking roller coaster of loss and gain, ambition and contraction, status and solitude.

You will excavate to the root of disequilibrium, find its source and dismantle it once and for all.

You will discover where you are creating struggle where there is no struggle, where you are creating a war within yourself and with others where there is no war.

And you will learn to bring yourself into a state of enduring peace.

Peace around your unique sexual being.

Peace around the just, harmonious and silent application of your fullest power as a truly Transcendent Leader.

And peace around your ability to create an effortless flow of money – and then grow it swiftly and steadily over time.

In this Initiation Intensive – The Path of the Transcendent Leader – you will walk through these Three Gateways of your Liberation.

And on the other side, when you emerge at the end, you will find that you have naturally passed out of the constrictions of “my needs” and “my wants” to the third stage of “what I’m meant to be as a Leader for the sake of all beings.”





Some have called the Transcendent CEO Retreat a “Dojo of Complete Freedom”.

And like the best dojos, we dive into the heart-center of your psychological, spiritual mental, physical and emotional leadership with precision, discipline and impeccability of form and intent.

This is less a workshop, and more a Master’s Training Ground for a life of total passion, freedom and love.

It is our honor and privilege to welcome you into this sacred space of your most profound transformation.

How to Get Your Transcendent Leader Intentsive Invite

Our events are by invitation only to ensure you are amongst a carefully curated community of people with similar values and shared intentions.

WarriorSages are an incredible group of leaders, entrepreneurs, change makers and cultural creatives who are dedicated to personal, professional and world level impact and evolution.

By attending the Transcendent CEO Retreat, you are not just attending one event. You are joining our community with access to our private FaceBook group and other connection fostering events.

If we feel you are a strong fit after reviewing your application form, we’ll send you the link to purchase your seat and officially welcome you to our WarriorSage tribe.

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How to Get Your Transcendent Leader Intentsive Invite