Tantra II

Accessing Total Freedom Through Masculine Spiritual Practices
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Accessing Total Freedom Through Masculine Spiritual Practices

For Men & Women: A Lecture on the Masculine Elements
of Presence, Claim & Penetration
Awakened Intimacy Retreat with Satyen & Suzanne Raja

November 27, 2017 | Tantra / Awakened Intimacy Retreat

In this lecture Satyen Raja explains how freedom is a gift for a WarriorSage. Cultivating greater freedom is tied directly to our presence, claim and penetration. Listen as he describes what each of these elements is and how to use them effectively. This is one of the keys to freedom, the inherent freedom in any moment. While all these are associated with the Masculine dynamic, they are not gender specific. Both men and women have masculine and feminine within their make up.

Here are a couple of topics covered in this lecture...

  • • How to cultivate our freedom on a daily basis
  • • How 'claim' can be destructive or a tool to develop freedom
  • • The three cores of masculine freedom
  • • How to use these 3 cores to cultivate your own greater freedom,and impact

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